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Thanks for playing =)

I basically had all that planned but unfortunately just ran out of time and had to rush to get it in a working state. I'll likely do a Post jam version to try add at least some of those features in.

Fun Idea, though the Timer does lose a little meaning when it seems the location of the box is the main deciding factor

Simple concept but well executed. Nice work.

Good game, took me a few tries but the gun at the end was a fun twist

Really fun game and great concept, nice work

Fun Idea and pretty well done, it was fun using the physics to solve puzzles

Really good concept, the art is a bit basic but a really fun idea. 

Nice Concept, though I did find the Camera Lagging behind the bullet a bit strange.

Interesting Idea, Just as others have said it's a bit difficult to get the hang of and do properly

Fun game, Breaking and then cleaning everything is a great concept

Very good game, a Level 3 Elf Ran off into a Lvl 85 Dungeon and got themselves killed immediately. 10/10 would send adventurers to their death again

Really fun game and creative concept with great execution, nice work.

The End of wave Bulletstorm is a really creative mechanic, Nice work

It's a little easy to win by just shooting a few arrows, but really good work for a jam game, it feels quite polished.

I had a lot of fun playing, really unique concept, nice job

Really fun execution of the theme, I had fun making a really long route, then making a small side route at the very start that went right to the end. When the hero had finally completed the long route, I unblocked the side route from the start and blocked off the route they were on, forcing them to go all the way back through >:)

As others have said, its in theory pretty easy to infinitely trap them as you can just keep moving the exit, but its fun building a maze nonetheless, Nice Job

Really creative idea, although I did end up beating both levels by just spamming the single freeze on 1 person, as it felt like the other traps just weren't worth the cost when using the 10 second one repeatedly could freeze them longer for cheaper.

The story makes the game entertaining throughout and there were a few levels that I had to think about for a second, nice work.

Nice art and a fairly Simple but fun concept. Good Job!

Hm, there should be. I had an issue with the survivor deaths not tracking properly for the win screen but I thought it was fixed, guess not.

And yeh i ran a little short on time, being able to hear the survivors move and open crates would probably add alot

The Demon Says T̷̥̳́͜h̷͓̩͔͐̈́ă̸͓ņ̶̫̘̅̇k̷̜̠̪͔̃͌̿ ̶̗̪̝̫͊͌Y̶͉͍͝ȍ̵̻̂ų̶̧̰̙̿

Nice Job, they look great

Pretty cool idea, did feel like I was getting disadvantaged by just not being given a move dice multiple times in a row, but still fun anyway

Simple Game, but nice implementation, Good Job =P

Yeh, I already do manually boost the 1, but its still sortof like a "failed roll". The only good thing about it is if you right click to leap in the right direction, you can pretty consistently tip it onto a 4 or 5. Still, I think it works ok that you can get a really good roll as well as a failure roll.

Get Ready for the Sequel, Dice Chess Jenga Checkers Mahjong Poker Bowling

Thanks for Playing =)

Yeh, I realise I maybe could've made the beginning a little quicker to start, possibly starting with spawning a few pieces. Thanks for playing though =)


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Yeh I realise theres a bit of ambiguity. How it works is that if a piece hits you while you're stationary or close to stationary, it counts as a life lost. You then get launched away from the piece, at which point you are invulnerable until you land and come to a stop, just to stop you getting chain-hit by enemies. Something to note is you can get "hit" and be launched again while invulnerable, it just wont deal any damage till you get a chance to launch again.

Thanks for playing =). And yeh I did notice that, I think I just didn't get round to fixing it, it doesn't affect the gameplay luckily though =P

Amazing, Changed my life from playing this,  was so sad when Dice #2345 was tragically betrayed by his brother on the number court, 10/10 storytelling

Glad you enjoyed, thanks for playing =)

Thanks for playing!

Awesome art style and  nice story, I see people have already mentioned the multi-jump bug, really good for the time constraints 

Fun idea, all 3 game styles work quite well and were fun to play. I did possibly feel like the first level cheats a bit given the 3 styles use 3 different closed off areas of the level, but even making a single level that can be played in 3 styles in just a week is pretty impressive, good job!

Nice idea and pretty well executed, I do feel like some of the tasks are uneven, though that may just me qeing faster at maths than say, typing a word. I do like how the game requires lots of moving your hands around, since you swap from needing the whole keyboard to needing a hand on the mouse.

Ah, tried to get the mechanics of swinging ok, but glad you enjoyed at least part of it

Nice Job, good challenge and interesting mechanics of the bullet hell both helping and hindering you as you absorb power from the mass of bullets while also avoiding the full power ones.

Thanks for playing =)