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A well made Detective game, good job, had fun playing it on stream:

difficult to tell how to really play it, which becomes frustrating quite quickly

difficult to tell how to really play it, which becomes frustrating quite quickly

Really nice game, looks good and is pretty fun to play, if a little bit buggy occasionally lol.

Nice mechanic with good execution. Definitely a nice interpretation of Joined together, good job!

Really fun gameplay, between the Red Herring paths and the tight manoeuvering, it was quite a challenge to finish, but good job. (Only thing to suggest is a restart button, but you knew that already lol)

Thanks for playing, I'm really annoyed that I didn't realise the level restart was what breaks all the doors. I don't think you missed much really, but I'm glad you liked my level at least lol (level 3).

Lol yeh I found that bug, used to be alot worse with the player being able to clip through any of the walls, I only had time in the 1 hour to mostly fix it =P

Really fun, glad to play the final game of this, all will bow to the power of the Golden Snek: 

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Sorry, that's the end of the game, guess something bugged out with the end screen for some reason

I've put out a new build that fixes it but it's honestly just an end screen

I just ran out of time, I join far too many jams but I like to submit something to everything I join, so it does happen occasionally. 

Ah, the many joys of programming things last minute and not testing them

Thanks =)

Thanks =) Really want to add sound, I think it would've added a tonne to the game if I had the time

Thanks =) I definitely want to add sound to this as soon as I'm allowed to edit it =P

And the Chicken refuses to divulge its secrets. Not that you can trust a word out of their beak anyway.

Really cool looking implementation of a Chess AI, looks awesome with all the different customisation options

Thanks, definitely wanted to add music but I was already overtime =P

Really nice concept of Concepts =P

May be worth trying to get a windows or Web Build of the game online if possible, since I don't know how many people will have access to a Mac to play your game to rate it =P

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I think I'll ask in the discord what the best time for everyone is. I'll aim for 6PM GMT+1 (18 hours after the Jam ends) , but if that's inconvenient for too many people I may change it.

Thanks for Playing =)

Thanks! The cooldown UI gave me a lot of headaches to get working how I wanted it, so by the time I had the idea of adding the corresponding key to the  UI, I was honestly too scared to touch it lol. I guess it adds some sort of memory element to the game that you have to try hold onto the abilities you want to use

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks! Think I had to go like an hour and a half after putting it on the list

Thank You!

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Thanks for playing, I think people seem to develop their own strategy as they figure out their move set, whether that's staying back and using the long distance laser beam, or running straight in and pressing ALL THE KEYS lol. I'm really glad with how many abilities we managed to make in the end.

Thanks for Playing!

Thank you for playing, we're really happy to hear that people are enjoying our game and I'm glad I got the humour right =)

Thanks for Playing and for the feedback :)

I think I just forgot about adding a simple cue for "That ability isn't ready yet" with all the abilities I had to code in the short timespan. Hopefully the cooldown UI can at least tell you if you can use a specific ability if you know for certain what key its on

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Thanks for Playing, and I'm glad we hit the theme well. I'm really happy with what we managed to pull off in 48 hours :)

Thanks for playing, this game was amazingly fun to make =)

Thanks, glad I put the hints in the levels if it was difficult. Im still learning sound design atm, its currently my 2nd game I've made the music for, but I'm glad you liked the graphic style. I might revisit this to make a proper game out of in the future. Thanks for the feedback anyway =)

Thanks =)

Really creative concept to blend the 2 games together like that, Nice Work =)

Thanks, I think the first thought I had was of that Shotgun Grid level where each shotgun would sequentially and accidentally annoy 2 more shotguns with each shot just by the nature of the gun

Thanks =) and yeh In hindsight the bullets maybe should've been larger. I spent a considerable amount of time tweaking a few things to make the enemies hit each other more often, like putting a limit on how far an enemy will shrink from damage so that they can always reasonably be hit, but it never occurred to me to make the bullets larger instead

Thanks lol, was just a bit wary of getting it the other way round, since if you're not aware you need a precise shot in some levels, you could get stuck pretty easilly

Thanks =) Gonna try add proper artwork, sound and polish it off in my final build