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One major issue with a specific boss:

Holy fuck can we please get some sort of "I have absolutely zero interest in listening to repeated transphobic and fascist bullshit, let me skip to the part where we beat this scumbag into the ground." button for Gaius?

That dialogue drags on well beyond any reasonable degree of tolerance, and if the deadnaming is censored then why not censor the misgendering similarly?
I get that it's hammering in "This is a bad person", but it's not fun, it's not interesting, it's wasting my time and presenting far-too-real bigotry that I would never willingly tolerate for such a duration.


I think hold space to skip option like when you're redoing a battle post loss would be good, could have flavour text like "bigoted nonsense skipper"


This already exists in all pre-boss dialogue! Gaius included.