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As a non-English speaker, I preferred the title "MK-Zebra" because it has a more "high-tech" sounding connotation and I think it fits better with the game visuals. "The Yearning" logo & meaning makes me think of a more "artistic" game but I guess that if there's a story, it's justified ;)

Anyway, it still looks like a good solid project. Keep us updated :)

Would be interesting for sure ;) But it would need a good documentation (kind of "how-to" tutorials) for people who don't necessarly do pure coding (users of GameMaker or Construct 2 for example)

You could be interested in the new 5.3.2 Unity release as it's just mentioned in the changelog:

WebGL: Prevent browser from processing Arrow Keys. (740182)

Looks good ;) The first new screenshot makes me think of Petra in Jordan...

Will you write new "Poor man" articles? The ones you did regarding Lemma were quite interesting to read.

Not sure if already suggested (or it's been implemented and I didn't notice) but it would be cool if instead of having forums related to a particular game there could be the possibility to have forums around a prolific creator (like Robert Yang, Vaida, etc.) so the discussions could go more about the general style/thematic of the author/studio.

As you are primarly a 3D artist, you'll have it easy to regularly post on social medias, post screenshots of characters/objects/scenes. Of course it should be for a project you know you will finish, then you can even start posting early drafts and such...