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Awesome lovely puzzle game <3

I'm a huge fan of ultimate chicken horse and your take on the genre is brilliant! I really like what you created. 5/5 would like to see more of it!

Really great art and the game is fun! Great job!

Great concept! Love the going backward part to fight the boss!

I love this idea! Great game, I dig the pixel art a lot! 

Hopefully all the nice children play Factorio and need that coal :D

100 coconuts! Great simple game, love your coconuts

I've killed a lot of innocent Santas, but ended up finding the secret one! Nice quick game, really love the particle effects!

10/10 looking forward to the sequel

The current game was made during a one month game jam and we didn't have time to complete everything.

As of now, the save feature acts more like a checkpoint, if you die, you will revive at the last one you touched. This will be turned into actual save files into the near future.

Thank you very much for the video! The feedback helps a lot!

The game was fully developed during a 1 month time frame for a game jam and we barely had time to playtest and we didn't do any balancing. We will change a lot of the things you raised up in your video! Thank you again!

Thank you for your feedback! We are indeed aware of that bug and we will push a patch when the jam is over.

Thank you for playing the game and for the feedback! We barely had time to playtest, the first room was supposed to be the easiest and it ended up being one of the hardest!

Looks awesome and very nice sound effects!

Keep up the good work!

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I do enjoy my hollow victory!

Seriously you did an amazing job! The game mechanics are fun and the level design is really great!

My favorite game so far!

Really love the trash panda concept! Didn't expect the knife at all when I started :D. 

Overall a really nice prototype and I hope that you keep growing your game!

The metroid vibe is real!

You completely nailed the atmosphere of the game, it matches perfectly with your theme. I was surprise to see the spaceship going to another planet after that first boss! Lot's of content for 1 month of work!

You did a really great job!

This is amazing!

Space Shooter + Metroidvania feels like an odd combination, but you pulled it off! Impressive work!

Also, the desktop version ran pretty smoothly for me!

Awesome job!

Thank you very much for playing our game and making a video about it! :D

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I really enjoyed this one! 

One main mechanic used brilliantly in different ways. The level design is also very clever! 

Great Job! Hopefully we will see more of Shell Life in the future :D!

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Thank you for the video! The collider at the top left part of the greenhouse was put on the wrong layer, normally you shouldn't be able to exit the screen that way, we have fixed the issue now!

It's truly annoying when someone speaks in the library, love the concept of throwing books at them!

Awesome job!

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Awesome game! Really adorable!

Love the hand mechanic! 

Clipped out of the map because I tried to abuse the trampolines to jump forever :D


Really awesome game Harambert! Truly reminds me of the snes Mega Man and Metroid games, while having it's own uniqueness!

Also, I really dig the art!

Engaging game! Very nice concept of mixing snake with the Metroidvania genre!

This is kinda trippy, but also pretty fun! Great work!

Good game, just finished it. Wow nice voice acting.

Really great work once again!

It will be done in 1 hour and 38 minutes in the kindred twitch channel.

Very well executed gameplay! The gun variety and the charged attacks are pretty cool.

I think, it would have been great to have some end game content like a boss battle or something special after a certain amount of floors!

Great work!

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Thanks for your comments! Just made the window re-sizable and enabled full-screen.

Great game, cact guy looks awesome! Whoever did the parkour part is a genius :D!

Great art! Nice sounds, overall a pretty cool game!

Really great art, very nice animations!

Thank you very much  :D!

Very pretty game and a good gameplay!

Great voice acting :D

Thank you DaGaben, we put a lot of work into the game! :D

Thank you very much!