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HOOOO this looks really good! This'll do great!

No worries! ^0^ This is what I need to help improve the game

Whew. Alrighty! Thanks for the feedback here! Time to write these down.

(1 edit)

Okay! Thank you so much for the feedback!

Whoops! Okay, I gotta fix that bug. Thanks for the find!


NOTE! There's a bug on Stage 1 I gotta solve! Stay tuned!

AY debo arreglar eso

Noted and thanks for the feedback! (hm I find it weird that the FPS drops like that; mine works fine)

Heyyy, that's an amazing idea!

Oh wow this is just beautiful! My PC isn't even a gaming one and this works so well!

Ohohohhhh awesome work on this!

Ayyy thanks!

Ayyyy thanks! I do love how this was turning out!

Thank youuuuu!

Ohohoh, I thank you for the critique! Yeeee I still have much to fix in this game. I didn't even have much time to finish up the customer models and had to make their heads blocks. ^^;

I'll later on update the game to fix the mess. Thanks again!

This is just beautiful! Think about the revolution X3

Okies! Whew. I thank you for the critique there!

Well! Lesse if you can figure out the game code. Just pause and type on the coding. Here's a tip: Konami

Hm. Odd. Have you tried out pressing J? It shoulda' worked.

^^ Thanks for the critique! Boy that was a challenge. And neat! Ya found the code.

Awww yes

Ya did nice with the retro aspect. Hm the enemies' HP was a little too high but boy the projectiles were everywhere! Almost got killed. This game was entertaining so you did great!

Hah! The game was fun. What an amusing end. You really gave this game a Game Boy feel. Nice work ^^

So far scenes are comin up


I think a demo would be up soon ^^

Whew! Tried it out. The game was fun. My the projectiles everywhere! But this game sure was lovely. Nice game!

Now with original music!

Enemy interaction

Another video preview!

Well, looks like there'll be some sewer exploring coming soon

burn- updated so that burning hazard- it no longer does a one-hit kill anymore

So far, so good. Set up a trampoline and clothes system.

The factory's nearly done and I'll soon move on to the next area~

Prepare to be thrown!

Dashing is also set up

And dis bar will have quite some stuff

Next video

A Fighting Arena's in the works!