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Yeah, the 'uh oh something broke' message is intentionally displayed by default until the game data loads (because if it doesn't load, that means that something has gone wrong).

I've never used Waterfox myself, but I guess that there's something weird in that browser that doesn't like this hypertext game framework. But I'm glad that you were eventually able to play it.

What browser are you using?

Have you tried any other browsers? Have you tried disabling any browser plugins that might be affecting any JavaScript stuff on your browser?



rather enjoyable tbh

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm also glad you didn't find the music too unbearable to listen to.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

In all honesty, in an earlier build, it was actually much less controllable. I had an idea that would theoretically make it easier to control in one-player where each instance basically toggled the thrusters instead of having to hold to thrust (the idea being that it would make it easier to go diagonally and to multitask) but in practice it just made it even harder to control. But I'm just as glad as you that it's actually playable on a single machine. Anywho, if you wanted to hear the full soundtrack, I posted a link to it on the discord server.

I accept the point about the lack of any indication about what direction each player has. But tbh that idea about randomizing controls after crashing is a pretty good one. I'll try to work out some way of bodging both that and the indicator for what direction the player is going in into the game.

This was a pretty fun game.

Firstly, I will admit that the gunslinging action in the game was a bit on the boring side (It was perfectly functional, which is good, but it did feel kinda meh overall). I guess it probably could have benefitted from some stupidly overexaggerated viewmodel animations too. But hey it was still functional and that's a good thing.

The rest of the game, however, was great. The utter absurdity of the whole situation, VoteBot, the pretty darn wild modelling and animations, the writing, and all that stuff was genuinely 'so bad it's good'.

Anywho, there was one missed opportunity in this game: giving the player a drunk effect when they drink too much whiskey.

But yeah it was good!

In all fairness, I haven't been able to play it multiplayer myself, and even I'm surprised by the singleplayer stuff, and I'm probably even more surprised than you about the fact that this somehow is playable.

The kazoo music not being quite synchronized was, as you may have guessed, unintentional. At one point, I was considering making each instance randomly offset the kazoo music a bit, to ensure that they would be somewhat unsynchronized, but I eventually decided that it would just be a bit too annoying even for me so I chose to not do that. And I guess that was probably for the better.

The intense explosion effect was partially out of laziness. I recycled the explosion noise from another game of mine (Muffin Mania), partially because my voice was in a bit of pain and I didn't want to try making another improvised explosion noise, and partially because I knew that explosion noise had quite a bit of impact to it (after all, in that game, that explosion noise was the 'game over' noise) and I wanted the explosion in this game to feel like it had some impact because, y'know, you've just smashed face-first into an Inconvenient Space Rock (in space). Apologies for the jumpscare though.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

tbh the game kinda went through several revisions (mostly involving tweaking the physics and timings for everything to make sure the Inconvenient Space Rocks were fast enough to be a threat but slow enough to be possible for 4 people to collectively react to them and getting the ship piloting to be the right balance between responsive and controllable and such) and there were a whole lot of dev builds which were honestly rather boring/too frustrating and overall not very fun to play. Hell, it's honestly a bit of a miracle that the game turned out in an enjoyable state.

I've also never actually played this game in multiplayer, so I would be up for playing it multiplayer, assuming that we can work out some way of getting it playable online.

Personally, I still think the concept could use quite a bit of work, and I probably did violate a bunch of best practices with the bodged synchronized physics in the game, and I'm still not entirely sure how this online malarkey works. But hey at least people enjoyed it!

Glad you liked it!


I'm glad you enjoyed the music. I spent way too long making them, and trying to produce vocals whilst also trying to do it in-character hurts lol.

tbh at first the controls were in an (unintentionally) predefined order (host would be up, p2 would be down, p3 would be left, p4 would be right), and the random allocations were a somewhat last-minute bodge. And due to how the overall allocation stuff was bodged, and how little I actually know about how to really use the MLAPI stuff, I wasn't able to work out how to display only the client's direction to the client in question. And with the additional powerups/pickups, I wasn't really sure what else would really make sense in context of this game (or even how the players would be able to use said additional powerups)

I appreciate the suggestions though.

Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and I'm also glad that you managed to work out how to play the game in multiplayer as intended.

glad you liked it!

A very hectic and very enjoyable game. Genuinely unironically good, whilst still remaining in the spirit of the jam. Well done!

Has what the title says it has, it's an enjoyable game even out of context, and overall it's pretty darn good.

There's a good concept here, and, with a bit of polish, could be used to create an unironically good game.

So, a few minor nitpicks first. The overworld was somewhat tedious (the giant red arrows were appreciated, however, it would have been nice if the first overworld section started with the camera looking at the giant red arrow instead of having it behind the camera, which lead to me getting pretty darn lost on my first attempt at playing the game due to not knowing where to go), I did spend a pretty long time not really knowing what to do at the boss fight, and I wasn't sure if the gun was even working due to the weirdness that happens when I attempted to use it.

However, despite those bits of 'bad bad' stuff, the rest of the game was honestly 'so bad it's good'. The environmental storytelling in the car factory was interesting, the writing was entertaining, the main controls were just the right kind of jank, the spears made a lot of sense in context, the individual levels were pretty enjoyable, and the overworld was nice (besides the whole 'kinda difficult to know where to go' stuff). And don't even get me started on the very very high-quality graphics.

So, overall, I'd still say it was 'so bad it's good', despite some of those nitpicks.

This was an unexpectedly chaotic take on 'one button'. Like, I was kinda expecting the sort of games that get abstracted out to only use one button as the control, not this sort of 'the one button is all the controls at once'.

In other words, this game was pretty bad, bad enough to be great.

The utterly absurd humour in the rest of the game was just icing on the cake, and it was a perfect festive game to play in June.

This work of art was certainly an interesting experience, right from the fake-out 'play online' on the itch page.

I genuinely was not expecting this game to have a story, but damn that story was pretty amusing.

I know that a lot of the stuff said in the 'instructional' presentations was intended to be a whole load of bs, but the scary thing is that I can genuinely imagine an employer trying to tell their employees some of that stuff (especially the 'pretending to be compliant' stuff)

I can't tell if the one crash I experienced was intentional or not (It was in the part that looked intentionally unfinished) so I'm guessing it was intentional. But if it wasn't, it's just the icing on the cake :^)

Hell, it wasn't just 'so bad it's good'. It was also 'so unfunny it's hilarious' (with the completely deadpan delivery of all the absurdity, combined with that one scene with the 3d stuff that I genuinely wasn't expecting but was somehow absolutely hilarious when I encountered it, especially in context of the rest of the game).

The choice of implementing 'one button' as a thematic corporate buzzword was also pretty interesting to see.

I did lose interest a bit in the presentations towards the end, but I guess that too was probably intentional, to really capture the spirit of these sorts of mandatory e-learning things.

Overall, it was pretty darn good.

Despite the lack of a real tutorial (which would be appreciated for a game like this), I would say that this game isn't really 'so bad it's good', more 'unironically good'.

Its certainly an interesting concept.

The glitches (which everyone else has already mentioned) did sour the experience a bit, especially seeing as those glitches were more 'sources of frustration' than 'sources of amusement'. However, if those were to be fixed, this would be a pretty good game.

However, I'm still not entirely sure what the defence blocks are intended to be used for (are they just intended to be used to get in the way of the giant enemy squares? are they intended to be used as surfaces to bounce shots off so they can hit the giant enemy squares?)

I will admit that I wasn't entirely sure where the shop was, and I'm still not entirely sure if the facial expressions actually meant anything.

The controls (and especially the attacking!) were pretty janky, but, for this jam, I'd say that's a good thing.

Overall, it's a pretty good game, especially for this jam.

I guess this game would probably work better if there was another player playing as the Demon King (or alternatively having the characters targeted when the demon king rolls a 4 be determined by some other dice rolls instead of letting the player choose who gets hit), and I guess that it might be worth giving the demon king a different thing to do upon rolling a 6 if the Murder Soda is already gone/being destroyed. And the Knife Lady's 'make the demon king re-roll' did sometimes make it a bit harder to keep track of everything (especially when using a pen instead of a pencil because, y'know, re-resolving the Demon King's new attack)

But, besides those minor nitpicks, this was a pretty fun game. Was it 'so bad it's good' though? Not sure. But it was good.

I gotta say, this game is pretty hard. But it has a somewhat take on the 'one button' theme, isn't completely unplayable, and I'd say it probably is 'so bad it's good'.

I'm still not entirely sure where the 'one button' comes into this, but, as a 'so bad it's good' game, it's perfect.

As a first game, it's honestly pretty good. Much better than my first game.

But I will say that it does kinda fail at the whole 'so bad it's good' spirit of and the 'one button' theme of this jam.

The writing, voice acting, and the concept for this game were all pretty darn good.

I did find myself skipping forward quite a bit on the repeat playthroughs (to get past the stuff I had already seen before), however, this did mean that, at the parts of the game where there was a random outcome despite not being presented with any choice, I usually found myself playing through the part after making a choice in which I found out that I succeeded, then skipping forward to what I hoped would be the next choice but instead being presented with the game over screen (due to another random event after that choice but before the next one). So that put a bit of a dampener on the experience.

Besides that, it was pretty good.

got a blue screen of death whilst I was playing it.


I enjoyed it, but the motion blur made it kinda unplayable for me.


good :^)

glad you like it :^)

nice game

ayy nice

glad you liked it!

open up the game folder in explorer and just click on the .jar or the .exe (depending on what version of the game you downloaded) in there

might cut out any weirdness from the itch app

and, if you don't already have java, you can download it from here:

thamk uwu

so, no head?

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Mine's pure java, no 3rd party weirdness involved, only using the stuff that's included by default with java.

It did mean that my audio had to be entirely .wav (which isn't the best in terms of filesize), and I couldn't quite work out fullscreen stuff, but it works I guess