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Thanks for playing our game ! I totally agree, a "chill" mode even without a timer would be pleasant to play and would allow players to practice before challenging themselves to get a good rank in the real dungeons. There are tweaks to do in the timer, and/or in the effects of the items to get the game more balanced ^^

Thanks a lot for your feedback =)

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Wow that's a game I really liked !

It reminds me so much of the time I spent in pokemon 4G in the tunnel mining things and I loved that :3 The concept is pushed further by adding multiple layers and by using several tools to speed up the mining process but that may damage the gems if you use it wrongly. I really like the idea and the execution ! Though it took time to understand what the game was expecting from me (I always read the game page before playing and it didn't really help :s). When I understood what I had to do, it was plenty of fun and I really liked replaying the game until I finished it !

Well done !

Thanks a lot for this comment ! I agree with you, I think we should have balanced more the difficulty ^^It was hard to balance it because as you develop the game you become more and more trained to it, so we should have tested it with more players with no experience at all. Thanks for your feedback =)

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I struggle in games where your movements depend on your orientation ^^. Making the directions you move unrelated to your orientation would solve the problem in my opinion. Though it was fine to move forward and backward, it enforces the scary part of the game without being really hard to control. I don't know if it was intended but I liked the fact that you can light up areas by shooting at the walls !

The sound design was really good and made the game scary. I disliked the controls a lot and ended up only moving forward. I loved the mood of the game. It was original to do such a game with the theme "discovery" and to me it's a success. The game was fun and the theme is respected.

I can't rate the game since it is looking for a missing .pck so it won't start :(

Nice game. I liked your interpretation of the theme ! I found it original because that's not hte kind of game you'd expect with such a theme.

I liked the graphics a lot, though the speed of the projectiles being lower than the speed of your ship forces you to either move closer to the asteroids or spam them. Either way it's not really fun because the rate of fire is too low and it's too hard to move with precision. I think with increased rate of fire, projectile speed, and better maneuverability the game would be a lot more enjoyable !

Overall, I liked it (especially the graphics)

The game is beautiful and fits the theme perfectly, I found it rather original and I liked sailing from islands to islands. Though, it was really hard to fight against pirates because the ship is hard to operate itself plus you can't clearly see the ship you're targeting so it's hard to hit them. I really disliked the night because what was already hard became impossible for me. I didn't manage to the end of the game but I like the fact that you must claim several islands to unlock the last one.

The theme is respected, I would have only made the minimap available in some spots which would have enforced the compliance to the theme. The game was really chill which I liked a lot. The controls are good, and I really liked the graphics. The audio was a good choice that fits the mood of the game !

Well done ! 

Oh ok ! I am looking forward to see any update to your prototype :)

It's good that you uploaded it even with some little bugs, it really is a good game !

Only one level ? Well this fits the theme :x

The idea is good, but I think it lacks levels where we'd be surprised with the possibilities of such a game design. The game doesn't explore your game design concept, it's a bit frustrating

Good platformer, I like the idea and it's fun to play ! I like the cuteness and minimalism of the design !

The game is fun to play, a bit hard to read since it's all squares and the color of the spawning enemy is the same as our bullet.

What I loved the most was firing the bullet, then going behind an enemy, recall my bullet, then going behind another enemy and doing the same thing over and over to kill the wave. The theme is well respected and your game is really nice !

I played the frist three levels, then the game wouldn't let me retry the level after I missed the first jump, so I refreshed and the game won't run properly: my character is glitching under the platform when I do the first jump. So I don't know the game further the third level, but it was a really good idea and the game is really nice to play when it doesn't bug.

EDIT: Actually I ctrl+F5 and the bug disappear, but other bugs appeared, like the object activated twice, or the enemy texture was gone but not its collision box after a retry of the level. So I finished the game. Pretty buggy, but your really good level design serves a good game design idea. You achieved to make a really enjoyable game with only one button. The theme is really respected and the game is fun, I'd love to play more of your game !

The design is really good, the game is pretty ! It seems a little buggy, I recommend to players to wait and don't spam click. I would have let the player unzoom or move the camera with right click and faster. ^^ The idea is interesting, and the game is entertaining !

The theme is respected, but I kind of think I'd prefer the game with more towers, so I don't think the uniqueness of the tower adds much to your gameplay.

Merci beaucoup, ça fait chaud au cœur :)

Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire ! Ça va faire plaisir à notre graphiste attitré ;D

Super bien la difficulté croit de manière assez bonne,  un peu difficile de comprendre toutes les subtilités pour le premier niveau mais vite on repasse tous ces vieux dans leurs machines et on y arrive ! Ça devient vite ingérable et ça m'a fait beaucoup rire de voir des bébés en déambulateur se faire incinérer ! Super jeu ! (La DA est très bonne, magnifique !)

Le jeu est amusant, très bien fini, le problème que j'ai eu était des lettres de départ pas très commodes et le dictionnaire était un peu capricieux et, mais sinon très sympa :)