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Amos Dsouza

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Nice seeing a sling shot game. Day 3 of 30 making something special? 

I had the font but it wasn't in the correct font type (ttf), But yeah that was a bad idea to use that font.

Hehehe Nice..

Hehehe I was learning how to make Unity features in Godot and that was the outcome. I think it's pretty identical

Umm I don't know if it's intentional but the side scrolling is really quick and I make the jump. Is it supposed to be that quick?

Really cool, I love it :D The art is sooo well made

Really good idea of removing the control, Hence fitting the theme out of control. Pretty smart. :)

Wish it had more levels where you could really dig into this mechanic its an awesome idea. Keep working on it. :)

I really love the voice lines as a sfx idea. It was fun to play. Really loved it :D

I Love IT!! The game is so well polished for a 48hr game jam. My favorite soo far. :D

The darkness was a bit too much, I replayed the levels couple of times to understand the enemy patterns, Maybe the light source could have been a little bigger. 

Anyways the atmosphere was really good and love the dark aesthetic you were going for. :D  

I love the art and the voice overs you did. Wish that there was more content after entering the server.

Like the art style a lot, But I felt the controls were a bit to mushy which gave me a really bad experience playing the game.

Such a cool experience and it was really fun, This is so well executed I love it. :D

Thanks for the feedback. It's fun to hear from people how they feel about the game. :

The color scheme is inspired by the GMTK 2020 game jam page. Look carefully :D

Well That was something I wasn't expecting!! Those will give me nightmares...

Really nice stylistic look, I love it alot!

Yeah sadly that took the entire dev time for the game. Glad to hear that you liked it

A nice and thrilling game, the cut scenes were nicely made and implemented. Great job.

Thank you for that nice feedback... Want to keep making these kinda games in the future...

Thanks, I wanted to make a relaxing game and I think I did it according to your feedback... Thanks for playing.

Surely I'll give it a shot with the controller, If you had put some sorta popup like controller is recommended then if would be nice. Anyways I'll try it out with the controller. Thanks for the heads up.

Thank you for the feedback, Just began my game dev journey so this means a lot. Thanks for playing.

Really sorry for that unfortunate event, this is my first time working with UI elements thus those error, But I hope I don't do that again... Thanks for the feedback and also playing the game.

Well was an awesome game, If the file error wasn't fixed we would have missed this wonderful bullet hell game... Nice job

That's such a nice feedback, this is the first time I tried how to make a title screen and almost ended up taking about 2 days with the buttons not working for some reasons, that said I've learnt from my mistakes and hope not to repeat them again. Thanks for checking out my game.

Thank you so much, that'll help me grow...

If you heard of the rhythm game osu! then you know what is that aim requirement in that game... Hence my skill carried on... xD

Thanks for that feedback... This is my first time doing a title screen and I have no idea why the mouse glitches but as time goes on I'll learn more about it and make a better experience for sure ... Thanks for playing.

For sure, I tried doing it but failed to add content to my game... Well done!!

More like a rhythm game and I like them, An osu! player so I was good at clicking those buttons, Used a drawing tablet to aim xD... Hope your not mad at me because of that. Nice fun game overall and very addicting

A keyboard, should I try it out with a controller..??

Nice Balanced game overall xD, Keep it up mate...

The files don't load, Please have a look at it... Thanks

This is one of the well polished game I've played, This is so cool... Keep going mate...

Well made game and nice to see a godot made game... The movement inputs could have been changed to spacebar to jump and mouse click to attack... That would help a lot... Very addicting game... Also 3rd place in the score board yay... Keep it up mate...

Nice game and very addicting, the controls could have been better but a fun racing game none the less... Keep it up

10K score, damn this is addicting... Keep it up mate...

Little buggy with the shooting mechanism, When I killed 2 red ship, It would kill me... All in all a fulittle addicting concept, could get more polishing... Keep it up...