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¡Me encantó el video y la narración! ¡Muchas gracias por jugarlo! Ver el juego en formato VHS me llenó de emoción y me alegró el día.

Hello everyone!

My team and I are pleased to announce our entry for the Global Game Jam 2021.

2 bat friends work to escape from a thorn maze helping each other find the way with their echolocation.
Control both bats in 1 player mode or play with a friend in 2 players mode.

We hope you enjoy it!


Thank you RCVtio!!! :D

Hello everyone!

I'd like to share my recent proof of concept / school project. This is a very small game developed in under three weeks and its sole purpose is to see how a top-down shooter game (another project that I'm currently working on) would look like as a platformer-FPS and prototype the movement and combat mechanics. I'd appreciate it a lot if you could give it a try and give me feedback, as it would help me get better designing and developing games.


Thanks for your time!

Here are some screenshots

I reached the airport!!!
Such a lovely and nice game! Congrats to the team!!!!



It has great mechanics, nice puzzles, a nice environment and the ending... OH THE ENDING! Having a one on one duel was the cherry on top. Great game, it is one of my favorites!

I couldn't run the game even with the runtime. Could you check it please?

At the beggining I was like "What?", then I was like "What the...?" and in the end I was like "This was awesome!" Definetly a strange game but in the good way. I enjoy playing it!

Excellent approach of top gun for the Atari. I have finally fulfilled my dream of landing a jet haha. Loved the ending as well!

Amazing! I loved the idea of creating an early build for the game. It felt a little bit weird aiming and controlling the Star Hawk, nevertheless it is a nice game!

Excellent job!

Very nice game! Can't wait to play the full release. I have never played any CX Spectrum game but I can definitely see how you managed to replicate the style.

What a nice throwback to the NES. I can see my past self playing this a lot. Haven't finished it yet, I need to practice more, but the aesthetics and feelings are there. Loved it!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm really happy you liked it!

I have in mind exactly the same idea you propose, have a limited number of tries before restarting the level or losing a life. I'm thinking about rebuilding this game as a pinball-billiards type of game, kinda like an arcade game. Also adding a local multiplayer (coop or versus), maybe playing at the same time and creating combos or a turn based game, I don't know haha.

Hello everyone!

I made a game for the Lost Cartridge Jam. It is a based on the NES aesthetics. I hope you can play it and leave a comment and enjoy it!

Haha, actually you are the first to pronounce them properly!

Thank you so much for creating this video!

Had a blast watching it :D

Nice use of monsters for tetris! Really enjoyed it! Nice job


Pobre Pomberito, no le dejaron su ofrenda pero logró su cometido. "No lo recomiendo para nada". Nice game!

Very nice game! I liked how you integrated cutscenes to tell us a story. Loved the ending by the way. Spider party!

I am amazed by how this game delivered strategy and resource administration in this context. Nice graphics and atmosphere. Nice job! Are you planning on ccreate a sequel?

That was amazing haha. :D

Beautidul game!!! I managed to get the dog haha but not without getting my nerves on the edge. Congrats on a fine horror experience!

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to share our latest game! Compendium!
This is an entry for the cryptidjam. We chose to use legends and mythology from Mexico as our inspiration.

We hope you like and enjoy it as much as we did creating it!


C&C are welcome as we wish to improve our skills!

Very nice atmosphere! I liked the integration of the ambient light coming from the sky. It was a little bit frustrating to hadle the spear at the beginning, but after a few tries I mastered it! I'll follow the development of the game. I imagined playing it on a DS with the stylus. Nice job

Thanks for your suggestions! We will improve level design and aesthetcis as well, so each level can be distinct from each other and remove repetitiveness. We'll chek out your game now! =D

It kept me hooked. I loved how the narrative is presented and how words can lure me to imagine the right scenes and atmosphere. It gave me goosebumps. Nice story! :D

Nice game! I loved the combat mechanics, a little hard to understand at the beggining but after a few attempts it gets easier to understand how enemies attack and move, same for how the spells work. I risk a lot to get different color schemes, I just can't get enough from them. 

Went really fast and landed out of the track. BEST RACING EVENT EVER!!!

Jokes aside, I loved Nessie's model wobbling around, it is so much fun! I'll play it with my friends these days. I'm sure we'll have so much fun!

Nice job!

Nice concept! I liked the way each cryptid interacted with others delivering new offspring combinations. Nice job!

Aaaaaw! Such a cute story! I really want to see more. You have great skills at narration. No words were needed to explain exactly what the story is about. You'll be a great story teller and an artist. Keep it up! =D

It's a nice game! Keep learning programming and you'll eventually make longer and better games! I like that you used the mermaids as parasite-like creature. If you write down a story behind this I'm sure people will get easily what you want to express. Keep up the good work! =D

Wow! Looking forward to play it with the lights off!!!

Hello guys!

My team and I are using mexican folklore legends as the base of our game. We decided to create an adventure/action game so it might not be horror oriented but we think it will be fun! I'm willing to play your games! Almost three weeks left and we are currently in alpha stage, hope we get the full release by then :P

Loved the game so far, and loved the car hack code in GML haha =D

This version of Unit-Z is single player. 

Eventually a full game will be released.


Wow! Thanks Rijitsu for playing and recording the game! =)