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Great work, only one small problem on mobile if I hold the finger on button browser start asking me if I want to download the image.


Hi. Thanks for the feedback.

Do you mean the buttons at the bottom (steering, brake, accelerate)? Or the fullscreen and pause buttons at the top right?

I put some effort into disabling the default browser behaviour for the controls down the bottom (as otherwise it's impossible to play the game). It seemed to work on my Android phone but I haven't tested any other devices.

What type of mobile device do you have?

The pedals gas and break, maybe a steering wheel as well it don't as each time but sometimes yes. But I manged to play a game, it just was asking sometimes.

I was using Sony XZ3 and Firefox browser.

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I installed Firefox on my phone, and I can reproduce the problem now. Hopefully I'll have a fix soon.

UPDATE: I've managed to prevent the popup menu and it seems to play a lot better on FF now. There's still another smaller menu that popups up occasionally - I think it's triggered by double-tap - but it's much less frequent and doesn't block the whole screen.

Wow thanks for yours work🤩