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Save the world from global warming by planting trees · By Alastor Games

negative Total CO2 bug

A topic by quack934 created Dec 02, 2016 Views: 970 Replies: 3
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Hey first of all the game is really awesome!

There is a bug when i have negative Total CO2 levels and i have a positive diffence between emissions and and absorption. Instead of going up it goes down. For example instead of going to -125 to -124 it goes to -126.

Hope you can fix it :)


Hi! Thanks :)

Good catch, I will fix for next release. You should get an ice age far before having negative CO2 levels!!

Thank you for playing, and for the feedback!! I'll release next build in the coming days, a lot to come ;) Cheers!

Btw i forgot to say the negative bug part is in the metric tons. PPM seems ok

Developer (1 edit)

Hey there! I released v0.4 two days ago, and after some testing I'm quite sure this is fixed. Cheers :)