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Glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing =)

Thanks for playing!

Awesome art style and  nice story, I see people have already mentioned the multi-jump bug, really good for the time constraints 

Fun idea, all 3 game styles work quite well and were fun to play. I did possibly feel like the first level cheats a bit given the 3 styles use 3 different closed off areas of the level, but even making a single level that can be played in 3 styles in just a week is pretty impressive, good job!

Nice idea and pretty well executed, I do feel like some of the tasks are uneven, though that may just me qeing faster at maths than say, typing a word. I do like how the game requires lots of moving your hands around, since you swap from needing the whole keyboard to needing a hand on the mouse.

Ah, tried to get the mechanics of swinging ok, but glad you enjoyed at least part of it

Nice Job, good challenge and interesting mechanics of the bullet hell both helping and hindering you as you absorb power from the mass of bullets while also avoiding the full power ones.

Thanks for playing =)

Thanks =)

Tanks for playing  =)

Thanks =P

Thanks lol

Completely Unacceptable >=(

How dare you not comment immediately

Thanks for Playing =)

Thanks for playing! seems there are a few bugs with the fade-in Animations going on too long, not sure why that happened. It's good to see a playthrough anyway, I might shift a few things around later on.

Thanks =), I find getting all the right experiences needed for a good scary horror game is hard in a jam, but with a musician, we decided a creepy alternate reality story was definitely doable

Thanks for playing, I think the distorted music track Aidan made definitely helps with selling the glitches from reality.

Thanks for playing, we decided on the idea of you doing mundane tasks that are secretly horrific early on, I just found the easiest explanation for why none of these people were reacting to your actions is if they're all working with you.

Thanks =P the wood was one of the sprites knew I needed to make anyway, so I figured I may as well have some fun with the "wood stack"

Ah yeh, that end screen was hastilly put together and I figured if a bug happened after you'd finished the game it wasn't a huge issue lol

A well made Detective game, good job, had fun playing it on stream:

difficult to tell how to really play it, which becomes frustrating quite quickly

difficult to tell how to really play it, which becomes frustrating quite quickly

Really nice game, looks good and is pretty fun to play, if a little bit buggy occasionally lol.

Nice mechanic with good execution. Definitely a nice interpretation of Joined together, good job!

Really fun gameplay, between the Red Herring paths and the tight manoeuvering, it was quite a challenge to finish, but good job. (Only thing to suggest is a restart button, but you knew that already lol)

Thanks for playing, I'm really annoyed that I didn't realise the level restart was what breaks all the doors. I don't think you missed much really, but I'm glad you liked my level at least lol (level 3).

Lol yeh I found that bug, used to be alot worse with the player being able to clip through any of the walls, I only had time in the 1 hour to mostly fix it =P

Really fun, glad to play the final game of this, all will bow to the power of the Golden Snek: 

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Sorry, that's the end of the game, guess something bugged out with the end screen for some reason

I've put out a new build that fixes it but it's honestly just an end screen

I just ran out of time, I join far too many jams but I like to submit something to everything I join, so it does happen occasionally. 

Ah, the many joys of programming things last minute and not testing them

Thanks =)

Thanks =) Really want to add sound, I think it would've added a tonne to the game if I had the time

Thanks =) I definitely want to add sound to this as soon as I'm allowed to edit it =P

And the Chicken refuses to divulge its secrets. Not that you can trust a word out of their beak anyway.

Really cool looking implementation of a Chess AI, looks awesome with all the different customisation options

Thanks, definitely wanted to add music but I was already overtime =P

Really nice concept of Concepts =P