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WOW, very cool idea, next time i would suggest to add WebGL version, you will get more people to play your game, if you have any problem with build feel free to ask.

You could try to drag element before and don't relies the element.

  1. Grab element
  2. Drag element
  3. Press S or R and scroll

You could try to scroll more maybe it is the reason.

Wow thanks for yours work🤩

The pedals gas and break, maybe a steering wheel as well it don't as each time but sometimes yes. But I manged to play a game, it just was asking sometimes.

I was using Sony XZ3 and Firefox browser.

Great work, only one small problem on mobile if I hold the finger on button browser start asking me if I want to download the image.

Yes I have a problem with light limit and don't have enought time to fix it, each coin should have light under it and a player as well but it was too much for a URP with default settings :<

Try to get cought :)

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You can build it for WebGL and the put as playable in browser it really will help more people to play the game, and it is better to compress it in zip.
If you have any question on how to do it feel free to ask.

Cant get it running on my windows PC it has problem with loading files Could you add it as playable in browser game if it is html and js all ready?

it was one simple change for help, any other person with no qwerty or qwertz keyboards
I doing  this jam to try to do new stuff in unity so not really going for a some score, so no problem even if you did :D

add support for arrow keys, hope it dos not count in jam time :D

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Good looking game, here is some things I have encountered:

  • you can kill multiple people by alt if they are close to posses one.
  • bullets sometimes don't kill other
  • you can jump from dead bodies and stand on them

It was the best I can do in the time limit 🙃

Will defenetly come back to add more levels and polis controll

Fun concept but too easy to play, don't fear to crank difficulty to eleven!

Please add more description to what you need to do or how to play the game.

Was very easy before those  red walls, at first I was thinking that you need to cheat you way throw them, but at later lever I started to do it right.

On 3DS it would such a good game.
It very hard to play platforms after 3ds ones because the 3D effect give you really good sense of where player a located.
I have some ideas how to overcome this issue.

You can jump over box and ball will fall endlessly, suggest adding death trigger for going to far down.

In case you didn't see I posted this 1 hour to theme revival, but thanks for replaying.

Because we still don't know the theme and time is running out.

Can I use gradient, shades or it must have only 3 colors?

The best review I ever get!

I don't know what is wrong but when I press x to jump dog didn't jump to high to be get at platform of first level.
I even try tutorial to learn some secret jumping, but completing it didn't bring any luck.
I was playing in browser on Firefox.
On PC it was running great. I was able to jump higher.
I looks like it is some precision error because dog  jump something like 1 pixel lower in Firefox.

try to hold down arrow and mash attack button. Yes, collision detection is not the best I can't fitt better in two tweets 🙃

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There is more human friendly/readable version of code

--init game
for i=2,max_obj_count do
 obj[i] =
 if i>enemy_start_index then      s=obj[i]
 end end
--game loop
for i=2,max_obj_count do
    --check for collision with enemy
    if i>enemy_start_index and abs(character.x-3-s.x+3)<3 and abs(character.y-2-s.y+2)<3 then
        for k=1,99 do
    goto __
    if s.y>w then
goto _
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Thanks, glad that you liked it. The best part is that all was done in pico-8 with code:)

CCTV was great. You can add new mechanics like in google maps where you can drop camera to a street level.
I really was missing option to select what building will be build, having 5 casino in city and cinema.

Yes you understand me correctly Idk what i did but it never fly higher than middle of the screen.  Maybe it was not a precise middle but it never fly through top of the screen.

I was not a cooldown problem missile get destroyed in midair. I never see it fly through middle of the screen.
In bonus area controls a very responsible and in main game it feels like you have a window of opportunity to a select where to jump and you cant change it mid air. And then you need to jump 5 time on one place again,

You have working game mean you have success, you will get better in time

It getting really slow at next stages, control was strange  and missile get missing  some time if you double press C or something like that.

It not always easy to understand what is what  and some minimap or screen map will be good, or show where you can go.

P. S. Thanks for programming.