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Thank you for including my game! I enjoyed hearing your commentary on it :)

Nice pico8 game, lot of fun too! Felt a little difficult at times, especially with hitting the spikes/grapple points at the same time, but I guess that is in the spirit of retro gaming. Making platformers in pico8 though is no joke so congrats!

another pico8 game! fun platformer, I love the idea of not really being able to control your jump / vertical movement. sometimes the little grapple points felt pretty hard to hit and the timing could be tight but it was still a lot of fun!

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omg i love your characters sm, they're so cute

another pico 8 game!! this one is a ton of fun too! i absolutely love your art too each of the characters are so cute!

hey another flappy bird game! this is one of the most creative ones ive seen and its a lot of fun! theres a surprising learning curve to it!

I see we both did a little spin on the flappy bird concept! This is a fun idea but I think its a little easy, it would be a lot more interesting if the bird moved a little unpredictably.

Interesting concept, fun!

Fun game but the second level seems unbeatable, the bullet gets inches away but doesn't quite hit. Still a very interesting concept though!

Interesting concept, love the style too! I did keep messing up with the grenade input, not sure exactly how. Fun little game though!

yo another pico 8 game! love the style and the music, and the game is fun too! only major complain is that its kinda hard to see where you're going to place your blocks. could definitely benefit from using a different fillp or maybe having a slight shadow. nice job!

thank you sm! although i don't think i quite match the atmosphere/visuals of yours haha

I totally agree, the second half of the game is way easier than the first haha. I ran out of time so I had to simplify more than I intended to. appreciate the feedback!

thanks, im tempted to polish it a bit with a larger map, we'll see!

thank you! I enjoyed your game a lot too!

Thank you sm!

Really cool idea!

this is great to know thank you sm!

love the artstyle and the game is a lot of fun! it was sometimes a bit hard to see lower islands, and i wish there were more grenades/bullets, but still very fun as is!

Looks like a fun game but the lava simply rises too quickly, before blocks even fall so I can't really play it :/ 


oh no i thought i fixed that problem haha 😅 wrote so much logic specifically to avoid slipping through floors and ceilings but i guess i didn’t quite iron it all out, do you remember by chance if it was a ceiling corner? 

Really fun game! I think I made it to level 145. I do wish there were a couple more options than heal/kill all enemies/ and 2x score but it still feels complete as is and is a lot of fun to play

Fun little game, love the artstyle too! The little checkpoint tree is so charming! Only suggestion is to make the feathers respawn every time you touch the ground, having to wait for them to respawn can get a little tedious but otherwise a great game!

thanks for playing!

thank you sm!

Really cool game. The towing mechanic didn't really click for me at first but once I understood it it added a lot of depth. It is quite easy to get lost though, a slightly larger camera and maybe some different environments / landmarks would help. Still a lot of fun though!

Fun game, I played it a couple of times! Only major complaint is that the bans are really hard to see, making them a different color or having an outline shader would help a lot. Also reducing the glossiness of the vines would make it look a little better. Goose animation is god-teir though haha love that little guy

Cute game! Love the dithered artstyle too. Could use a little more challenge but still fun!

thank you! I may look into making some more levels for this one down the line!

Thanks for the feedback!


Thank you so much! :^)

this game is a lot of fun! i played it on my rift s and it worked great. only issue i had at times was getting stuck on some geometry, but that wasn't really a problem since i could use the teleport to get out quite easily. love the visual effects as well, it looks really polished so far. only complaint is that the platform at the end of levels has too many particles and they're too big imo. it made it a little hard to read the dialogue at the end of each level. other than that though its really great!

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I didn't follow any tutorial but I'm happy to comment out my code a little better and share it with you! You should also be able to look at the code in Pico8 itself if you download the cartridge

love the artstyle and color palette! the indirect control aspect makes this a lot of fun! I think a slightly larger stage could make the game a little more interesting but its still quite fun as is!

Really fun little game! took my a couple tries too!

I'm glad you liked my little marker haha! There's no fast moving bonus at the top of the screen but thats a great idea that I'll definitely implement if I ever make any updates to the game.

thank you! i’m glad you appreciated the clouds those were harder to get right than i’d care to admit haha

thank you so much! I didn’t base the mechanics off of anything specific but there are definitely many other games like it :)