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Very funny game. The sound is relaxing and the puzzles are great.

Very interesting and challenging. Good job

I recommend you check for game performance. It was unplayable.


It looks interesting, but I had issues with UI. The Right control input was missing in the screen, I could only go left.


I recommend  some background image and music.

The use of Rock Paper Scissors for tests makes playable anywhere.

The theme for each layer of hell is a very interesting approach. I will save this game to play with my friends after current pandemic.

Nice Job.

Interesting project.

I recomend you use more blocks for the main road, because it's texture is really stretched.

Nice visual.

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Nice game.

It demands a lot of the player.

Sorry, wrong typing.

My suggestion is to make points faster when we are accelerating (pressing W).

I'll continue playing. My "dark souls" side of the brain is making me do it. 🤣

Obrigado pelas dicas.
Estou no momento estudando novas maneiras de usar a física no jogo.

Nice mechanics.

Suggestions: When moving faster, make pontiate faster too.

Move the rain effector with the map, not with the car.

When it's dark, it looks a bit unfair to me.


Allow one player to use keyboard.

Nice game. 

Some suggestions: When carrying an object, disable it's collision for not bumping in other stuffs. Enable to jump from mushrooms.

Stuck in loading scene.

Maybe if you change to download version, we can try it.

I liked this game direct approach for what we have to do.

A suggestion is to set a little smaller the area for spawning the star, to not get on the border of the screen.

Nice work.

Nice fire and abilities mechanics.

Cara, eu não sou muito de visual novel e semelhantes, mas o seu ficou bem legal. O texto é excelente, com ótimo humor na medida certa.

Uma sugestão seria aumentar o tamanho do texto para forçar menos a vista dos vesgos como eu 😂

Nice controls and levels.

Recomend to check out  about performance and game size. I got a bit stuttering some times.

There is a white box that appears some times to me. I don't know what this is.

Very interesting. The defuse bomb and repel militia have clear mechanics, but the clear the streets no so much.

I had no Idea about the hong kong riots in 1967, just those ocurred in 2019. 

Thanks to your game, I'm researching about it right now.

Nice Mega Man Style game.

If possible, I would ask you to put 2 more images as background, one each site. I use a 21:9 monitor and the game is running great at this proportion, but the background is a 16:9 image.


Add some description and captures of your game at project page.

Nice Typing mechanics. The movement is a bit too slow.

I got 2168.

Nice music

Nice puzzle game. The Lights are something I never saw before.

Nice and bloody game.

Your game is awesome. Nice puzzles and the music is very calming.

Starting the first stage, the pause menu is open, but some commands are still controlling the duck.

Congratulations for your game.

The movement is really fluid and the song is nice.
I suggest to put the projectiles, itens and HUD in pixel art to merge with the ships, also to put some feedback when the player get damage.

I'd like to see more in the future. Keep your good work.

Really Nice Game. Awesome puzzles. It remind me Super Meat Boy.

I recommend made a continous music between stages and improve ground collision when landing.

Keep up your good work.

It's kind of weird, but it's fun. The sound is great

The writing is nice and the way the text is shown is cute. I'm not the text based game player, but I'm willing to see more if you keep working on it.

It's a work in process. I would like to see more.

For now, I suggest to set any kind of objective.

Nice game.

Very nice touch controls.

Did you used some game engine?

Nice job

Excelent playing in a 21:9 monitor

Nice game.

It's a bit creepy looking to those faces    :-)

This game shows why indie is so nice.

Simple, cute and Epic.

I killed a passenger. S o r r y     :-)