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I managed to spawn a cannon but couldn't make it happen again. Could I get controls / instructions?

Oh figured it out. Touch the thing in the bottom right for money. When you have 10 you can spawn a turret with J.

Nerf & I don't want to be the only ones who submitted x.x

Examining the theme files they don't have a spot to specify a font, this is definitely a feature I would like as well.

In the French translation some of the characters in the text are missing. Certain accented letters are present but not ones like Œ.

Also in conquest mode the AI will sometimes have a fleet of airships but they're not anything, there's no airship or tank that appears when you load in and you win instantly. I can destroy those fleets by intercepting them but they are still annoying.

Thanks, really enjoying the game so far!

Seconding this, crashed when turning the crystals. i7-5820k and 16 gb ram as well. It was on the beam puzzle. I turned the bottom-left one after having fired the first one at it, when it matched to the top it then crashed.

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3 more things: I was able to make the fire pistol have infinite ammo somehow, the LMG will continue to have piercing all the way through a reload if you keep the button pressed down, and I also managed to gib myself on a lift lol. That last one may be intentional now that I mention it.

Edit: just noticed that filling grenades from the cache in the exterior of the robot factory (in pic) changed my grenade type from rotvine to frag.

This is a similar barrier: In this barrier I can walk through the red-lined areas and I can make it all the way to the bottom. I can't roll/dodge through the bottom because I get 1/2 the way through the collision area and then get pushed back up but on the barrier I encountered earlier I was able to roll through an upper-left part and was not able to roll back. I know I can make these barriers come down, and all I'm saying is that I rolled against one and it trapped me inside it.

Also I think I had no mods at the time since it was the first time I played.

Done! Put down my suggestions. It might be nice to peer-review these and open up a way for all languages to be worked on since in my experience playing games the shorter the text the more likely it is that the translation may go in an unintended direction and there's probably a lot of double meanings that went in either direction in other languages. The word "Wave" was probably very ambiguous to the translators Plus it lets us localize puns & jokes.

Also just checked out the endless mode and my projectiles had some of the same bugs as directing other workers, when throwing items they would go backwards some of the time. it felt a bit like maybe it was using a previous character's orientation and/or the clicking was being mirrored from the current position if that makes sense (keyboard and mouse)

Thanks for the reply keep up the great work!

I just got killed by radiation and I don't know what I could've done to remove the effect. Once I got it it just kept ticking for a very very very long time until I died. I tried rolling, jumping off the cliff. Didn't help. Also the first time I played I saw one of those purple grass barriers and rolled into it, I got trapped inside and had to restart.

Where should we submit bug reports / feature requests?

I have one or two:

It looks like the place where you right click is either related to the player's current faced direction or something else is going on but right clicking to move everyone is a bit unreliable when moving.

(Win 10)

Could you make it so that when you right click the player character it makes everyone else rally to you?

One last thing: the French translation seems a bit off, if there was a way to help contribute for that & every other language it'd be great.