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A month later but... I don't think you noticed that the only toilet area is unisex.

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Why does the AppData/LocalLow/OleanderGarden/Pagan3/Unity folder include Analytics, along with a configuration file that asserts that the user has not opted out?

The user is never given any opportunity to opt out, so it ought to be assumed that the user has not in fact consented to analytics and tracking. Particularly under the EU.

Perhaps this was an oversight and it isn't actually active, but either way it should set correctly or removed.

Appreciate the response! It's actually really nice to read your thoughts and get a little insight into the process.

I mean, despite those two points of criticism, you still produced a great game with quality writing that's enjoyable to play and share, and it certainly handles Queer representation much better than many others.

The development process being what it is, it's always going to be a case of having to decide what is 'good enough' based on the resources available at the time. It would be unreasonable for anyone to insist on endless rewrites in pursuit of perfection, because it would never be done and there would be no game at all.
Like you said, it's just a matter of taking any lessons forward into later work.

As far as the gay vs non-binary element, that's one reason that some might use 'Queer' as an identifier instead, although in Zirconia's case there's an understandable emphasis on 'not interested in men'. At the end of the day, language is mutable and identity is personal.
(Although someone for whom 'gay' means 'exclusively interested in [x]' rejecting a non-binary person is an excellent opportunity, narratively, to have disappointment at rejection softened by the validation.)

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.

Location: Tutorial Mission
Pair: Riptide & Zael
Bug: Zirconia's icon appears instead of Zael's in one response.

  1. The only non-binary NPC in the group is an alien.  
    Whilst there's nothing necessarily wrong with that, it falls into an unfortunate recurring trope of the only explicitly non-binary character in a narrative being a non-human; an alien, a robot, a monster, etc.
  2. On a related note, it's not ideal that the same non-binary character is treated as a valid romantic option for both characters who explicitly self-describe as "gay".  
    There's a degree of implicit misgendering in there. Especially since the explanatory conversation about the personal definition occurs in an entirely different pairing.

Gotta say, it's a little weird and pretty disappointing that neither of the points above were caught by your sensitivity readers.

Great game, very cute, very Queer, but it would've been remiss of me not to give feedback on those snags.
Means I have to caveat recommendations a little, which I wish I didn't have to.

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You'll want to keep an eye out for instances in which you've gendered the player in dialogue then.
At the very least, there's a lot of "guy" in there.

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I completed the Alien Derelict with no problems. 3/3 levels cleared.
I moved on to the Robot Derelict, only for completion of the first level to result in 4/3 levels cleared and that mission terminating.

At which point I also discovered that my entire team now has Scout equipment like my Commander instead of their actual equipment.
(Closing and reopening does nothing to fix this.)

Going to see if I can't back up the save file, start a fresh one with the relevant classes, & copy their equipment over to correct the original.
Seems like that should work, though I'm not sure whether I can fix the level completion bug in a similar fashion.

That would depend on the controller & OS.
If it's an Xbox One controller on Windows 10, you should be able to disable it on a system-wide level by using the Xbox Accessories app from the Windows Store.

Found a weird bug in Level 4-2.
When one of the walls goes down, it seems like all my comrades want to hang around punching rubble instead of carrying on with the revolution.
Even trying to move ahead & point the way, they try desperately to sprint their way back to punching rubble.

Maybe hop off your own dick for five minutes, & extract your head from your arse while you're at it.

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Likewise doesn't show up in searches for me either.
Something's gone wrong somewhere.

Edit: Okay, so searching "Others" or "Other" doesn't show it, but searching "Oth" did.
No idea why that's the case. 

Why is the volume of that godawful clicking on mouseover not modified by literally any of the settings?
This is why a 'Master' volume control is important for UX/UI accessibility.

On an unrelated note, I find it very weird and annoying that we can colour hair and skin but not clothing.
(And what is that not-quite-a-dress option? Are they wearing an apron?)
I can see the clear intention of aiming for an androgynous look, but it really does lean heavily on the 'andro-' side, & it's difficult to counterbalance that with the extremely limited hairstyle and clothing options.

I do want to like this game, but immediately being hit with an irritating UX/UI issue and an inability to create the kind of character I would like to create is... not instilling enthusiasm.

I would also add that some areas in certain levels are very bright and have poor contrast.
Bright enough that it becomes uncomfortable to look at and difficult to discern anything in.

I've noticed it primarily in the goo/lava/energy zones, so perhaps the solution is dialing down the intensity of the effects on those.
Relevant UI options might also help.

Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler would be proud.

Well, the demo is a demo.
The Patreon version receives regular updates.

Same issue here. Which becomes a problem when some games don't want to load otherwise.

Having played the demo for a while, I'd like to give my thoughts on it:

The text can be incredibly difficult to read, particularly in the bestiary.
Please consider accessibility issues such as that. 
It is absolutely worth sacrificing the '8-bit style' for functionality and clarity.

It also seems as though one must have weapons/armour in the gear wheel to equip them, despite that being where one would want to have useable items.  
A dedicated 'equipment' page and/or wheel would be much appreciated, and a tremendous Quality of Life improvement.

Otherwise, the core gameplay definitely appeals.  
Collecting and raising creatures mixed with some classic RPG mechanics is a great mix. Just needs that extra care and polishing up in terms of UX/UI.