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Thank you so much for the kind words :)

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Sorry the game doesn't have saving or loading, aside from saving your settings. If you stopped in mid campaign and want to continue, just select the map where you were left off from the level select.

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This was really fun to do even I was completely out of my comfort zone because of cutesy things lol. I think we did good.

Thanks, happy you like it :)

Yep, no reloading in this game :D Thank you!

Thank you! I've always believed world needs more reptiles with guns!

i want more

Can't say for sure about 1 and 3, probably not free, but achievements would be a thing.

Again, I'm not currently planning any sequels, I'm working on other projects + job.


Yup, here you go!

Why thank you! :'D

Lots of it was from Sonniss free sound effect packs they release around GDC. Some of them were made by myself, for example rockets whooshing was literally just me blowing at the microphone lol.

Thanks, glad to hear it!

Thanks for playing and feedback! If I ever make a sequel, it'll most likely be on Steam and have all those things you asked for. :) (But that's a big if lol I got so many projects so little time)

Sorry for late reply, but yes, if I were to make this into more robust bigger game, I would definitely add difficulty options. I too prefer to often play games on easy first, then go more difficult over time, so I totally get where you're coming from! Thanks for the feedback. :)

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Discord Handle : Akselmo#8666

Thanks for the feedback! I personally haven't encountered the mouselag issue, but I'll keep it in mind in future projects. And yes the rifle demon lizzies are pretty difficult, because I felt otherwise the game would be too easy haha :D Glad you had fun anyways!

Thank you! There's definitely plans, however for those plans I need to assemble a team, money, the usual.. So it's kind of out of my hands at the moment. I can't promise anything but I really hope to make Ironscale reach it's full potential one day.

Dusk is in way different league, I agree. :D Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, glad you like it! I'm currently working on an RPG, it may take quite some time to finish however. (If it ever will be finished but let's hope I can do it :P )

Thanks! :)

Hi, thanks for reminding me! :'D I was about to make Linux port but I completely forgot (been looking for a job etc) and need to get myself some people to test it. However, one of my friends with Linux got the Windows version work through Steam Proton, so if you can't wait, you could try that.

I do want to make the native Linux port however and I may build it this weekend. No promises however, I can't promise it'll work as well as the Windows port.

Thanks, Dusk was and still is a big inspiration for me! Love that game.

My game is pay-what-you-want but I still want to join the bundle:

Sorry to hear that :( Unfortunately I can't really do anything about it since I don't have a Mac for testing the game. For some it seems to work fine, for some not. 

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Good game ;)

I was happy to be part of this project

Thank you for the kind words :)

Yup, the current gameplay will be in game as "endless mode." :)

Thank you! It might not be Penance that will see all those improvements, but some other project of mine. We'll see! :)

Thank you a lot for your review! :) 

Great feedback again, thank you! :) 

If I do, I'm sure to let anyone who follows me here and discord know! However right now I unfortunately don't really have time to devote more on this game :(

Thank you, great feedback and I agree with it. I'm not sure if I update this game further since I have other projects to do, but if I will I'll take this to consideration. :)

Ha! I feel ya :D

Thanks! About 140h, give or take. :)


Thank you so much!!

"Ah damn I have to read?" :'D Thanks!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

Thank you! :)