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If you guys want to give feedback about my game, you could either say it here on this post or make your own post tagged with feedback. 

I would like to announce that the comment section has been switched to a Discussion board because Discussion boards are more organized and people can make topics others reply to easily.

Comments made previously in the comment section are gone, which is unfortunate. I was hesitant to convert it to discussion boards mainly because it would get rid of the comments already placed. From what I think, the Discussion board is good for building the game's community and feels much more organized than Comment Section.

Hopefully, you won't mind that and I hope you have a great day! :)

Cool, can you tell me the name?

Good, have fun playing!

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Can you tell me what window or error pops up when you try to launch the game?

Yeah, it'll probably work if you set everything in the graphics settings to Low.


Matter Box is a sandbox simulation game where you mess around with particles.

You can create or Destroy particles. Also, you can choose what particle to spawn in. The particles may interact with each other, for example, if you mix iron particles with oxygen or water particles may slowly cause rusting.

You can also manipulate the particles by either cooling or heating them up, also you can move the particles around using two types of forces, repel and attract. These will cause the particles to either repel or attract towards the mouse cursor if you hold down the left click button.


Can you re-explain what is your simulation doing? I clicked on the link, didn't understand what was going on... :P

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I made MatterBox, which is a sandbox sim game where you do whatever you like with the particles inside a box! You can spawn and destroy particles, you can manipulate them by heating or cooling them or by moving them around.

I made them so that they interact with each other too. I made it for example that when gunpowder is introduced with fire, the gunpowder will burn off. Another example is that when I add oxygen or water to iron particles, they slowly rust. To undo the rust, you can heat it to its melting point, and then the rust is gone.

Right now, it just needs some fixing and polishing in order for it to look better and have fewer bugs.

Yeah, I'll allow HTML, forgot it exists, sorry.

You can make HTML games/sims as long as they work on windows.

Remember that the final game should be an executable that works on Windows. 

I am making a simple particle simulation. I try to make it as close as real life as possible in the short amount of time of one week. I want to make it so that people can spawn or destroy different particles like water or oxygen. 

I think it should work if you go to the game's settings and lower the graphics.

Can you tell me your specs? 

Do you have any questions about the game jam you would like to ask me?

Can't wait for the full game to release!

In the meantime, here is my let's play video: 

Thank you for playing my game! Do you have any thoughts or feedback that you would like to share?

That's a bummer, hopefully this will get fixed.

I will be updating the demo, which will improve graphics and gameplay aspects like faster pistol speeds. But since it's still a demo, I will limit it to one level only.

Because everyone who has windows has directX what system are you using?

Thanks for playing! Do you have any thoughts about my game that you would like to share?

I recommend using Unreal Engine instead, because it perform better and requires no coding!

Nevermind, it actually works.

I Got stuck in the loading scree, can't seem load. So, I restart and the same thing happens.

I will try my best to improve on the level design. 

Thanks! Here is how it looks so far. The Civilizations randomly spawn spontanously, they slowly level up through the ages, they always have a chance of going extinct. Until they reach level 13, where they become interstellar. I will replace levels with Age names e.g. Bronze age, Industrial Age, Singularity age, etc.

I will give the player a bit of control in the simulation though, so far you can only control speed. The simulation's main purpose is to understand why we can't we find alien life all over the milky way. I'll make it so that civilizations can form alliances and declare war with each other.

What do you think about it?

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Am I allowed to make the same type of simulation, with better accuracy and detail then I add it into itch for free??

I saw the twitter for the fermi paradox game, I'm going to make it an accurate simulation than a game.

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Major Update is released! V1.1.0

I added a lot of new things into the game and made a bit more polishing! Check it out:

Thank you so much! I hope you'll enjoy my game.

It was made in Unreal Engine, I think it would run well, since I get over 250 fps on Epic settings. Also, you can lower the game's graphics so you can play without any technical disturbance.


Any thoughts or critical feedback you would like to give about this game?

It is a split screen game, Full lan and online matches not yet implemented. 

This is a fast-paced splitscreen multiplayer deathmatch of up to four Drone Soldiers (players) shooting eachother, the one with the highest score wins.

The Matches are customizable by choosing what powerups spawn ingame, or selecting the length of the match and etc.