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Ooh, a new demo! I played the game a while ago, so new content is exciting.

I'm noticing that when the screen darkens, it doesn't go completely black (on the Steam version at least) -- I can still see the scene faintly.

One thing I would like to note: When "mom" or "dad" is used in place of a name (such as "dad's letter"), it's capitalized like a name.

Traversing the pipes in the sewer feels a bit like an Escher painting -- the pipes connect to different levels of elevation without visibly sloping. If it were possible to tweak the graphics to show the pipes sloping up and down, that would add to the environment.

Lance says "Some say [Sava] is as big as a horse", but how would mice even know what a horse is? If humans are so incomprehensibly huge as to be "gods", a horse would be even more eldritch. I don't know, it might make more sense for Lance to compare him to an animal that's more proportional to a mouse? A horse is pretty huge even by our standards.

Ooh, a skill tree! Curious that Lance has so many. I'm now wondering if he's going to come back later, or if his huge tree is just misdirection.

I always thought it was quite foolish of Lance to not cut Verm free in the first place. He says the traps snap your neck, so Verm's tail is clearly already broken; it'd probably have to be amputated even if they could get it free.

I feel there's something lacking to cutting away from the Tiger battle to have Verm get defeated offscreen. If possible, it would be neat to see something like in the Yellow God battle, and have Verm get reduced to 0 HP by a special attack, so we're left on more of a cliffhanger before cutting away.

LOL, stealing bandages from a child in Cranbaile. It's a real RPG now!

After meeting with Gilda, Verm says "you have one exactly minute" -- typo, I presume?

After all the buildup, I'm surprised to see that Verm's regular attacks are almost as good against Tiger as Siobhan's Wyrmfire. I expected something like a defense debuff after the mention that the moles' weapons couldn't pierce Tiger's fur.

It seems a bit silly that you can walk right back and chat with Gilda after she banishes you.

I like that Verm has a bark every time he enters rage! I always find it silly when RPGs have emotion-based status effects but that's not reflected by the characters.

Since Bruce can't attack, it might make more sense to rename the "Attack" option to something else. It amuses me that Bruce wasn't lying about not fighting!

The new demo is really neat! I like that you're streamlining the RPG experience by cutting out cruft like grinding and random encounters. I've long thought that RPGs would be improved by focusing on making every battle a unique set piece, so it'll be neat to see how that works out.

Do you have a timeline on when we can expect the full release?