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[TOOL] Procedural Sprites Generator (top-down pixel-art sprites of space ships)

A topic by Huder created Oct 11, 2016 Views: 2,188 Replies: 2
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This tool can generate pixel-art style space ships.

First steps to use:

  1. The fastest way to generate is to choose one of my presets. You can choose presets using these arrows:
  2. Click "Generate" button couple of times, choose a shape that you like.
  3. Now turn off "R" button this will prevent changing seed every time you press generate or touch any parameters. And it allow you to do some tweaks/minor changes.
  4. Choose palette by pressing "Palette" button near "Generate" button.
  5. And move "Clearing pixels slider" to see which level of clearing looks better.
  6. Press "Export" button to save a PNG strip.


  • There is one known bug, "seed" button works only with "R" button off, and it accept only integers.
  • Palette colors are hardcoded because this tool was made as GameMaker:Studio asset and it can be changed only through source code. I want to add custom palettes support later.

Is there any chance you could help me with the sources?

I mean, I've purchased the full version, but want to port this to another language.

I'm not very familiar with the GM package structure (and I don't owe GM ATM) and want to know what files are for what.

If you check files there is folder "scripts" and inside should be file called "gen_GenerateSprite.gml" This is where my generation algorithm is allocated. You can open it with notepad++ if you don't have GMS. Everything is well commented if you will have problem in understanding anything then ask questions here :)

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