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You've changed how I see some things, this is going to stick with me for a while. Thank you, and truly I hope for the best for you and for everyone.

I like the tutorial option, art and music, but the window to hit them is so small that I can barely hit them once let along multiple times. And I'm not really sure where the theme of the jam comes into play.

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I think because of the loops you find yourself in, the clear undesirable state of being in 4 that you want to avoid, and the level design its very clear when you run into a dead end, so it can be satisfying to try out your different options because you get pretty obvious feedback that you're pursing the wrong course of actions. And then the ice later on that lets you break the rule of 4 being undesirable is a good way of shaking things up and providing a new challenge. I also like the general aesthetic of the game. I would have liked to have something that gives me a better sense of what number is on each side, and because the angle of the camera at a glance vertical tiles seem longer than horizontal tiles, but I can get the sense you didn't want to deal with confusion that comes with the controls interacting with a free camera.

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Its quite fun to play and while I was mostly doing random things and following level design clues in the beginning by the end I was able to use a few techniques to solve them quickly. I think the first levels were good at conveying mechanics and goals. I was a bit thrown off by the layout in the bottom left until I figured out it was based on the button I pressed and not a flattened out die. 

I do wonder how many submissions will have similar concepts though. This is the first one I've run into at least and I liked it.

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The art is really cute and its pretty easy to get in the flow due to the relaxing music and straightforward gameplay. I eventually did lose motivation to continue playing though since I had little idea what I was working towards though that might be appealing towards some people who just want something to do while idling. Other than that it could use a little more visualmovement.

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I'm not very familiar with bullet hell, but I can say that with the voiceover at the beginning and the energetic spooky music it has a great atmosphere. Other than that I'll say that it was confusing when during the roll sometimes the controls would invert then uninvert when the roll landed on something other than invert controls. Also I had to restart the webpage once because when I first opened it I wasn't able to move.

It was a bit confusing at first but I liked it when I got used to it. Its got a good boardgame feel to it and I feel like you could go in that direction aesthetically it would be appropriate. I do wish I could see the different sides of the a weapons die before picking it and I could see what they roll is before the die is set down. Also the right click drag thing doesn't feel great.

An animation for when I loos health would have been nice. And I never really understood what the point of the dice were.

Its a little slippery, but its pleasant.

Fun, but it got really overwhelming by wave 4. I also experienced a but where my shadow started outside of the play area and it couldn't get back in. And then when I got hit I couldn't go retrieve it.

I can't shoot on the right ship because my keyboard doesn't have a numpad, and the left ships ZQSD controls are unintuitive. You have to click in order to start moving but there's no prompt. And other than the unintuitive controls there's no pressure to do anything.

It's not fully loading when I hit run game, the bar get stuck on the last bit.

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The story and art are very charming, but I couldn't get the hang of the combat. I think the sword hitbox and timing were unclear.

Very stylish and cool. Reminds me of a learn to type program but with good music and the visuals sell it. I wish I could skip the point tallying though. Also, I don't understand the fighting fighting part of it, and I can't go back to the menu without refreshing the entire game. Also, the big block of text with multiple pages in the instructions section discourages reading more, especially when the first thing you see isn't the controls.

Fun and cute.

Bug Report: I attempted to just continuous click in front of the dragon's mouth as fast as possible to see what happened and it crashed the game after a bit, the screen completely froze and a very fast beeping sound was produced from my speakers.

Nice story, the notepad was a little weird, especially with a mouse.


Clever and enjoyable. The on screen controls are so far apart I can't look at them before they change. Instead I just test out which is what and hope my muscle memory doesn't mess up.

Cool concept, but I can't get the hang of the jump.

Cool comcept, the ability to choose the color pallet choice is a nice touch. Music and sfx could do a lot.


It's pretty fun. I like how when you hear the howl you tense up and start using the movement of the sheep to tell where the wolf is coming from, which can lead to some false starts when a sheep moves normally. I also like when your sheep are spread out you have to make the decision of whether to go out for them or just leave them for the wolves

The following paragraph is just rambling about the things that I think could be polished if you wanted to expand the game. Just as a disclaimer I have no experience making games (beyond rudimentary Scratch games), and the points made aren't very well explained so take what I say with a grain of salt.

The first time playthrough I played it with the sound off I really wanted a way to tell if a wolf was coming, like a ! over the shepard's head. I struggled with pushing the sheep around since they were so sensitive to touch, but I like the hook on the staff being usable, though that means the sheep always end up at the bottom of the island since I can't pull them diagonally upwards with the hook. Also, it feels kind of annoying when a sheep is pushing another sheep away from the group and I push them both back by pushing the outermost sheep but since technically I didn't touch the moving sheep they just keep moving. The credits in the very beginning keeping me from playing the game one I hit the play button on in is mildly annoying. If they were a credits option in the menu, or since there are so few of you just the box with credits in them in the menu would be appreciated. There's also a point where the difficulty skyrockets and I would prefer it be build up to. I think different levels with different difficulties (like more wolves or obstacles) or rewards would be a cool way to expand it. Also, some acknowledgement of how well you did beyond just winning or losing would be appreciated.

Basically, the core gameplay is pretty fun and I want to play more, and that's what matters most in a game jam game.

I like it. Very clever and makes me use my head in an unfamiliar way. Also art is cute and music is calming.

I struggled with movement a lot. Often times I unintentionally moved too far. One time on the undercut level I moved into a block from the left but the block moved down making me restart the level. I think if everything was on a grid with squares the size of your character things would be fixed. The bookmark thing was cute in retrospect, but I don't want to be messing around with my computer so I'm not completing the 9th level.

I had the same issue and this worked for me as well