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awww thank you :D  I greatly appreciate it!


and sorry for the inconvenience. I can't seem to find a way to implement better local multiplayer rn, that's why in the next update, I will add singleplayer playmode :). I wish I had controllers like the one you used to play playstations :(

So, any suggestion? Like how I should implement local multiplayer

hi there! I'm sorry for the above comment of mine. It was wrong. It only works in the Godot editor, but has no effect on the exported app ( which you might notice already )

I found this, and it works:

Hope that could helps

You made me LOL XD

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I plan to make it a multiplayer game. But not in the near future since I'm totally new to online multiplayer stuff.

thank you, dude!

you're welcome :)

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Nice game!

But it's kinda weird that I can actually plant floating dandelions, lol. One more thing, the window placement is quite off.

If it's not a bug, here's how you set the window placement:

1. Open godot engine and open your project

2. Click on "Editor" located at the top menu bar

3. Go to "Window placement" located under "Run"

4. Set the "Rect" to "Centered"

Hope that could help, dude :) 

Edit: setting the "Rect" to "Force Maximize" might also work

Edit 2: this only works in the editor ( sorry about that ). See below comment

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Hi there! I appreciate the efforts you put in the game.

My suggestions:

1. Add sound effect(s), even a simple one would make the game better ;)

2. The control feels i little bit weird. Maybe you should seperate shooting from movement. I mean, use the mouse for aiming and shooting, and use arrow keys to move (just my suggestion)

And..., I can actually just stand still in the corner, waiting for the enemies to come and then kill'em all

Lastly, Congratulations for finishing your first game! Keep in mind that almost everyone's first game would not be a huge, shiny game. And I know that starting is easy, but it's difficult to finish making a game. So once again, congratulations! And don't stop ;)

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First of all, Thank you so much!

Sorry about the color, I've already fix that, but didn't update the game yet( because I think it's my bad to forget to program the coloring, which means it's not a bug ). I'll update it in the post jam version of my game

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Thanks! I love the feedback!

And btw, I want to ask one thing:

Were you experiencing any lag in this game?

PS: nevermind :p

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Thanks for playing! Glad you like it :)

And about the crosshair visibility, Thanks for telling me! I'll fix it real soon. But I don't know if I'm allowed to update it, since (i think) it is not a bug ( I think it's merely me that forgot to adapt the crosshair color according to the background color, so yeah).

 Cheers :D

glad you love it! I didn't expect that people would like this game though, but hey, you guys are some kind of lovely surprise to me!

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the first time i saw this, and the gameplay, I thought like : 



honestly, I'm inspirated by your game, dude :) but with different gameplay, mechanic and different goal. 

Really nice atmosphere. Well done ;)

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thanks, dude :D

Also ( sorry to bother you again ), were you compressing your file using the default compression settings? If so, try using the "best" compression method(it'll reduce the final size by a lot ;) ) And if you're using 7-zip, you can also choose "deflate" compression for wide range compatibility, and choose "Ultra" compression level to make the size even smaller! 

It's meaningful for people like me who is lacking internet connection.

EDIT : I just realized that the .pck file is large in size. So I'm sure that you've nicely compressed the game. Sorry for that, and thank you :)

Thank you, mate!

Hi there. I really want to play the game and rate it. But it seems like the Windows build is missing the .pck file. Is it just me? 

I'd suggest you to compress the .exe and the .pck together in a .zip archive. Because my device seemed to have a problem with the embeded .pck

And, others feedback, they sound really positive. Congrats!

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Thank you so much! Wow, i've never thought that this simple game would get these positive feedbacks, lol. 

And sorry to bother, please rate if you haven't

thank you for your feedback! 

So, you want to play with friends too. I've never learnt about making an online multiplayer system kinda stuff, but I'll do my best and implement that in the future :)

And yes, I made the game in approximately 2 days( i joined the jam 2 days before the submission deadline, no game making before that period ).

Again, thank you so much for playing and for your constructive feedback! :D

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you're welcome :) 

I appreciate the efforts you put into this game. And, the gameplay is actually fun. Congrats!

Good game. But... that dark theme, it made me feel bad each time i decided to progress through the game. But anyways, it's a nice piece of work

The projectiles are SSOOO FAASSST, lol. It's really hard to dodge them by reflect. died countless of times( but the gameplay is somewhat addictive :D)

The space ship's movement is also too fast, at least for people like me.


- I think it's better to allow enemies to shoot only when we can see them ( you can simply use VisibilityNotifier2D )

- like i've mentioned above, slowdown the speed of the spaceships and projectiles.

Other than that, great.. job dude :)

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Wow, i've never seen anything like this. Nice concept. But yeah, it's extremely hard, but yet I want to try again, and again, and again....

The appearance is nicely polished, I love it.

overall, GREAT JOB

thank you, glad you liked it!

hi, glad you liked it!

thank you very much! I got the idea. I'm interested because i'm currently struggling with my map generator. I tried to generate 100 rooms, each room is 25 x 25 tiles area. It works but it took a while to generate everything.

And about the discord, i will join it soon. But maybe I can't be online that often. Thanks for sharing ;)

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This is a nice piece of work! I played it for quite a while, and the recitation of Qur'an in the beginning was a surprise(I'm a muslim too, bro ;) ). I love this game. Btw, i'm interested in the way you generate the game world. It took just a very short duration to generate the whole map i guess. I am a godot user too. May I know how you generate the map? Or what kind of alfogoritm did you use? Here's my email in case you don't want to talk about it here :p

May peace be upon you :)