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Somehow I didn't get any notifications :(

No, there's no theme

Swingastic! ^___^

I am the "THEIF!" that eats through the night!

I am the terror, that grinds on your salmon!

I am *the* HUNGRY Ninja!

Cool game! For a moment I hoped it was made with GameBoy Studio and it was a real GameBoy ROM. You've nailed controls, so it was fun even on a kb.

I dig this. Big time ^__^

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Via google translate:

O que @ReadyMajor disse ..
Depois de muitos minutos no jogo, não consegui entender o objetivo ...

     Parecia que eu deveria repetir poses de um DJ. Mas eu não recebi nenhum ponto.
     Estava esperando que fosse um jogo de dois jogadores, mas não conseguiu interagir.
     De alguma forma, consegui meus primeiros pontos, mas não entendi como.

Adoraria tentar novamente depois de saber o que fazer ^ ___ ^

I liked the humor most of all. Would be awesome to see a full-fledged VN made out of this 👍

A good, solid game ^_^ 👍

Kinda reminds me of an old cell-phone java game with mansion and stuff.

I LOVE love2d ^_____^ Can't make myself to use any other engine since I "met" it :D

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Yep, there's a list of 22 "ninja-related" words and a simple math.random().

As for challenge, I had to change the initial idea due to the limitation for this jam. The game was supposed to be about dodging cards with hiragana consonants inscribed on them. Player would have to quickly switch between hiragana vowels to "fight" those cards and turn them into correct gojūon "syllable" (the next one in the word player has to currently "spell").

Well, at least controls and camera aren't half bad ^__^

The thing with Unity WebGL games is that modern browsers take security too seriously. 3rd-party cookies, DOM storage access - you name it. I had to unblock content in Firefox 66 *manually* to be able to play games from this Jam (on a per-game basis).

Hope that helps ^____^

I'm your friendly-neighborhood web-slinger ninja master!

Nice one ^_^ Let the bullies hurt themselves ^_^

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Oh, sorry. That's wine issues. I figured out I can launch actual game with LÖVE ^_____^


@LoghamLogan, @RnK Thanks for the feedback! It's very important :)

@LoghamLogan, I totally missed the start of the jam and got here purely by chance. As a result, I didn't have much time to either add features or to test game's difficulty. In my opinion, viruses are tied with "hacking", hence the choice of the genre and the look :)


Sorry to hear that, pal.

My 10 y.o. nephew didn't ask me any questions... so I though the description I've provided would be more than enough.

Is there any chance you could help me with the sources?

I mean, I've purchased the full version, but want to port this to another language.

I'm not very familiar with the GM package structure (and I don't owe GM ATM) and want to know what files are for what.

Viwus Attawk community · Created a new topic Your ideas

What would you like to add to the game except new types of viruses?