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Really cute and nice puzzles!

Loved it! So many cool puzzles & solutions. The difficulty curve could be smoothed out a bit but understandable given gamejam constraints

Neat idea! I think the rope was a bit too elastic, made it pretty hard to get it where I wanted it.
An idea could be being able to reel in and out whatever you're tethered too

Was still fun!

Love the idea of the combination of the different ideas, think it works really well and has great potential. The triangles were annoying to hit though sometimes. Also hexagons are the bestagons.

Nice idea! I managed to cheese some of the challenges by just spamming jump, but was still fun

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By not getting enough ratings I mean so that if you got above the median number of ratings your score wouldn't have been scaled down, because if more people rated the same way other people did you would have been 2nd originality, and top 100 overall, and you only needed 3 more ratings for that to happen. If I saw your game during the jam instead of after I would of given it 5/5 in everything lol

Hey, I made a video that featured your game

I think your game was amazing and it was a shame you didn't get enough ratings to get into the top 100. I could have talked about your game for an entire video but felt people playing the game would give a better experience than me just talking about it :)

Hey, I made a video that featured your game

Hey, I made a video that featured your game

Hey, I made a video that featured your game

Hey, I made a video that featured your game:


Yeah, first time player experience is definitely something that we want to work on if we do a post jam update. Thanks for the report on the bug.

You could check out my VOD for comments on your game, but great job with it!

Thanks! It's definitely intentional to make you feel bad with how cute those Ziggies are! First time player experience is definitely something we want to work on if we do a post jam update.
Thanks for submitting the game! Was very fun and definitely enjoyed my "Victory". I laughed at the victory screen shot!

Yeah, locking the frame rate was the way to fix it (in most but not all circumstances). We uploaded a patch on another page with just an FPS lock so future viewers should hopefully have a better experience!

Thanks for checking us out!

Unfortunately powering up the ships systems kills the Ziggy's, you can only spawn new ones not re-charge the old ones. It should definitely be more obvious inside the game that this is the case! (If we do post-jam updates that's the sort of thing we're planning on improving)

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That's a lot better than my programmer art! The visuals are well done. It didn't feel like I had enough agency, I know it's meant to be out of control but a faster character and a more zoomed out perspective could have helped with the core game loop. Was still fun!

(If you want to check out the game I worked on would be appreciated :)

Great idea! For the controls, if you could shoot in a different direction to where you're facing it would definitely make it feel better. Was fun, stealth + control resource + latching works really well together!

(If you want to check out the game that I worked on would be appreciated :)

The thing with trying to make your controls "out of control" is that you should still focus on making the game as fun as possible. If the character went directly towards the mouse rather than only at 90 degree increments it could have helped. Was still enjoyable and nice pixel art! (Can't comment on the sound as am using Firefox but I'll assume it was also great!)

(If you want to check out the game I worked on would be appreciated :)

Is cool! Got a bit stuck at the first electric thing before I realised I had to dash, and walking through the level after dying & having to wait to pick up "w" is a bit annoying. Was still fun!

(If you want to check out the game I worked on would be appreciated:)

Really impressive as a solo developer with no pre-made assets! Controlling the enemies off-screen was annoying at times but was still really fun!

(If you want to check out the game that I worked on would be appreciated)

The idea definitely has potential! I know someone else didn't make their dialogue system within the jam which would have allowed you to work more on other parts of the game!

(If you want to check out our game would be appreciated!)

The visuals were super cool, is it all 3D with a nice shader? I wasn't sure what to do with the guardians as the guy says I thought we could take them but I think I was just meant to run away? Cool idea, and was fun!

Is cool! It wasn't entirely obvious what was happening? Like why was the blocks colour changing. Some more game juice and balancing could help, like more of the randomness. Was still fun and is a cool idea!

(If you could check out our game would be appreciated :)

Was cool! Music & sfx would definitely help. Controlling the multiple elephants was great!

Yeah, I did mention about that. The game seems to take all the GPU it can have leaving none for the capture software, we haven't quite worked out how to fix it yet but hopefully we'll work it out soon!

Cool idea! The text can be hard to read as there isn't much contrast. Also you can do a lot with simple assets with some small tweaks (lights, vfx, colour palette etc.). But yeah, was fun as a weird stealth game.

(If you could rate the game I worked on would always be appreciated!)

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Cool idea. Ditto on the player feedback, also a faster fire-rate on the weapon would feel better. Still great work!

(Also rate the game my team worked on if you can :)

Nice visuals. While it was difficult to beat the game it also could have been too "in control". All you had to do was to hold away from where the dogs were chasing to get them to follow you unless I missed something. If the leashes got wrapped around the trees for example that could have been interesting. Was still fun!

If you could rate our game would be very appreciated :)

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Really cool idea! Doing some basic 2D lighting could have helped with the presentation. Was difficult to keep the babies from killing themselves!

If you could rate my team's game would be very appreciated!

Was fun, would be cool if when you pressed jump before landing you would jump as that can be annoying. Also the sound effect of landing didn't sound great (I know that you used pre-existing audio but if you could have found a better sound effect that might have been good). But yeah, was fun.

If you could rate the game my team worked on that would be appreciated!

Hope you get well soon/are well now! Definitely has potential!

The game my team worked on:

Scoping correctly in a gamejam can be difficult! If you just got the pushing off mechanic working & looking better rather than trying to add in more mechanics it definitely would have been better. It does have potential!

The game that my team worked on:

Nice music! The second level didn't work for me. Is a cool idea!

My teams game:

Cool idea! On the last level that I did the character went up on the elevator but didn't walk off (was walking towards walking off) and so had to make the character jump to get off the elevator which was a bit annoying. If that's intentional the elevator probably shouldn't go up so far to show that

Was still fun!

My teams game for the jam:

Felt too difficult, but has potential. It is challenging to balance a game so that it feels "out of control" but it can still be beaten.

My teams game for the jam:

It felt too "In control" being able to stop, but of course can be difficult to get something "out of control" but also winnable

I did like the small effects added to make even the basic sprites look interesting


My teams game for the jam:

Not uploading it to the jam page and instead to another page which you link from the jam page means that you can cheat and edit the game after submission, which is why you should really upload it to the jam page for fairness


Btw, what browser were you using? I've heard some issues when using Chrome & Safari.
Still trying to work out what's causing it

Great asset! I used this and your slime one for a game jam, and was great to use.
If I wanted to release the source of my game and it included your asset would that be fine?