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Hey! Thanks for the comment! I guess it doesn't show up in the jam page, but over on the actual game page we mentioned that there was a "kill yourself" button in case people got softlocked. 

Glad you enjoyed!

I'm glad you enjoyed the art, music and controls! The dice falling into the ocean was definitely an issue that would have been good to fix. 

Technically the die rolls weren't random chance. They did actually take whichever value they landed face up on, so it's possible to shove a die to the correct side and get exactly what you want. It's a pain, but it's possible. 

Anyway, thank you for the feedback!

Nicely made game! This was very enjoyable to play!

The game is very pretty! It sucks that you didn't have enough time to properly finish it, and you had to roll back the version. Still, nice work!

I'm glad you thought it was interesting!

This is absolutely one of the most polished games I've seen for this jam! Crazy that you finished within the 48 hours we were given! I would have appreciated slightly more explanation as to what each ship did, or some ability to see the results of applying ships, but regardless, this is pretty amazing. 

Great job!

Glad you enjoyed it!

That's too bad. 

The game is playable by yourself, so if you would prefer, you can treat it as a singleplayer game! 

Yeah, the space zoom was a bug-testing mechanic that we forgot to remove before submission. Try pressing SHIFT to zoom back out. 

We didn't have time to make a very elaborate tutorial, which can definitely make it confusing. Check out the itch.io description. We have an explanation of how to play down there!

Hopefully that information makes the game experience better for you!

Neat map! I enjoyed trying out all the different weapons. There seemed to be a few bugs where enemies wouldn't die, and I got spammed by quite a few null pointer errors, but that's understandable for a game jam! Good work!

Very neat and well-presented game! I feel like the theme could have been involved a bit more, but that's a minor flaw overall. Good job!

Un jeu très intéressant! Ça m'a pris quelques minutes pour comprendre ce que la graphique en haut voulait dire, et les instructions n'étaient pas les plus clairs, mais lorsque j'ai réussi a saisir la mécanisme, c'est devenu une casse-tête que j'ai pu jouer pour plusieurs minutes! 

Félicitations sur un jeu amusant!

Interesting concept! I would have loved a bit more explanation of how to play, and possibly some indication of what direction each die side was facing, but I think the game had some potential!

Very literal interpretation of the theme lol. 

Strangely addicting for being literally a single action! Well made!

Neat concept! I couldn't see the sides of a lot of the dice, which made it a bit frustrating to play, but overall I liked it!

I'm glad you thought so!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! We definitely should have put a bit more time into the instructions, but too late now lol. 

  • Space bar zooms in because we had that as utility for debugging and forgot to remove it before submitting. Oops. Shift also un-zooms accidentally. 
  • You can pull zero dishes out of the pot because we made the dish mechanic near the end of the jam and forgot to check whether the value in the pot was > 0. Also oops. 
  • The original implementation was that to "interact" with the pot or the order station you had to use the "interact" key, while "pickup/drop" was just to pickup/drop items on the ground. When we implemented throwing though, a side effect was that you could just drop food on the pot or garbage to interact with them. We never implemented throwing food onto the order station because of time constraints, so the side effect never popped up for that. Definitely would have been good to make it consistent if we had time. 
  • Yeah. We kept mentioning that someone should do this and then never did because there were more important things, so it never ended up happening. 

Overall, good feedback, and the answer to all of it is insufficient bug testing and insufficient time lol. I hope you still liked the game despite the bugs and inconsistencies!

Nice! Probably my favourite engine. We used it for the jam too! 

Again, nice work on the game!

Neat idea! It makes a fun little game.


Interesting idea! What are the different control schemes? I couldn't figure some of them out in the time provided.

Glad you liked it!

Fun concept! I couldn't interact with the butcher shop for some reason, but it's a neat idea!

Fun little game!

The download doesn't seem to work for me. On Firefox, MacOS Monterey

This was really addicting. I spent way too long playing it. 

Also, did I recognize some Godot Control nodes in there?

I enjoyed the different weapons available!

Alright! Time to replay it!

Damn this is really polished! Very nice game!

There were no instructions on the itch.io page!

This is really clean!

Very neat mechanics!

Very interesting game! I love the idea of using die pips as physical objects!

Thanks! I definitely would have liked more time to work on fixing up the collisions, but I guess that's game jams. 

Our teammate Alex made most of the final scene with the sunglasses skeleton in the milk, and when he sent that to us, I also spent an embarrassingly long time looking at it. It's pretty beautiful. 

Yeah. Our original plan for the game included checkpoints, but by the time we figured out how to implement them without glitching the physics bodies we were using all over the place (literally one line of code changed. I'm so annoyed I didn't think of it sooner), it was too late to edit and submit again. 

Thanks a bunch! We definitely would have liked to tweak controls a bit to make Skele-Tony a bit easier to move around, but we didn't really end up having time for that. I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the annoying movement!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback too!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, we would have liked to tweak the physics and controls to make them easier to work with, and less glitchy, but sadly we ran out of time. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the tip. Your game looks pretty nice, so seems like a good thing to keep in mind. Some of that does seem to be a problem with how we exported. We noticed like, half an hour before the submissions were due that HTML exports make some of the pixels scale weirdly, but we had no time to figure out what was up, so we decided to leave it. 

I hope you enjoyed the game despite the weird graphics though!

Thanks! Yeah, physics would have been a good thing to work on, but sadly we ran out of time to fix all the bugs. 

Do you really think that factory has milk inspectors? I mean, with the number of lethal pitfalls, unsupervised machinery, and lack of any fire exits, it would have been shut down instantly with any inspectors at all.