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This was a lot of fun.

I managed 47.22 :)

I've narrowed down a couple of issues.

It appears to be renaming words inside multi-line strings (using [[ ]]):

function that()
this and that

And ultra-compact mode appears to have difficulty with the short-hand "if" syntax:

function compare(n)
 if(n>10)return "big"
 return "small"
print("15 is "

Awesome! This squeezed the single cart version of Mot's Grand Prix down by 15%, enough to fit in a whole 4th track. Thanks for sharing this.

(I always have to untick "Other identifiers" for though. Must be something about my coding style...)

I really like this picoCAD model. Great work.

Hey thanks.

That's one of the advantages of the Pico-8 platform is that you never have to worry about whether your PC is fast enough.

Yes, I'm working on an update with a few more tracks. So far I've added Spa Francorchamps, old Hockenheim and started building Monza, which will be the 6th. I may add a couple more after that.

And I'd like to add a championship mode, to add a bit of depth to it.

Thanks for playing it.

Yep, secret rooms would be fun. However PICO-8 has strict limits on how much you can squeeze into a game, and this game is crammed full already :-)

Thanks for playing it.

Enemies getting stuck on things seems to be the most common feedback I'm getting (that and "needs music" :-). I'm hoping to fix that soon.

Hey thanks. I love to see people playing my stuff.

I'm quite impressed you managed to complete it so soon after it was uploaded (and despite the harsh difficulty spike on level 6).

Hard to say without seeing it.

The AI is pretty basic though. If it can't find an unobstructed shot then it will often do something silly. It also doesn't understand bank shots or consider what could happen if it hit the other balls on the table.

I had some ideas about making it smarter, but ran out of space to implement them :)

(1 edit)

I installed Firefox on my phone, and I can reproduce the problem now. Hopefully I'll have a fix soon.

UPDATE: I've managed to prevent the popup menu and it seems to play a lot better on FF now. There's still another smaller menu that popups up occasionally - I think it's triggered by double-tap - but it's much less frequent and doesn't block the whole screen.

Hi. Thanks for the feedback.

Do you mean the buttons at the bottom (steering, brake, accelerate)? Or the fullscreen and pause buttons at the top right?

I put some effort into disabling the default browser behaviour for the controls down the bottom (as otherwise it's impossible to play the game). It seemed to work on my Android phone but I haven't tested any other devices.

What type of mobile device do you have?