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Thanks, I will do it!

Thanks for playing, did you use the keyboard or a gamepad? I need to polish controls on keyboard.

Thanks for your feedback, definitely some sound would help a lot, I'll fix and polish this wall jump :)

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Thank you so much for playing! :)

Thanks for the feedback, I tried to put as many sprites in the game as possible to get the idea across even though I haven't programmed them. The empty space on the right would be a connection to another area in the game.

I will fix it, thanks :D

Thank you! :)

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Thanks! I'll take some time to add some sound fx later. I was going to implement a mechanic to buy a map and other items but I ended up leaving only the art :)

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Thanks for playing, I didn't have time to finish everything and ended up posting the game unfinished. I couldn't finish the saveroom art, they are marked with the S, the skull marks the boss room, and the W would be for an weapon merchant. I need to fix this problem with the wall jump.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. I did everything, I didn't have time to implement everything I wanted, like the merchant case, but I left the art there :)

Thanks! =

Pretty cool game!

Thanks for playing XD

Thanks for playing, I love these disney games. Playing with the gamepad is easier, I didn't have time to do some art and balance the controls :)

Nice graphics, I love the Ghibli vibes! =D

Awesome game! Pretty fun!

Thanks for the feedback, it was very interesting,

Thank U ^^

Thank U! :)

Thanks! :)

This gameplay is so fun and the menu is really creative!

Thanks, your game is very cool!

They jut stop you, so the donut can be eaten by the clones :)

Thanks, i will fix it! :)

Thank  U! :)

This game is awesome!


They are wave markers, i will check it, thank you for the feedback! :)

Thanks for the tip, i’ ll change!

Thank you! ^^

Thank you, I'll try to reach the cornfield. :)