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Where should we submit bug reports / feature requests?

I have one or two:

It looks like the place where you right click is either related to the player's current faced direction or something else is going on but right clicking to move everyone is a bit unreliable when moving.

(Win 10)

Could you make it so that when you right click the player character it makes everyone else rally to you?

One last thing: the French translation seems a bit off, if there was a way to help contribute for that & every other language it'd be great.

Where to submit bug reports and requests:

This is as good a place as any. 

Right clicking is unreliable while moving, and may depend on the direction the avatar is looking:

Thanks for letting us know. We'll look into it. 

Could you make the crowd rally to the player when you right click the player character?

That's a really good idea! We developed and playtested Tonight We Riot mostly using various controllers/gamepads (this may be the reason right clicking is unreliable). On a controller if you are aiming and hit the left trigger, the crowd goes in that direction, but if you are not aiming and you hit the left trigger, the crowd is recalled to rally around you. Our keyboard/mouse controls currently lack that feature to recall the crowd, although the crowd will automatically rally around you if enough time has passed or you wander too far from them. 

Help with translations:

We don't have any central way for the community to contribute to translations. I dug up the only French translation list I could find, and pasted it into a shareable/editable spreadsheet here:
This doesn't include every line in the game, but if there are a couple French translations that jumped out to you as especially bad while playing, it will probably be on the list, and you can suggest something better. 

No pressure if you don't have time to make any translation suggestions. And thank you so much for the suggestions you've already made! 


Done! Put down my suggestions. It might be nice to peer-review these and open up a way for all languages to be worked on since in my experience playing games the shorter the text the more likely it is that the translation may go in an unintended direction and there's probably a lot of double meanings that went in either direction in other languages. The word "Wave" was probably very ambiguous to the translators Plus it lets us localize puns & jokes.

Also just checked out the endless mode and my projectiles had some of the same bugs as directing other workers, when throwing items they would go backwards some of the time. it felt a bit like maybe it was using a previous character's orientation and/or the clicking was being mirrored from the current position if that makes sense (keyboard and mouse)

Thanks for the reply keep up the great work!

Found a weird bug in Level 4-2.
When one of the walls goes down, it seems like all my comrades want to hang around punching rubble instead of carrying on with the revolution.
Even trying to move ahead & point the way, they try desperately to sprint their way back to punching rubble.