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Alvian Eka

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My favorite game so far! The game is really fun to play, and the control is so smooth. Great job!

Thank you, I'm happy to hear that :D

Thank you :D

this is a really fun game I love it, and the music is relaxing, I'd love to see how it would be possible to expand the island, anyway Great job! :D

Can you explain what happens, because I've already tested it with several people and it works fine, and this game took a quite long time to load so maybe you can download the game for a better experience. :)

I'm not hacking

the game crashed when I got a high score :(

thank you :D
while making this game I forgot to add immune system and I will add it in the future

thank you :D
in the future, I will make better music and add options to mute it just in case if someone does not like it

thank you I'm happy to hear that :D

thank you :D
the "less is more" part is less hp you have more power-up you can get and you can sacrifice your hp to get double power-up which is more, but with more power-up you take less score you get

thank you :D

thank you :D and sorry about the music I'm not good at making music

thanks for your feedback :D
about the bug that you found it's not a bug, the reason why that happens is that the red enemy dealt more damage than the other enemy and it's enough to trigger an upgrade  and the red enemy dealt continuous damage so after you pick an upgrade it will hit you again and trigger another upgrade, and the reason why that always happens is that I forgot to add some invulnerability

this game is incredible, I had a ton of fun playing this game I can't stop

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this game is really fun, the mechanic  is unique, the art is really good, but I'm not sure how does it fit the theme

thank you :D

thank you :D

thank you :D
I'm not good at music, so maybe I should add options to mute the music

thank you :D

thank you :D
pro tip: if you keep moving and dashing all around the map you can survive for a long time :)

thank you :D

thank you :D

thanks for your feedback :D
I'm so happy to hear that you had a ton of fun playing this game

I like the art of this game but crouching and wall climbing are broken and that's really annoying, the level is fine but it could be better

thanks for your feedback :D

I'm not good at making music and I still need to learn more about music and I will do my best to improve my music skill :)

thanks :D

thanks :D

thanks for your feedback :D

while making this game somehow i forgot to add Some invulnerability

this game is simple and Satisfying, I really enjoyed this game.

I like the graphics of this game, but this game is just too damn hard I keep dying over and over, other than that the game is good I like it

Sketchpad 2020 is an online drawing apps and i personally don't like to use online apps or website bassed apps because I have some internet problem and I keep losing progress every time I use online apps

I already use photoshop for a long time and I'm familiar with it, so it was easier for me to use photoshop and I have a pen tablet that makes it easier

I didn't expect the 9th theme will be this theme... but, I did it I remake my day 1 game I hope it's better lol, and remaking my own game is actually fun too :)

there is 2 ways for you to get out from the maze

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

I interpreted the 7th game theme as a fish because for me its really looks like a fish seriously

and this is my [7/10] game project I've been working on, for the game mechanic I get inspiration from old game feeding frenzy and for the art I get inspiration from something that I always doing when I get bored in class which is starting cut some random paper

I personally use Unity as the game engine, Photoshop for art, Bosca ceoil to make music, and sfxr or Audacity for a sound effect, and of course paper & pencil to store my idea

this game is fun, i like the concept