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scoreboard and achievements API

A topic by Gokhan Sivrikaya created Mar 03, 2016 Views: 1,400 Replies: 2
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Scoreboard and achievements API for would be great feature especially for web games.


Would be interesting for sure ;) But it would need a good documentation (kind of "how-to" tutorials) for people who don't necessarly do pure coding (users of GameMaker or Construct 2 for example)

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Hi, I opened an issue on the github page with similar proposal (including matchmaking):

This would be an incredible feature. A documentation for such system wouldn't be so complicated if everything is returned as a JSON (or any other simple file to parse).

I imagine that each application (game) would need a App key to make such requests, too.


Requests could be done using any URL transfer library (of the game developer choice, take cURL as example), so the developers wouldn't need to create a client-side API, only the server side, that would provide informations such as who is currently playing the game (so matchmaking would be possible), which are their achievements and scores (in-game content).