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This game is so fun. The music is good, the mechanics are fluent and the design is soo sweet. In a word, magnificent.

Cool idea. Fun game. I like it😎

Cool idea. Fun game. I like it😎

The sound is good. The game is fun. Good job😎

This game is so sweet and fun🐹

The game I will play the most after the snake! It would be great if there were more enemies and bosses. Good Job💯

Simple and fun. Good job😉

The ball killed me every time. But I loved this little game🐔

this game is pure ka-chow⚡️

This game is awesome. Simple and challenging🌟

thenks 😉


I like it. It's very fun to play:)

this is so good






Every death is a beginning😁😁

Thanks. I will do better in the future.


Actually the idea is very good. I wish it had audio.

İt was fun and creative. Good job;)

little challenge I like it ;)

The design is cute, the animations are great. Congratulations :))

it's very nice :)

smooth and fun

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm planning to add new episodes after the voting.

Thank you so much

Thanks for ur recommendation. Im happy that u have enjoyed playing!

Thank you so much, I appreciate your recommendation!

This will likely be #1. In a word, magnificent.

the controls are a bit tricky but i had fun playing it

This game is awsome. I enjoyed playing.