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Hi! Thanks to you, the game has now been updated with AZERTY keyboard support! :)

Awww! <3

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hi everyone! my new game released a few days ago and i meant to post about it then but the holidays got in the way so i'm posting it now instead! it's made in Bitsy, and uses a whole bunch of new hacks i've implemented that i don't think i've ever seen used before in any Bitsy games till now. it's also about some pretty heavy stuff, and gets pretty dark at times, but there is a happy ending and you can avoid all the real intense stuff and just go almost straight to the happy ending if you want to! there's more information about how to do so on the itch page at the end of the "WARNING" section. 

here's the description of the game from the page:

discomfort zone is a 2D pixel-art narrative game about depression, anxiety disorder, despair, and recovery. The game takes a realistic, un-filtered, and at times uncomfortably personal look at depression and anxiety disorder through the eyes of someone dealing with these conditions, promoting understanding and sharing the experience with a wider audience. The game deals with many themes related to depression and anxiety: worry, loneliness, and self-deprecating thoughts, but also hope and finding the strength, when all seems lost, to keep going. Made in a heavily-hacked version of the Bitsy engine, the game uses a simple art style, limited color palette, and basic controls to ensure accessibility. 

anyways, think that's everything for this post so thanks for reading, and there's some screenshots below if you want to get a sense of some of the art & visuals in the game.



*image gallery*:

hi yepsi,

i'm sorry the ending felt off to you, that was one of my worries about the whole input bit in regards to the ending. i hope that the good thoughts leading up to the ending helped with that at least a little bit. i don't think you should feel bad about yourself for not being able to come up with more things though, i know how hard it can be to think of good thoughts sometimes, took me forever to come up with ones i put in the game. just had to really sit down and think about it for quite a while. sounds like what you did put are great things to be happy about though, even if you may feel like you "still only have those things".  i don't think that feeling that way is in itself necessarily a bad thing, you gotta cling to what you have that makes you happy real hard and never let go. i think that if you gave it another go another day and thought for long enough you could come up with a third thing though. just gotta take tiny steps forward like that. thanks so much for playing, and for sharing your thoughts on the game. always keep fighting... hope is one hell of a weapon.

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hi! thanks for playing and making a video, however it seems like you encountered a bug halfway through your playthrough that caused the end of the game to function incorrectly. i believe it's a browser issue related to Firefox and am working on a fix as soon as possible. sorry about that!


omg thank you so much!!! super happy it could be so meaningful & relate-able to someone else, as that was exactly what i was hoping for while making it. <3  

Thanks so much! Worked like a charm! :D

Yup. Same for me here, on Windows 10. Tried re-installing and still no luck.