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It requires a payment upfront, then I don’t have a company (yet) so I couldn’t ask for people to pay for it either.

I wouldn’t mind uploading it on Steam if I ever make a gamedev company.

In short: Legal stuff and money stuff. is way easier to work with.

Thanks, yeah, it was weird. The page has already been taken down at least.

Simple, to the point and fun. I think I would’ve liked it a bit more if i could have moved the “player character” left and right.

Thanks for feedback! :) ESC key should close the game.

I really like the 3D effect in this, works well. The independent use of each thruster is also fun idea.

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The console that appears on windows just shows the debug log. I couldn’t disable it from the windows build, since I don’t even have windows, I cross-built it from linux.

Fun idea, the ball dragging the player behind on the conveyer belts was a nice touch.

Good looking game with fun gameplay!

I developed this on linux so yes ;)

This is really good looking game, the 3d effect is super clear!

Very cute game, the gameplay is quick to grasp. Really like all the cute graphics.

Took me a while to get the hang of it but found it really fun!

The gameplay is very satisfying despite the restrictions. Enjoyed this a lot!

Really fun concept and gameplay! Easy to grasp and start playing.

It’s a bit rough yes, but it’s inspired by Quake, not Dusk. :)

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Same seems to happen to me, after loading spring bones the app crashes

chain "Tail.001" with 0 nodes was used to create a spring with 0 segments
:pnmtext: Loaded font Perspective Sans Regular
marionette thread started
./ line 6: 87519 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) ./vtuber_webcam ${*}

I have been waiting for linux native app for this so if there's something i can do to help further please let me know!
Edit: It could be the model as well but VSeeFace seems to load the model just fine

Glad you liked it :)

Glad you liked it!

Ah no, you're correct. I just usually referred the floating red platforms level as "Level 0." 

If by first level you mean the blue level, I would change the floors to have more holes in them, like broken ice. Also I would help direct the player more, since it's a bit too much of a labyrinth at the moment and can be frustrating to play.

Thanks! This game was fun to make since it let me go fully weird with the level design. I'm glad you like them, although I would personally remake the first couple levels.

Hopefully it does now!

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Hi, I know you know more than I do, but I had a few ideas I wanted to share.

  • Let people advertise their games in the download links. (Like in the place of ad seen in here
  •   Let devs buy promotional campaigns on the front page. Something like steam tends to do. However, this could be restricted only for occasions where the developer has something new to actually announce, a big update or something.
  • When people upload gamejam games to itch and its over, lets say for example 1gb, the site could ask the person to upload the game elsewhere like Google Drive or something.

    • This could also be a thing for brand new accounts that try to upload games that are "too big." 

Anyhow I love itch and I hope it stays around for looooong time so I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Keep up the good work.

Edit: Basically prioritize "internal" advertising that is more developer friendly and the money comes from us, the devs. I would totally buy a promotional campaign for the front page for a big title.

Thanks! Yeah I wasn't very happy with the bossfight either.

Thanks! Yeah I forgot to change the controls help menu text. And I agree with the dragon boss fight, I wanted to make it more grand but I didn't really have any skills or ideas how to make it better.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the game. I will surely try make more games like this :)

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Thank you for the feedback! It's funny how much I get mixed results when it comes to game speed, some say it's too fast and some say it's too slow :D Anyway I am glad you liked the game!

My game is pay-what-you-want title, so I'm not sure if it fits, but here it is anyway:

Thank you for the nice comment! This is why I make games, after all.
It's been a bit slow for me to work on newer titles because of life, but I hope you'll enjoy them as well, whenever they come out. :D

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I tried to make it look as much as possible like the Newbie house from Sims 1. Even the furniture was pretty much the same :P

Download link: Newbie house

(Tell me if the link doesnt work)

No problem, glad you enjoy it! There's more games to come in future!


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Hi, I love this game, but can you build a native linux version? I can help to test it!

Thanks :)


For now, here's how to get it run through Steam Proton!

1. Add Hero's Hour.exe as a non-steam game. Steam gets confused by the ' so make sure the target actually says ""/your/game/folders/here/heros-hour/Hero's Hour.exe"

2. Add "--proton" in the launch options

3. In compatibility, enable Proton. I use Proton 6.3-5

Game should work now!

Really good stuff, I'm big fan of dungeon synth music so it was really nice to listen to.

Ah that explains. Did you make the music aswell?

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This is AWESOME. Despite the issue with the mouse, I was totally into playing this game from the beginning. Really liked the music/audio and visuals.

I hope you will work on this game further, or iterate on it to create something new but similar. You got something really cool here.

Edit: I noticed that the slower I move my mouse, the better it rotates. Something funky going on with DPI/Sensitivity.

Glad you enjoy it! :D

Thank you so much for your kind words!