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As far as I know is all of Arlenes content part of Cassies and Fawns questlines

If I understood it right, only the finished acts are going public.

For the updates between the public ones, you have to be a supporter on Patreon.

Also, it was a long time till the first act was finished, so it isn’t surprising that the second takes so long.

Carrot is not an exclusive game creator but also an artist, so creating the game will take longer than it would with an exclusive game creator.

Which means, it can take several years before act two is finished.

Anyone else not seeing a download-button?

Patreons get some in-game money as an extra for supporters, so that many Toys in the vending machine (mainly just different colored version of the free ones) are only to them accessible.

It means the first

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You still need one "fixed" counterfeit to "fix" them yourself.

Talk with the guy that wants food where you can sleep in the slums.

He will tell you different things including where to get a counterfeit pass, could take several in-game days since you can get only one information per day.

After that you can get 4 different counterfeits at the marketplace (the one in the slums).

Since there seems to be random chance which pass is the correct one, as well as the fact that it changes it every time you want to UNA, you should get a massage with a happy ending to reduce the stress. 😉

When you play with keyboard and mouse you should be able to do it the same way you move the stuff on the Table.

Just my personal thoughts on this but, since every frame is drawn by hand, the Updates might take more time than 28 days or a month. I mean even the CGI based text-games often take a month or more between updates.

Also I gladly wait for an Update made well than getting many Updates that are rushed.

It is a great game and I wanted to say it, since I feel like saying (or typing to be exactly) it not nearly often enough.    

Also, I have a question about the changelog:

What does “Allow access to equips in private dungeon” mean?

Maybe I just didn’t saw it in the game or didn’t get to the correct place but I’m curious.

As far as I know not yet, but they clearly said that it is planned.

do you have the room for two?

If so just sleep when she is away, that help at my side.

Well, yes it can.

It was a long time till the first act was finished, so it isn’t surprising.

Carrot isn’t an exclusive game creator but also an artist, so creating the game will take longer than it would with an exclusive game creator.

As far as I know, patreons get some in-game money as an extra for supporters so that many Toys in the vending machine (mainly just different colored version of the free ones) are only to them accessible. You cannot pay real money inside the game to get something extra.

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My first suggestion is, that the prostitution job is getting a risk-factor (like 5 or 10% per day) that something bad happens, something in the range from had a rough lover and got a temporary flaw like a blue eye (which decreases task-efficiency) to get real damage like 25% of the servants hit points.

Maybe also having a chance that a customer just doesn’t pay and a chance for a really bad event where the player got a small quest to get the servant back from some slave-traders, by paying, negotiation or fighting.



The second suggestion is to have a brothel upgrade that have just a few slots. Of course, is the Idea that these slots have a higher efficiency than the normal prostitution or are just safe (in case the first suggestion becomes part of the game).

In this brothel could also be a second job (where every servant also blocks a normal brothel-slot) to gather information that could be sold or used for something else but getting less or no money without selling these.

Starting with e.g. Physics 6 would not only take a bonus from a few classes but also it wouldn’t make sense when a person that barely know how to hold a sword  (no weapon based class like fighter or archer) had a body refined as a highly skilled swordsman.

That is at least my opinion in this.

First I like your Ideas especially the last, but I have a few things to say.

1. That one Servant can produce more than enough food isn’t OP, as long as there is no need to let the crops and fruits grow (and having no specific time it needs to be harvested before rotting) one person can supply food for a lot of people. But implementing that even halfway realistic would mean, that every farming related upgrade would be useless for a long time before getting something from it and without a very good storage it would be even more useless for providing food, simply because it would need more time to grow the crops and fruit than it provides food for.

2. Focusing the mansion on something is basically something the player has to do him-/herself. If Maverik would implement a focus, there would be lost some of the freedom for the players. Also there are some players that enjoy being able to create something that could be called an arcology.

3. The last point would need to either have an additional shop in the guilds or a change in the prices in the reputation shop (alternatively a change to the rate one gets reputation). If the mansion-upgrades would be just added to the guild-shops you would need even longer to unlock the special classes or every upgrade would be unnecessary when unlocked.

 P.s. please excuse if it’s hard to read or if I did some mistakes with spelling or wording, English is not my native language.

Basically yes. At least on a windows desktop.

All I do is just unpacking the ZIP in the folder I use for LD+ and other adult games.

After that I can just delete the old folder and done.


As an Example the ZIP for the r27.1 has contains a folder named “Lust Doll Plus r27.1 (Win)” that contains all data, and (after unpacking) I just had to delete the folder “Lust Doll Plus r26.1 (Win)” so that it didn’t occupied storage.

I don’t know where to find the save files or why you want to find them.

But normally the new version just use the same place for the saves, so that it shows the old ones (and use them)

I play since r7.3 and I can only recall one time where an old save wasn’t usable in the new version. The save still existed but there was a bug, r20.1 ended exactly before meeting Fawn and if you continued a character from r20.1 in r21.1 that already crossed a certain point (I think the hard BDSM-session but I’m not sure) Fawn didn’t show up in the college.

It is, but if I understood it right, only the finished acts are going public.

For the updates between the public ones you have to be a supporter on Patreon.

If I remember it correctly, get a massage, then you will get told that she can help you for 20(?) bucks to get a better counterfeit pass.

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I think he's ok, but it's only based on the fact that his FA-account is still in use.

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The Shibari seems to be Broken at least on the Windows Version.

As far as I know it only affect's Balls an Cock.

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It is more about, that I would like to see, that the size has at least some meaning other than a few words in the description and a difference in the combat relevant stats would be interesting as well but could make the fight unnecessary hard.

That I written about the sex as the place to implement the use of the size difference is just because, that right now I could use a Centaur to breed a Pixie (with the Breeder class) and everything is fine, and as there is nothing that really tells an exact size, to me it feels like the Pixie is at best half the size of the Centaurs penis. Meaning that the furry-porn-logic would apply here, where a person can be impaled by something wider and larger than themself without any harm.


Also, the moment I had started to write the example, the post had become more text than intended.

I had written this last part and (as I see now) I deleted it by accident. 😅

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First, I am not sure if this was already suggested by someone else but if so, I didn’t saw it while checking a few minutes ago.

Second, I have literally no Idea how to code something like this or how much work this would need so I would like to apologize in advance should it be too much.

I would like to suggest that during sex, the size of the participants influences the efficiency of all actions in which a person is penetrated.      

For example, a point system could be used where each size category is worth two points (from Petit =2 to towering = 10) and one additional points for large or one less for tiny genitals. During the sex-scenes it could give something like 5% efficiency bonus per point the penetrating person is larger or malus per point the penetrated person is lager.

Also, it could be made so that when the penetrating person is more than 5 points lager it’s counts as punishment and with more than 8 it becomes impossible or starts to damage the penetrated. While if the penetrating person is too small (maybe also 8 points) it loses all effect on the penetrated person. 

Additionally, it would be nice to have more genital sizes as well as different genitals for females (just like the male variants). If for male and female the genital size/capacity  would be possible to choose with more variation (e.g., tiny; little; small; average; large; huge; gigantic*) it would also be possible to be a bit more divers with the size and how it works.

 *I have no good idea for how to call last genital size.

As far as I can say, they are relatively rare to find. I usually find beastkins only in the stock of the special slave trader.

 For this reason, I normally start as a beastkin and my starting servant is also one.

How can I win the fighting mini game?

If you play on a windows pc:

Click on the button left on the skills to switch between combat and social skills.

Too change a skill, just do a right click on the skill and a list with all your skills show up.

P:S: You can have a Skill multiple times in that list, but it is always the same skill and not multiple versions of it

From patreon

I might be wrong, but if I remember it correctly, Itch shows NSFW-games only when you're loged in.

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I don't know if it’s something only I would like to see but it irritates me that it’s impossible to have no penis. (At least at my computer I played a female Character and in a sex-scene she suddenly had a penis)

So I would like to ask ,if it would be possible to use a sex-toy instead when it’s necessary for the character to have a tool for penetration.

What do you have against the porn? It is a great game and yes, the porn is (in this specific context) more or less an extra.

(I know the porn is not just an extra, for screwing around is even mentioned in the first Paragraph of the description and without the name wouldn't make sense)

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I don't know if my idea it is enough to be called a modding-idea but I thought it would be nice to have different vaginas like the different penis-types as well as getting more genital options (e.g. dragon-genitals for dragonkin or rabbit-genitals for beastkin rabbit)

Edit: I forgot to say, I have literary no Idea what is needed to do this.

To your first question:

If I remember it correctly, Indivi answered the question a long time ago, that raising a child wouldn’t fit the life of an adventurer, so that it would only be one possible ending.

There was also a reason, for the NPC’s to not raise a child, but I don’t remember what it was.


About the third question:

I don’t think so. But I don’t know why I think so.

Right now it's not in the game (except for the one in the abandon laboratory that can't be used), but i think it is just a matter of time.

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I had done this before I started a New Game, so at least it didn't worked at my pc (Windows)

I had to start a New Game to finder her. Maybe there's a problem, if you use a save file from the last version in which you were already in the cafeteria .