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Thanks! Yeah I forgot to change the controls help menu text. And I agree with the dragon boss fight, I wanted to make it more grand but I didn't really have any skills or ideas how to make it better.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the game. I will surely try make more games like this :)

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Thank you for the feedback! It's funny how much I get mixed results when it comes to game speed, some say it's too fast and some say it's too slow :D Anyway I am glad you liked the game!

My game is pay-what-you-want title, so I'm not sure if it fits, but here it is anyway:

Thank you for the nice comment! This is why I make games, after all.
It's been a bit slow for me to work on newer titles because of life, but I hope you'll enjoy them as well, whenever they come out. :D

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I tried to make it look as much as possible like the Newbie house from Sims 1. Even the furniture was pretty much the same :P

Download link: Newbie house

(Tell me if the link doesnt work)

No problem, glad you enjoy it! There's more games to come in future!


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Hi, I love this game, but can you build a native linux version? I can help to test it!

Thanks :)


For now, here's how to get it run through Steam Proton!

1. Add Hero's Hour.exe as a non-steam game. Steam gets confused by the ' so make sure the target actually says ""/your/game/folders/here/heros-hour/Hero's Hour.exe"

2. Add "--proton" in the launch options

3. In compatibility, enable Proton. I use Proton 6.3-5

Game should work now!

Really good stuff, I'm big fan of dungeon synth music so it was really nice to listen to.

Ah that explains. Did you make the music aswell?

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This is AWESOME. Despite the issue with the mouse, I was totally into playing this game from the beginning. Really liked the music/audio and visuals.

I hope you will work on this game further, or iterate on it to create something new but similar. You got something really cool here.

Edit: I noticed that the slower I move my mouse, the better it rotates. Something funky going on with DPI/Sensitivity.

Glad you enjoy it! :D

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Thank you so much!

And thank you for reporting this issue! :D

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That's really weird. Only reason I can think of is that the range of the sensitivity between 1-10 you can change is too low for your mouse DPI or something, and it barely moves at that point. I'm glad you got it working though! Sorry about the hassle.

What OS do you use?

That's a new one.. Check your sensitivity settings just in case. Other than that I can't think of any reason :(

Thanks, happy you liked it!

Yeah, seems the mouse cursor has problems in linux builds. Either it's too big or doesn't exist at all. Idk what's causing it :(

Thank you so much!!

I'm happy to hear that!! Here's some WIP (nothing is final, but you get the idea) footage of my next RPG if you're interested :)

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Yeah it's permadeath. This is mainly because when I made the game, I didn't know how to create a save system. The whole game was a learning process. I definitely understand the frustration, but it's sort of part of the game :D 

Anyway for my next RPG game I am working on saving mechanism. Not a quicksave, but if you die in the dungeon you start in the tavern, and you don't lose everything, just the dungeon progress. 

I am glad you like the game otherwise though! It is a bit of a cobbled up spaghetti mess (hell I finished developing the game when I had a fever lol) but I'm happy how it turned out, even it can be really frustrating.

The books you collect save up though even if you die! So if you like collecting, they're always there. 

Thank you for the detailed feedback! This will help me in future titles.

Thank you for the feedback! It'll help me with future titles.

Regarding this though:

It seems like the player's movement vectors aren't being normalized, resulting in the player moving faster when running diagonally and even faster than that when jumping at the same time.

This was intentional! :D I wanted to add some tricks for movement, such as the bhopping that makes player faster. I like fast movement paced FPS games myself so having these little things made the game more enjoyable to play to me.

Thank you so much for the kind words :)

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Sorry the game doesn't have saving or loading, aside from saving your settings. If you stopped in mid campaign and want to continue, just select the map where you were left off from the level select.

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This was really fun to do even I was completely out of my comfort zone because of cutesy things lol. I think we did good.

Thanks, happy you like it :)

Yep, no reloading in this game :D Thank you!

Thank you! I've always believed world needs more reptiles with guns!

i want more

Can't say for sure about 1 and 3, probably not free, but achievements would be a thing.

Again, I'm not currently planning any sequels, I'm working on other projects + job.


Yup, here you go!

Why thank you! :'D

Lots of it was from Sonniss free sound effect packs they release around GDC. Some of them were made by myself, for example rockets whooshing was literally just me blowing at the microphone lol.

Thanks, glad to hear it!