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Okies! Whew. I thank you for the critique there!

Well! Lesse if you can figure out the game code. Just pause and type on the coding. Here's a tip: Konami

Hm. Odd. Have you tried out pressing J? It shoulda' worked.

^^ Thanks for the critique! Boy that was a challenge. And neat! Ya found the code.

Awww yes

Ya did nice with the retro aspect. Hm the enemies' HP was a little too high but boy the projectiles were everywhere! Almost got killed. This game was entertaining so you did great!

Hah! The game was fun. What an amusing end. You really gave this game a Game Boy feel. Nice work ^^

So far scenes are comin up


I think a demo would be up soon ^^

Whew! Tried it out. The game was fun. My the projectiles everywhere! But this game sure was lovely. Nice game!

Now with original music!

Enemy interaction

Another video preview!

Well, looks like there'll be some sewer exploring coming soon

burn- updated so that burning hazard- it no longer does a one-hit kill anymore

So far, so good. Set up a trampoline and clothes system.

The factory's nearly done and I'll soon move on to the next area~

Prepare to be thrown!

Dashing is also set up

And dis bar will have quite some stuff

Next video

A Fighting Arena's in the works!

Gotcha! Hm. I would try checking that out.

In the mantime, updated the program!

Dang! Thanks for telling that. For now ti' I fix that, you can press P or Space to play.

Alpha Build... I'm thinking about it.

Another video

This was getting dead here, so I'm posting a video here for what I got

A WIP scene with a mini-boss battle n' cutscene! Needs tweakin but yay!

1/1/2018 - Updated Folder System

Boy I gotta pay attention to this log.

The pause menu has been updated~


Alrighty then! I managed to apply the shadow effect on the characters. Now they look much better!

I soon am gonna update the pause menu soon~ Gotta add new stuff there.

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Some more update! Was able to apply the Fog effect, but I gotta figure out how to apply the lighting somehow.
In the meantime, I also updated the fonts, ones that are more... readable.

I never noticed this til' now, so I'll share what I'm working on here~

(Pardon the multiple images...)

It's a 3D Low Poly platformer shooter. I've been working on this here game since last year. As for the plot, it's about a lil' purple bunny girl named Shaundi who wants revenge against those who got her boyfriend killed.

It's done with Game Maker Studio. How is it able to take that kind of 3D? Well, using this here made by TheSnidr.

Also check out TheSnidr while you're at it!

As for what I gotta do next, well, I still gotta build more of the levels. Alongside making music and sounds. Stay tuned for more updates!

Played it~ Whew the game's pretty solid and smooth. The scenery's good, and the characters are cute. The boss sure was a challenging one. And love how it started.

If only the game had controller compatibility ;w;

Nevertheless, good job on this! UwU

oooh I see =0 got it - thanks for the critique

Once voting ends I'll update this with the fixed instructions...

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I did an instruction error... It's J. I sure overlooked it

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Huh oops XwX: Gah can't believe I overlooked that. 

It's Game Maker Studio 1.4 btw