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imho it would be better to wait with translation until the game's script is finished. 

Oh, btw, the in-game description of armor's Protection value is bugged. 

A, BTW. I think it would be nice for the intro to have subtitles. The narration is a bit hard to listen.

About the accuracy - to be frank, I don't think that fully-visible hit chance is needed. All I ask for is a color-coded approximated accuracy (green - a very likely hit, or even sure; yellow - around fifty-fifty; red - don't count on it; maybe some in-between shades).

Also, how does the accuracy for burst and autofire works? If it's basically just increased "cone" of possible spread, there's one idea (simple in theory, although could be more complex in implementation) that would make bursts and autofire somewhat stronger. Basically, the drop of accuracy could be sequential - the very first shot would be as accurate as a single shot (or somewhat less accurate, even if merely for game balance purposes), then every next bullet in the burst would have less and less accuracy.

Oh well.

- I dig the Auto skill - it really makes the difference between people shooting auto weapons or not. Similarily, the Interrupt skill is also a nice touch - although the fact that some people have it at 0 is kinda cumbersome
- the concept of units moving around and being able to join ongoing fights, and the possibility of 3-way (or maybe even more?) battles is absolutely cool
- graphics are servicable, yet very light on the computer.
- ragdoll physics are cool, possibly because killed characters do not go fully limp immediately...?

what I did not like
- the so limited range on everything, and the lack of accuracy - I think that the "range compression" in this game goes way overboard, in my opinion, especially as weapons have absolutely-cut-off-range, out of which they cannot fire at all. I do not demand a simulation here, but when I see enemies firing from one square further that I can at me, and then dancing away, it looks just silly... also, the absolutely atrocious lack of accuracy when firing at anything past a few steps - it is hampering for the actual "tactics" aspect of the game, because, if the fight is in the open (which can often apply even in town battles), then both sides are forced to fire very inaccurately at each other, which basically nullifies any advantage which could be gained from smart Interrupts or firing first. We are supposed to be fighting with guns here, not knives. This goes double for any and all burst/autofire weapons - if they are not fired from adjacent space, bullets are spread around everywhere so much that it can't even be exploited for firing on, for example, bunched-up groups of enemies, yet, if they are fired from up close, one can bet on all the bullets hitting right on.

I'd say that increasing the range and on everything, reducing the effect of the range, but implementing the possibility of firing out of the range with a LARGE penalty to accuracy (like in old JA games) would work quite well. Also, the target indicators over enemies should really show the approximate chance to hit by their colour - I hate seeing them all green, only for the shots to be basically wishful thinking.
(although I've noticed that hits, apart from HP loss and possible skill decreases, also have some short term effects on target's AP next turn. Mind elaborating on that?). Also, do you plan on implementing something like "aimed shots", either old XCOM or JA-style?

- somewhat low damage/HP ratio in the game: taking all things into considering, the fact that the main character has a classic FPS hero's durability works quite well, but the enemies can also be weirdly tanky, and it can also hamper tactics, when you literally cannot eliminate that opponent as a threat. It feels more like playing old Fallout than XCOM or JA at this point.

- maaybe some (limited, or more time-consuming) possibilities of HP recovery without having to go to Infirmaries would be nice...?

yup, it works.

- is there anything like "stealth" in this game? Is there a possibility of not being noticed even if in enemy's "vision cone", by having cover/concealment, while spotting them themselves? What about hearing movement?
- are potential obstacles partially obscuring the target affecting the chance to hit?
- is there a "moving target" penalty, like in the ol' Jagged Alliance 2, when the target moved significantly their last turn?

Merc Tactics community · Created a new topic Malware?

idk at this point: first, when I try to download the Windows exe, Avast cuts off the download.

I got the file, scanned it, and Avast also declared it malware. What gives?