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Hey there again! I have updated the game a bit over last few days, so I would like to hear your opinion on it again. No need to stream it or anything if you don't want to, but I would like to know if you find it more playable now.

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Hey, I have updated the game (yet again) to version 2.5. There was a bug that player couldn't shoot through dead enemies, which has been fixed. Enemies also have a line of sight so they wont fire endlessly unless they can see the player. Oh, and the rifle is even better now, but still not too OP compared to other weapons.

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Thank you for your comment! :D If you have tried the hotfix version (2.1), machine gun has faster firerate, making it more useful.

Like you probably know, this game was made for a gamejam in around 36h or so. However, it provided me a very nice base that I can build my next FPS on (that has been under works for over a year now, life keeps getting in the way). It's called Ironscale and will be more cyberpunk themed, however I will keep the bunnyhopping/walljumping and all that stuff, because I like fast paced games. 

I have no idea how long it'll take for me to do, but I will definitely be informing about it everywhere I can when it's done. Can't say it's anytime soon, tho.. :'D

Already replied to you on Alakajam page, but thank you for trying my game!! :D

Best game ever.

If you see a white square in the game, put your mouse over it and you can see what it's supposed to be by reading the grey text near HP bar. 

Report these to me in this thread, so I can try to make it work. This happens because libtcod doesn't see the tile for some reason, so it will just replace the tile with a white square instead.

Known issues for 0.6.1: 

Inventory system breaks

Feature-ish issue: The pillars and rubbles squares can block players movement in certain hallways or areas. Don't know if this needs fixing, since it is kind of punishing in roguelike-ish nature.

Post a screencap of your best score in here :D Also the version number of the game. This is just purely for fun :)

If y our game breaks, you should get a logfile named "menu.exe.txt" or something similar. I would appreciate it if you posted the contents of it in here!

I really enjoyed playing this! The music was really soothing and the gameplay got more and more interesting.

Really fun puzzle game, I would play full version of this.

Fun game concept, I can see myself playing this on mobile!

Well, I'm gonna be horrible and do some shameful self advertising: I've been running a gaming+gamedev Discord server called "Games&Dev" for some while now so you're welcome to join here:

Everyone is welcome <3

No worries, that's usually a problem with many Unity games that don't have FPS cap option. Keep up the good work!

I love the game, but please add an option for 60 fps cap/vsync, my poor GTX 780 was pushing so many frames that it was 85ºC hot. :D