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Suggestions (in no particular order):-

1. Enable ability to toggle physics on an object. So that they can be locked into place and unlocked if needed to reposition/removed. (An Example with crates:- This will enable us to fix a crate into position that doesnt get accidentally knocked and spewing its contents everywhere. Not only that, the crate can be put at an inclined angle to cradle the contents more effectively.)

Can place the option for the above in the 'Z' selection wheel maybe. Allowing to right mouse hold item and enter the selection wheel to lock it.

2. Make a thread that is stickied and locked to you. So that you can give the community a little info a few days a week on what you are doing. At the moment, i bet alot of people like me are checking these boards to see if any new info is available, but it goes a long time without anything. (Disregard cause you have Trello)

3. With the use of suggestion (1), give us different length and width planks. So that we can make pigeon holes, boxes, crates and shelves as we see fit. I think this will be a powerful mechanic :D .... With this kind of mechanic, itll probably be possible to make our own home/shop/storage lockup/etc.

4. With the use of the latter part of suggestion (3), allow us to designate where our shop is. Maybe have the counter as the item that is used to draw customers towards, which is unlockable to be moved, as suggested method(s) above.

After thought:-

Some of these implimentations may eleviate many other suggestions that people have asked for. (more storage, shop expansion, Labelled storage boxes/shelves, etc)


Hey Adie123,

1. Like the idea, will consider it for sure.

3/4. I do want to add the ability for players to place miscellaneous objects in their environment like what you mentioned. Ill look into it as I believe it would add to the game.