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Another Dimension HeroesView game page

Top-down Arena Space Shooter
Submitted by Cannibal Goose (@cannibalgoose) — 20 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
Arena Space Shooter with no game over.

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It's my first time export a game ever.

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Loved it, super cool shooter with a lot of care and nice small details. Well done! I'm a Hunter main!


Thank you, Bobbi! Loved the kind words.


The projectiles are SSOOO FAASSST, lol. It's really hard to dodge them by reflect. died countless of times( but the gameplay is somewhat addictive :D)

The space ship's movement is also too fast, at least for people like me.


- I think it's better to allow enemies to shoot only when we can see them ( you can simply use VisibilityNotifier2D )

- like i've mentioned above, slowdown the speed of the spaceships and projectiles.

Other than that, great.. job dude :)


I made the game to player never stop moves. You can control the camera zoom in the mouse wheel, that fact not allow me to use a VisibilityNotifier2D without a problem (you can control what is in the screen with camera zoom). Yeah, the game is hard and fast, I'll make more friendly games for now on. Thank you for play, Amob. Also thank you for the feedback.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

you're welcome :) 

I appreciate the efforts you put into this game. And, the gameplay is actually fun. Congrats!


Really cool! It was really fun to play and the only critique is that I would like to play a more polished version of it, with a longer production time. I think your core idea was really good!


Thanks, Miari! I love starship games and, someday, I'll make the greatest Star Fox 2D that Nintendo never made. Thank you for play and for the feedback.


Really cool shooter, instant fun with tight responsive controls.

Kind of on the hard side because the projectile are really freaking fast, if you end up with a slow ship you're space toast, also not helped by the insane firerate of some weapons XD

I'd say a radar or some arrows pointing to offscreen enemies would have helped a bit as well to find enemies and bosses.

But really other than these small issues, it's a blast! 

I like the ship variety and character portraits when you choose your next hero, some awesome ship design as well, particle and shader effects are the cherry on top :)

 Great job on your entry !


Thank you for play and for the tips, Pixel Metal Wolf! Loved the feedback.


No problem dude ^^

say sorry to bother, but i had just one question : 

I noticed you have a custom icon for the game's exe, how did you do that ? Cause I can't seem to have something other than the default one when i'm generating a build, knowing how to do that would be nice :)


I've used an app called Resource Hacker. You can change the icon and other information of the app. You'll need a .ico file to change. Also, you can make one .ico file in GIMP, saving a file with various sizes of the same image (16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256).


Thanks dude, this will help for sure ! Cause i've made some .ico's with gimp and didn't understand if i was missing something with the export in godot or something , i'll check this out :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Here's the page for the program:


Thanks for the link and useful tips :)


Good job with post processing and particles. I feel like screen size is too small in comparison with ship speed so its really hard to aim percisely, try decreasing camera zoom or make the player slower. Cool game anyway :)

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for play and for this feedback, FreezedIce! Also, you can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel, to solve the screen problem.
I'll keep getting better and my next game will follow all the tips I'm receiving.


I really enjoyed your game! Your uptake of the theme is also good. One thing is I can't react to the enemies projectiles because it is so fast, one way is to just move constantly. It can be that I'm just bad at your game tho, lol. And nice particle effects btw.


Thanks, mate. Yeah, I've made the game to player move all the time, some pilots have better speed than others. Also, if you defeat the first boss, you receive a lil upgrade to the speed with a new model of starship. But, really thanks for play and for the feedback.


gostei muito das música, bicho




Awesome game, congrats

I've loved the many characters and skills available to play randomly! (how many they are?)
Keep up the work, man


Thank you for play and for this feedback. =]