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We slightly missed the timing. This time we took the task a little more than it was at that time.
thanks for the comment)

Very unoptimized. Blurred picture. Haven't been able to play:(

Thank you! We all love persistent players))

I reached the end of the terrain. But did not get the end of the game. If these are not assets, then you have done a great job.

At first it is not clear. And then have fun playing for a while. Sound is missing. And she's completely off the topic of jam

I can not play in the browser, it gives an error. And I can not download - asks to pay. What am I doing wrong?)

Unfortunately, I died very quickly. It's hard to understand something
Soundtrack is good

In playtests, even before the hints were posted, players could figure out the controls.  but we added hints and thought that it would be very simple with them, but apparently for hints we need to add more hints))

It's great that this is a completed game.  kudos for the store.  I liked the sounds - it's more pleasant to destroy aliens with them

Thanks for the feedback. We didn't leave much time for tests. We made a mistake and you can get stuck on the third map, but on the last fourth or waterfall we did not encounter problems:/
Three people worked on the art style. The head artist, the game designer (aka art director), and the animator (this was his first experience)

There really wasn't much time to work out the controls. Ideally, you should still test on people, or somewhere to look, to better assign the buttons to control the abilities

Thank you) My team and I specially added some challenges for players who are ready for difficulties)))

The gameplay was thought over and argued a lot by the whole team.  Thank you!

We know.  but it's nice to hear from you:))

Thank you!  We got a talented artist.

Thank you for the clarification. I'll try again)

Oh, I'm familiar with it. Our team made a big mistake at the last minute of the jam. Missing one key sprite. It really ruined our game. Sad but that's life

We have been participating in jams for a long time and a very well-coordinated team. Thank you!

Thank you. We tried very hard. Worked almost day and night)

Thanks for such a detailed breakdown. Yes, we were very upset by this annoying mistake with the sprite. This happened 2 minutes before the end

only IOS

It's a pity there's no voiceover. On the whole, it is monotonous and boring. But you can see that they tried on the art.

Reached the second level. But nothing happens there.

I dug deep. And yawned)

This game is really fun to play. I liked the sounds and the beautifully drawn graphics. 

Bright and cheerful art. 

The gameplay is original, but monotonous. 

Running and killing with a sword... What's this about deep breathing?

The monotonous sound of breathing begins to tire quickly. But it is interesting to play. And I liked the positive, cheerful track.

Fun game. You have to breathe and gain lives - original. Can't go far because the game is very difficult for me. Could have added more sounds, maybe it would have helped. 

I'm sorry, but it doesn't make any sense. A lot of text and it appears to be very important to start playing. Using a translator to translate so much text is very inconvenient.

I had a penguin carcass and after death just one sand in front of my eyes. The second time I just drowned again. I didn't understand what was going on.

The horror voiceover is great. Silent Hill-style footsteps beautiful. The mini breath quest stands out too much from the narrative. Very monotonous boring gameplay.

Pleasant sound, relaxing. I liked the controls. Didn't like that there were few save points. Special thanks for the dark screen!:)

running is interesting. But the terrible shots and colors ruin my health))

I don't have anything to play it on:(

The voiceover has very loud footsteps. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any further than the rocks.

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very good gameplay. And very hard for me 😁 COOL speedrunnn

I'm a sound designer and I don't like writing music. I downloaded your beautiful tracks. I might use them in the future. I'll write about it then:)