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Can you add a way to research and choose architechtures? Like you start with 8-bit and then research 16-bit and add it to the CPU by choosing about of bits in the creation of the CPU, then the 16-bit milestone can be achievable!


I will allow you, but you'll have to ask if the other jam's creator if he/she allows that to happen. 

I removed all the cores and still no difference

(1 edit)

Can't use newer cores after researching them.

didn't the itch app update your game automatically?


Anyway, I have fixed my problem by downloading it from the browser instead of the itch app

Windows 10 tells me you need a new app to open this.

I can't download...

You can add 3rd party music and sounds, because you have a very limited time.

Well Good luck!

Awesome, Good luck!

2D sims are allowed, and You can put with input or without!

1 team leader and 5 helpers (Designer, producer, coder, etc.) maximum


btw how much MHz you are going to put after 9 MHz?

The music is very distracting

Aliens bought your hardware!

ohh ok! thx!

Why does the R&D get always stuck and not go after 750 KHz???

My biggest civilization wiped themself off the planet through a nuclear war! XD

Can you improve the game to be more accurate (add more detail)

Still love it btw

I just made a video of Inch by Inch! The game is awesome, even though I got so mad in this video, its still very fun!

Thats awesome!

ME! And did it LIKE A BOOOOSSSSSS!!!!!

Is there only Water-based life? or More?

spore 2.0?


In aquariums.

I logic bro... Shark can be tamable in real life.

Spamming is giving links, and do you see any link?


I am not spamming...

Able to See Underwater life when diving.

Creative mode.....


Ability to tame sharks so it can bring fish for you if you have less than 5 macros....