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A jam submission

Star Hawk (1994 Prototype Edition)View game page

A leaked game prototype from a bygone age
Submitted by Skyboy Games (@skyboygames) — 6 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Amazing! I loved the idea of creating an early build for the game. It felt a little bit weird aiming and controlling the Star Hawk, nevertheless it is a nice game!

Excellent job!


Thanks for playing Amir.

Yeah, I feel like there's a lot to do for tuning the aiming and moving. In particular, I think the rotation range I'm mapping to movement is way to large. This essentially gives you  a really large firing cone (since shots are aimed based on your direction.) I think between that and significantly speeding up the player's projectiles, shooting will feel more controlled and intentional.


Awesome work! Short and sweet. Had to use two hands (on keyboard) in order to fly safely and mash the fire button as fast as I wanted to :)


Thank you!

I'd be a bit worried if this were the kind of game people played one-handed. ;)


I honestly tried to play it one-handed. WASD + Spacebar is a left-hand habit from FPS games. But yeah, this one required a different approach :)


Ya did nice with the retro aspect. Hm the enemies' HP was a little too high but boy the projectiles were everywhere! Almost got killed. This game was entertaining so you did great!


Thank you so much!
Yeah, tuning did end up going through the window once my body started demanding sleep.
This is where I hid behind the old "it's a prototype" phrase. I'm not bad at tuning, I'm just not done yet! ;)


Awww yes