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When I was testing, I was using OS Version 2.15. Could that be it?
Once I'm done with the convention this weekend, I'll try changing my OS version and see if that reproduces the bug.

Hi Joe,

I just picked up an Everdrive N8-Pro and the Zapper seems to be working on mine. Do you know which version of the OS you're running? You can check it by hitting SELECT at the Everdrive menu and selecting Device Info.

You should be able to select the gamepad control method by pressing Select then Start at the input selection screen. Select and Start are usable in all menus that let you make a choice.

Incidentally, depending on the emulator you use, you may be able to tweak settings to allow mouse clicks / screen touches to emulate lightgun zaps. That's what I do with the copy of FCEUX bundled in the zip file version of Gunhawk.

Thank you!
I definitely appreciate the heads-up.

I have an Everdrive N8 I use for testing, but I don't have an N8-Pro, so I'm not familiar with N8-Pro specific features. I don't suppose there are some settings in the N8-Pro that could be a factor. Would I be correct in presuming that your Zapper is plugged into controller slot 2?

Also, regarding the Zapper not working. Are you getting any response when you pull the trigger? If so, does it flicker the screen to black when their are targets on the screen (either in the 2-choice menus or when enemies are on screen)? 

Last aspect to check, what type of device are you playing the Everdrive on? Is it a stock NES or a third-party machine like a Retron? Is the device plugged in directly to a CRT TV or does it go through another device along the way?

Sorry for the volley of questions. These are just what came up as I started thinking about what might be going on.

I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I don't have control over what payment methods this site offers...

It uses NROM, i.e. mapper 0.

I will be doing an official physical release later (hopefully before the year is out), but let me know if you have any trouble getting it onto the donor cart.

There are some bugfixes and the main character has a new sprite.
You can use the old sprite by holding the B button during the title screen.

And the time limit goes down with every world 7 loop, until clearing stages isn't humanly possible.

Thank you for the video!
You are a true Scholar and a Gentleman.

Awesome! Thank you for the review!
I'm so glad you enjoyed the game!

Oh my gosh, that is so awesome!

The Speed Running Community is crushing it. Crushing it, I say!

Holy Crud, that's so awesome!

I better signal boost this so you have some competition. :)

Nice! I love it

For real?
That's so cool!

Oh thank you so much! 
I don't have plans to continue Orphea itself specifically, but I have lots of other games in the oven for NES.  Some of the ideas are definitely influenced by lessons learned from Orphea.

Oh, thank you so much!
That makes me really happy to hear that.

Thank you! We're getting close. Doing QA and last minute bug fixes right now.

For sure!

It's slow going because there's so much on my plate, but this one should be ready real soon.


A little necro-reply to link in a reference for the process I used to upload games to my NES Classic:

I can't speak to the PowKiddy, but I did put Orphea on my NES Classic for some on-the-tv, real controller fun.
I imagine the general process is to connect a compatible device to your computer (usually using USB) and then transferring the ROM file into the appropriate folder on the device (varies by device.)
For the NES Classic, you have to hack it slightly to allow the installation of custom ROMs. This is relatively easy as it involved downloading a customized OS flashing program that overwrites the NES Classic operating system with a version of the operating system that displays custom ROM files. Once I flashed my NES Classic, I could connect it to my computer and copy Orphea on to it. Voila!

Okay, I think I know what the issue is (and some of the reasoning behind it.) Here's what I can do. I'll temporarily make the game paid for the minimum of $1 and then put it on 100% sale. That way, you can register it in your library. 

Huh... what a wacky spec. I presume this is with the Launcher, yes? I haven't actually used it in years. I'll check it out to see if there's an easy fix I can do on my end.

If you're comfortable sharing more info about your use case, would you mind contacting me by email at rob-at-skyboygamesDOTcom? I'd like to make sure I have details straight in case I need to log a bug with

I super appreciate the gesture.
Do you need it to be PWYW for the dropping a few bucks part or the add to the library part? Or both?

Thank you TigerClaw, that really makes my day.

Thank you for the feedback, Qupe.

I'm not sure if I'm going to develop this one more directly, but I might. I do have a vision for it that goes in more of a Rygar/Guardian Legend sort of direction, but to do that there are a bunch of tech hurdles I need to figure out. Basically, I need to grind levels on NES dev so I can unlock the Advanced Memory Mapper skill.

That's awesome!
Thank you for featuring my game!

Thank you so much for doing a video!

I'm not sure if I'll be adding more content to this game in particular, but I might spin it off into something more full-fledged. I put this together for a weekend game jam as a way to learn about developing for NES. There are plenty of ideas that ended up on the cutting room floor because of the jam deadline.

Thank you for trying it out.

I'm going to see what I can do to reduce the funk and jank. I'm in the middle of writing a custom movement solution for the character and hook as we speak. :)

Yeah... we relied on the UE4 physics system for all the jumping, swinging, and hook throwing which works at 120 FPS, but gets weird at different framerates (for example, if you switch to windowed and are no longer bound to your monitor's refresh rate). I made some fixes to stabilize the physics on different machines, but those aren't in the jam build. I'll be posting the new build once Jam deliberations are over and I can post updates again.

If you're curious, you can download the newer build here:

I'm curious if the fixes I put in actually improve the hook physics for you.

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for playing!

Also, your BGM is so chill. MasterChiefSephiroth420 would definitely approve.

By the way, the music itself wasn't from the sound pack. They were a couple loops I put together with snesgss.

Thanks for playing Amir.

Yeah, I feel like there's a lot to do for tuning the aiming and moving. In particular, I think the rotation range I'm mapping to movement is way to large. This essentially gives you  a really large firing cone (since shots are aimed based on your direction.) I think between that and significantly speeding up the player's projectiles, shooting will feel more controlled and intentional.

Thank you!

I'd be a bit worried if this were the kind of game people played one-handed. ;)

Tried it.


I love how authentically black box NES this game feels. That jump does take some getting used to. 

I feel like the player is called upon to use that jump in tricky situations a little too early in the game; before they're used to it. I also feel like it'd be nice to have some work-around for situations where the player has made a level unwinnable and are forced to kill themselves on a monster to retry. Especially when those situations happen early on, like with a missed box drop.

Then again, I'm talking about matters of fine-tuning in a game that was completed in a 72-hour window. Just the fact that I'm able to nitpick small details is a testament to how solid this game is already.

Good stuff. And now I'm going to go back in and try out that magic code.

Thank you so much!
Yeah, tuning did end up going through the window once my body started demanding sleep.
This is where I hid behind the old "it's a prototype" phrase. I'm not bad at tuning, I'm just not done yet! ;)

Nice job!

I've been taking a class on Serious Games at grad school. I'll definitely be showing your game to my professor.


Thanks for playing the game!