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I've been working on it and for reasons, I selected the "Alt" key rather than the "Ctrl" one.

So now if you click on worker button with "Alt + Click" it will buy 10 of them, clicking with "Alt + Shift + Click" will sell 10 of them.


Hi @Corna!

Thank you very much for your feedback.

First of all I wish you to know that I'm working on the next project - that will also deal with Global Warming, but at a much more detailed level. That's why I won't make big changes to EcoClicker from now on.

However I agree that your Ctrl+Click suggestion for bulk buy workers is a great one and is really quick for me to implement. I'll make this change in the coming days and update the game. Also if you have any suggestion for a research that would replace GMOs - or effect that GMOs has on the game - I absolutely might consider it!


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Hey there! I released v0.4 two days ago, and after some testing I'm quite sure this is fixed. Cheers :)

It can be quite interesting indeed, I'll think about it! Thank you for the suggestion :)

Thank you! Working on it!!! :D

Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately, this is not a bug, this is a feature :D Temperature lags 30 years behind CO2 concentration, like IRL. So the temperature anomaly you see corresponds to the CO2 levels 30 years ago. It will start to decrease 30 years after the total CO2 decrease.

One of the coming releases will include some help/tips to explain this kind of stuff.

Hope this helps :)


Hi! Thanks :)

Good catch, I will fix for next release. You should get an ice age far before having negative CO2 levels!!

Thank you for playing, and for the feedback!! I'll release next build in the coming days, a lot to come ;) Cheers!

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EcoClicker is currently in active development. Any feedback or input on how to improve the game would be tremendously helpful! Use this topic or open another one, as you wish. Thank you!