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this game is a lot of fun! i played it on my rift s and it worked great. only issue i had at times was getting stuck on some geometry, but that wasn't really a problem since i could use the teleport to get out quite easily. love the visual effects as well, it looks really polished so far. only complaint is that the platform at the end of levels has too many particles and they're too big imo. it made it a little hard to read the dialogue at the end of each level. other than that though its really great!

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I didn't follow any tutorial but I'm happy to comment out my code a little better and share it with you! You should also be able to look at the code in Pico8 itself if you download the cartridge

love the artstyle and color palette! the indirect control aspect makes this a lot of fun! I think a slightly larger stage could make the game a little more interesting but its still quite fun as is!

Really fun little game! took my a couple tries too!

I'm glad you liked my little marker haha! There's no fast moving bonus at the top of the screen but thats a great idea that I'll definitely implement if I ever make any updates to the game.

thank you! i’m glad you appreciated the clouds those were harder to get right than i’d care to admit haha

thank you so much! I didn’t base the mechanics off of anything specific but there are definitely many other games like it :)

I’m glad you enjoyed, thanks! 

Those are some very interesting suggestions, I might have to made another version with some of those ideas! Thanks for the feedback!

Fun game! Love the artsyle and music too, the whole vibe is very cute!

Hey another 'busy as a bee' dev! Glad you enjoyed!

Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you!

Ton of fun and the perfect amount of challenge! Took me 4 playthroughs to get a perfect! Love the music too

typing game creators assemble haha

Hey another typing game! I love the polish and effects on this one!

Cool idea!

Thank you!

this game is a ton of fun and a perfect little bite sized experience! throughout my various playthroughs the best I was able to get was 12

558 is my best so far!

Lot of fun, love the sound effects too! I was able to get to 558!

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many herd fish shout

shout shout command many fish

fish ability

Pretty hard to make a haiku with the words given but its a fun challenge! 20 seconds is a really short time to make a haiku but its definitely possible. I think it would be nice though if you could click the words instead of typing them, that would make it a lot easier to make a poem in 20 seconds. 

I also didn't realize that those words were just inspiration and not a requirement, I think making that mandatory might be a little more interesting as well! Didn't realize that until I made my magnum opus haiku of

do i have to use

the words provided on screen

or can i use mine

The game is still a lot of fun though and its a really neat idea!

Fun game! Like the color palette and style too

I think maybe more symbols instead of text on the cards and enemies would be a little better but the game is still a lot of fun. The art style is really incredible too!

Thank you!!

Hey another pico8 entry! This is a perfect little bite sized game and I love the effects too!

Fun little mini-game, works perfect for this jam! I like the style and audio too!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I definitely agree with the typeface issue, some letters definitely look way too similar haha.

It feels really good once you learn the trajectory and start actually landing shots, one of my favorite games I've played so far

this ones a ton of fun, i love the artstyle too!

this is a surprisingly creative and fun game lol

great little game!

Great level design and really fun little game!


Yeah Pico8's sound engine definitely is not the best for what I'm trying to do here, I find that the best way to enjoy it is to just mute the backing tracks, otherwise there can be a lot of distortion

fun little game, like a bite sized stanley parable!

wasn't sure how to play for a little bit but once I got the hang of it, it was a lot of fun! love the aesthetic too, always great to see a pico-8 entry!

thank you for the feedback!

Thank you!!

really fun game and great presentation! took a little getting used to the controls and right clicking, but once I got the hang of it, it was really fun