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Thanks for Playing =)

Thanks! The cooldown UI gave me a lot of headaches to get working how I wanted it, so by the time I had the idea of adding the corresponding key to the  UI, I was honestly too scared to touch it lol. I guess it adds some sort of memory element to the game that you have to try hold onto the abilities you want to use

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks! Think I had to go like an hour and a half after putting it on the list

Thank You!

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Thanks for playing, I think people seem to develop their own strategy as they figure out their move set, whether that's staying back and using the long distance laser beam, or running straight in and pressing ALL THE KEYS lol. I'm really glad with how many abilities we managed to make in the end.

Thanks for Playing!

Thank you for playing, we're really happy to hear that people are enjoying our game and I'm glad I got the humour right =)

Thanks for Playing and for the feedback :)

I think I just forgot about adding a simple cue for "That ability isn't ready yet" with all the abilities I had to code in the short timespan. Hopefully the cooldown UI can at least tell you if you can use a specific ability if you know for certain what key its on

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Thanks for Playing, and I'm glad we hit the theme well. I'm really happy with what we managed to pull off in 48 hours :)

Thanks for playing, this game was amazingly fun to make =)

Thanks, glad I put the hints in the levels if it was difficult. Im still learning sound design atm, its currently my 2nd game I've made the music for, but I'm glad you liked the graphic style. I might revisit this to make a proper game out of in the future. Thanks for the feedback anyway =)

Thanks =)

Really creative concept to blend the 2 games together like that, Nice Work =)

Thanks, I think the first thought I had was of that Shotgun Grid level where each shotgun would sequentially and accidentally annoy 2 more shotguns with each shot just by the nature of the gun

Thanks =) and yeh In hindsight the bullets maybe should've been larger. I spent a considerable amount of time tweaking a few things to make the enemies hit each other more often, like putting a limit on how far an enemy will shrink from damage so that they can always reasonably be hit, but it never occurred to me to make the bullets larger instead

Thanks lol, was just a bit wary of getting it the other way round, since if you're not aware you need a precise shot in some levels, you could get stuck pretty easilly

Thanks =) Gonna try add proper artwork, sound and polish it off in my final build 


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Yeh the first build was just a Mechanics test, In the next 2 builds Im gonna focus on Level design, Diversifiers, and then Polish it with proper art. Thanks for the feedback though =)

I dont know if the Inverted Mouse is intended, but it makes the game a bit difficult to play. Still a fun concept though

Pretty fun to play, and the art was quite good =)

Cool Idea, really gives off a polished feel with the slight screen panning with the mouse

Thanks for Playing =)

I had to do a bit of tweaking with your Mass vs The Hero so that you could affect  his momentum while not being able to straight up brute-force him into the lave for example. But yeh the physics are still a little janky, I guess perfecting that just would've taken more time than I had.

Fun game with a cool art style, my only criticism is that it seems a bit too RNG based, in that you could get the "right" rune 4 times in a row and then have the next 20 runes be wrong, meaning you could have to only get 5 in a row to win, or you could have to get 20 in a row. (Possibly some cap on how many "wrong" runes you can get at a time would help)

Other than that, cool concept and a good ending

Cool game, some sort of lead in to the game would be good, since my first "run" ended in 2 seconds as it kindof suddenly thrusts you into the game with 12 enemies coming right at you, with no time to get the hang of the controls.

Cool game, some sort of lead in to the game would be good, since my first "run" ended in 2 seconds as it kindof suddenly thrusts you into the game with 12 enemies coming right at you, with no time to get the hang of the controls.

Nice Art and cool concept, definitely pretty fun to play

Thanks for playing =)

Cool mechanics with a simple art style, definitely a bit tricky in parts but it was fun when I got past them in the end =)

Lol the twist is really well done, honestly I forgot the theme of this jam and that made it way better (Does seem to be s slight bug that I can escape/open the chest with 7 even when that slot is empty, i assume theres a key to collect somewhere?) 

great game regardless

Cool Idea =) Was pretty fun to play

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Pretty Basic but nice art for the background and cool soundtrack, reminds me alot of my last game, NodeRunner. (Except in my game the Red circles are bad and the White ones are good, which may have confused me once or twice lol)

Thanks for the feedback =) 
I know the physics can be a bit janky at times, but I found that in some areas it means there are multiple ways to kill the hero. Guess the trade off is more difficulty of control

Huh, what was the issue? Should just be able to walk to the right and begin the game

Thanks for playing =) And I'm glad I managed to at least get some kind of difficulty escalation in only 5 levels.

Cool art style and the gameplay was really fun. Got to the boss but didn't have enough firepower to take him out =P

Nice graphics, and the way you have to especially make either the helicopter or bus hit the health pickups is really cool. My only feedback would be that the physics of the bus on the rope can feel a bit ragdoll-ish, like it doesnt really have any weight to it, which means it flings around the place alot when changing directions slightly.

Other than that the game is fun and unique =)

Thanks for the feedback! 

And in regards to the boxes, I put invisible barriers on all the areas with blocks so it should stop you if you try push the blocks into a softlock position. Not sure if something broke there since it should be impossible to push a box  into an irretrievable position. (I know the ending cutscene sometimes likes to break for seemingly random reasons)

Thanks =), I wanted to have some fun with telling a story through a short platformer, so I tried to design it to be easy enough to finish in one sitting, while still having one or two challenges =P
I played your game, I can tell you were going for more of an unforgiving platformer XD