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Amir Bayareh

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Loved the game so far, and loved the car hack code in GML haha =D

This version of Unit-Z is single player. 

Eventually a full game will be released.


Wow! Thanks Rijitsu for playing and recording the game! =)

Hey Rijitsu! 

Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoyed the game! 


Thank you! I appreciate your comment a lot! :) 

Just maxed out everything on the game. It was really fun, I can see potential for this game to be on mobile devices.  Nice game!

This is a very noble concept. Soul filling games are the ones that really get me hooked. Nice game!

Amazing mechanics!
I loved the way you managed the waves and how the enemies setup gradually teach how to play.
This one is going to my favs!

Pretty solid game! I liked it so much, I couldn't stop until the end. I'm willing to see the full game release.


Even though, the happy holidays are over, it gave me joy today. =)

I would like to share to the community one of my best games so far... Turbo Tank Redux DX!
It is a Drive & Shoot Speedrunner like game. This was made for a demo for my students for the GameMaker: Studio workshop I was teaching at my university.
I hope you can check it out and give some feedback so I can learn more :)

Click here to visit the page!

We are excited to announce that the game "Queremos Tu Sangre" is released today for Windows and Android!
Information is in spanish, but we will be adding english instructions as soon as we can.
Hope you can give it a try =)

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