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Epic game!

It needs a bit of improvement, but still fun!

I will try my best to improve on the level design. 

Thanks! Here is how it looks so far. The Civilizations randomly spawn spontanously, they slowly level up through the ages, they always have a chance of going extinct. Until they reach level 13, where they become interstellar. I will replace levels with Age names e.g. Bronze age, Industrial Age, Singularity age, etc.

I will give the player a bit of control in the simulation though, so far you can only control speed. The simulation's main purpose is to understand why we can't we find alien life all over the milky way. I'll make it so that civilizations can form alliances and declare war with each other.

What do you think about it?

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Am I allowed to make the same type of simulation, with better accuracy and detail then I add it into itch for free??

I saw the twitter for the fermi paradox game, I'm going to make it an accurate simulation than a game.

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Major Update is released! V1.1.0

I added a lot of new things into the game and made a bit more polishing! Check it out:

Thank you so much! I hope you'll enjoy my game.

It was made in Unreal Engine, I think it would run well, since I get over 250 fps on Epic settings. Also, you can lower the game's graphics so you can play without any technical disturbance.


Any thoughts or critical feedback you would like to give about this game?

It is a split screen game, Full lan and online matches not yet implemented. 

This is a fast-paced splitscreen multiplayer deathmatch of up to four Drone Soldiers (players) shooting eachother, the one with the highest score wins.

The Matches are customizable by choosing what powerups spawn ingame, or selecting the length of the match and etc.

Do you have any thoughts about the game? Maybe you have an Idea you want to implemented or you have found a bug you want to fix, or just say what is too over-powered to be in the game.

Okay, thx for ur reply! :)

When are we going to get v1.3? 

I see you used a lot of unreal engine's starter content materials. Tbh, I do that too.

I am not always improving the game, I don't have much time to find bugs, so If you have found a bug in this game, please describe the bug here and give instructions to reproduce it. 

I saw your video in youtube recommendations. Lol

This game is epic, I love how challenging it is escape when flying over the forest until you run out of soul energy and fall from the sky and see a fleet of robots following you in the middle of the forest. 

SmartBot community · Created a new topic Thoughts?

Any thoughts about the game you would like to talk about? 

YEAR 2150

The World is in apocalypse, Haxor haven't released any updates, the world is going to end...


This is a game where you are a robot soldier that is controlled by a Super AI computer named SmartBot, it wants to destroy humanity you follow it's orders. 

It is a singleplayer first person shooter, you kill humans to get to the main control room where SmartBot and 99 other robot soldiers are at.

Made in Unreal Engine 4.

Caution: Game really short.


Wait, does this support RTX? Because the reflection shows what's behind you, and you need an RTX 2080 ti to pllay at 1440p



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Btw, time is almost up. So, better be close to be done.

People should start submitting now, mine is almost ready. If you could not finish the game, just upload it now only if it is over 70% done. You need to make it playable (has game play mechanics). Do not submit a game with an incomplete map and a player with a lot of useless mechanics (e.g. grappling hook while there is no obstacles or place that requires that that feature)

You can ask me anything about this, any questions?

Can you add a way to research and choose architechtures? Like you start with 8-bit and then research 16-bit and add it to the CPU by choosing about of bits in the creation of the CPU, then the 16-bit milestone can be achievable!


I will allow you, but you'll have to ask if the other jam's creator if he/she allows that to happen. 

I removed all the cores and still no difference

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Can't use newer cores after researching them.

didn't the itch app update your game automatically?


Anyway, I have fixed my problem by downloading it from the browser instead of the itch app

Windows 10 tells me you need a new app to open this.

I can't download...

You can add 3rd party music and sounds, because you have a very limited time.