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Do you  have a 64bit system? if not, then this  is probably the problem. Grab the 32 bit version. Link is on My Little Blacksmith Shop page.

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Best use 7zip program or similar to extract the files. Windows extracting tool is very basic . OR download app and use that to get the game.

Ah okay. The only thing i can think of is uninstall your previous install and start a fresh.

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Urm, because its only downloaded and you now need to install?.... sheesh lol

This thread is all kinds of messed up. You've named it "can't download" and then you say you have downloaded but wondering why you have to install. hehehehe. The thread has surely got to be a troll thread.

yeh, you make profit on whatever you sell... just be wary of a bug, where sometimes you dont get paid for the ingot used in the weapon. Always check your sales board after a sale and save often, so you can reload the game if it does that.

For now, yes.. Just keep at it, with the ingots you can afford until you can buy the next ingot.

Sounds like youve selected Blunt weapon head. Which is 2 or 3 ingots. No, 1 ingot option for blunts...

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Dev hasnt been active for two weeks. no idea whats happening. The workflow on Trello was suspended and the dev's gone awol it seems. :( ... Lets hope hes gone on vacation for two weeks and comes back to continue... Wouldve been nice to have had some info though prior.

if you havnt done so, instal the game with the app.. i found the normal downloadof the game had more issues than the app.


Try getting the app. I first downloaded the normal and it had things wrong with it, that the version didnt have.. Plus there were more hammer variations on the app version, that i noticed. Maybe bad downloads on the normal mirrors.

If you have the app then i have no idea why youre having control issues. Sorry.

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Suggestions (in no particular order):-

1. Enable ability to toggle physics on an object. So that they can be locked into place and unlocked if needed to reposition/removed. (An Example with crates:- This will enable us to fix a crate into position that doesnt get accidentally knocked and spewing its contents everywhere. Not only that, the crate can be put at an inclined angle to cradle the contents more effectively.)

Can place the option for the above in the 'Z' selection wheel maybe. Allowing to right mouse hold item and enter the selection wheel to lock it.

2. Make a thread that is stickied and locked to you. So that you can give the community a little info a few days a week on what you are doing. At the moment, i bet alot of people like me are checking these boards to see if any new info is available, but it goes a long time without anything. (Disregard cause you have Trello)

3. With the use of suggestion (1), give us different length and width planks. So that we can make pigeon holes, boxes, crates and shelves as we see fit. I think this will be a powerful mechanic :D .... With this kind of mechanic, itll probably be possible to make our own home/shop/storage lockup/etc.

4. With the use of the latter part of suggestion (3), allow us to designate where our shop is. Maybe have the counter as the item that is used to draw customers towards, which is unlockable to be moved, as suggested method(s) above.

After thought:-

Some of these implimentations may eleviate many other suggestions that people have asked for. (more storage, shop expansion, Labelled storage boxes/shelves, etc)

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Be aware that there is a bug where sometimes you dont get paid for the ingot used in an item. Check the price of every sale... and for the time being do what i do, save after every good sale and alt+F4 if you get a bad sale and reload the game.

This could be the reason you dont seem to be making profit to advance. It only takes 1 or 2 bad sales per day to kill all profit.