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Since a lot of people have asked me about this, here's a list of all the jewelry locations in the Barn.

Don't read this if you want to figure it out yourself, obviously.

Two of the jewels are obtained automatically. For the others:

  1. In the northwestern pumpkin patch, behind the wall of vines. You need to direct the waterer to water the pumpkin patch to get through.
  2. In the third screen of the carrot patch. Pull the carrots and defeat the monsters.
  3. Defeat the random encounter in the cornfield. It can occur on any screen that doesn't contain a predetermined treasure or event.

Huh. Sounds like the treasures were reset, then, though I'm not entirely clear how that happened.

Possibly your save was from before you got them?

Regarding the stats, that sounds like it's just the most recent update. Enemies now gain free points of Attack every stage and their attacks have higher power weights. (If they almost defeated you but you were still able to win, then it's working exactly as intended! You're fully restored after every battle, so I wanted individual battles to be more difficult.)

This is not the first time I've reloaded/loaded a save, but probably the first time where I had after manually putting stones in the door slots and having left them there.

Then that must not be it; even if there was some weirdness with your save not getting initialized correctly the first time, it should have updated to the current version on your first load.

I'm sorry, but I really have no idea what could have done this. The only other code that interacts with the door slots are the options to add and remove keystones; there should not be anything that affects them remotely. When I reload my own pre-Amethyst save, the keystones are still there, so I can't replicate this.

I've added a save update that should replace the keystones in your inventory. It'll be included in the next update, which will go live this afternoon.

(1 edit)

Regarding the stats, what were they before, and how many areas did you clear before starting the Kindergarten?

I think I know what happened: When I first released the Kindergarten, I had to update existing saves to initialize the door slot variables to blanks. I thought that wouldn't trigger for anyone coming in later, but it looks like it did. (Is this the first time you've reloaded a save?) If that's the case, it shouldn't be too hard to fix; I'll just have to make another save update.

Edit: Actually, if that was the case, the treasures in the Kindergarten should all reset too. Is that the case?

Flawed Crystals community · Created a new topic Feedback

Post general feedback here.

I posted this to the AO3 page, but forgot to post it here, it seems. I made a game with this engine:

Flawed Crystals

This is a fangame of Steven Universe (2013). It is fanfiction-inspired, with a large focus on story and character mixed with a crunchy RPG battle system.
The gems leave Steven for one final mission. They come back corrupted. To save them, Steven will have to face uncomfortable truths about his friends, his family, and himself.
(Rose Quartz is Rose Quartz AU, canon divergent from A Single Pale Rose)

I made a few modifications to the engine for this game, primarily to facilitate gameplay with larger party sizes. I have included these modifications as a download on the game page, for interested parties.

Thank you for commenting!

When do you anticipate a release?

If you mean a completion date... my pace so far has been one section per month, so April or March 2020.

- The Flawed Cyrstals opening intro is cool

Thank you, that took some work to get right.

- The intro is quite long with not a whole lot of agency of choice making. It takes a long time before you can make your first choice.

I've heard this a few times from the Twine community, and to be honest I'm a little perplexed by it. If you're talking about the prologue that plays before the opening scroll, that's only a few pages long, shorter than most chapters in a published novel.

I suspect this may be a culture clash thing? Twine seems to have evolved from interactive fiction games, but I am almost completely unfamiliar with that genre. I based the format of the story on visual novels and jRPGs, where it is normal to have a concrete protagonist and fixed plot that requires setup before getting to interactivity.

also based this, obviously, on fanfiction. I am a writer first, so yes, the game is going to read like a novel, and the nature of fanfiction means that I am working with established characters who can't be pushed too far by the player's choices.

- The majority of the game is walls of text. Perhaps consider chunking these into small pieces so that it's easier to read.

Really? I actually thought my paragraphs were on the short side, if anything. Can you point to specific sections where this was an issue?

- I would love a lot more choices in the intro.

What choices would you like to see? I admit, I had trouble coming up with some of the options. I acknowledge that they tend to all be a rather simplistic "good/neutral/bad" trinary.

Very cool... but, how do mice know what horses look like?

(1 edit)

Poll closed. The votes were a three-way tie, which I have broken in favor of Garnet.

Thanks everyone who voted, and I hope to see you next time!

Please vote for which gem you want to see next! To keep everything in one place, the voting will take place on Archive of Our Own.

As the message implies, you need to try the shield and destroy the clone afterwards.

(1 edit)

Since you can't hit her with ranged attacks, you need to defeat the clone in front of her first.

(I thought this was pretty obvious, you can tell me if you have an idea for how to make it clearer.)

I tried Audacity, but it doesn't seem able to import MIDIs very well. All the instructions I've seen say that you need to literally play and record it using your computer's inbuilt audio capture, which doesn't seem very robust.

I'm experiencing a problem with the audio, and I was wondering if anyone more knowledgeable than me has a good solution.

In addition to music from Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, I am also using tracks from Kasey Ozymy's earlier game A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky. Unfortunately, the sound files for that game are MIDIs, which cannot be easily played in a browser. I converted them to proper audio formats (OGGs, in this case) using TiMidity++ so they could play in Twine. For the most part, this produced acceptable results.

However, the track "The Person in the Calamity" just cannot seem to convert the high notes in the "Farewell, Farewell" quote (1:06-1:40); even as a WAV, they sound incredibly distorted and do not integrate with the rest of the music well at all. Is there a higher-fidelity conversion method I can use, or will I just have to accept this?