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Fun game, beat both towers combined at about 85 minutes, may or may not return to speed run a bit, all in all a fun little game.

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Dog bless, thanks for the timely update :D

Also good game, a bit on the grindy side if you wanna have all characters be an acceptable level but otherwise love the story :D

After the elevator crashes, the game stops progressing and she just sorta floats there with one of her magic ghosts.

Good to know! Thanks for the timely reply :D

Champ defeat was(if my memory serves me):

Slot 1: Vampire Siren

Slot 2: Backdoor Spider

Slot 3: Soul-Stealing Edge

Slot 4: Avenging Ronin

Had a fun time, was wondering if it is possible to acquire gilgamesh? I have acquired all other bumpers and beaten all opponents and scoured the map, with no results.

Rolling that choosing no blood just ends the game and brings you to the start menu again

Deeply disorienting experience, really captures the airport vibes!

The only sustainable strategy appears to be getting rid of anyone who is rude(they will steal no matter what you do unless you dead them) and prioritizing farmers, as the inflation of prices means that creds become near useless by the end but rations produced will always feed one person.

Deeply distressing *thumbs up*

I am unreasonably excited for this to release!

"We want to preserve the local character (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) without 'raising crime' (finger quotes) or attracting the wrong element (giant neon sign: No Italians)"

excellent writing lmao

Love the Bad dudes mission, very true

You just click the button beside them to gain coins as far as I can tell

Loved this game, I plan on digitizing the table I used to track fish locations eventually although I am too busy for that at this time. Would recommend as a cute little fishing game if anyone wants to spend an afternoon fishing as a kitty.

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Cute and challenging, 15-20 minutes if you're good at this sorta game

Fun game, a little jank but overall super cute pixel game. Got to the top in ~15 minutes. 

Bless, thx

Bug report: selling an item removes all ability to move items (both in and out of the bag) until you exit and reenter the game

Bug report: curse of poison weapons appears to inflict poison of enemy instead of player

so good, I have lost hours to this enthralling game

This story is very good, fun too! Also pretty trans imo, enjoyed it a lot

Excellent game! Really enjoyed playing it through and discovering all of the secrets!

Spoilers beyond this point:

I have created a reference sheet for anyone who wants to 100% the game but may need somewhere to catalog what gems are missing. Just make a copy of the original sheet and you can edit to track progress or make notes where needed. Reference sheet 

I think hold space to skip option like when you're redoing a battle post loss would be good, could have flavour text like "bigoted nonsense skipper"

yw :)

What I would suggest doing, is reading all of the dialogue, and choosing words within it.

Getting all eight endings was difficult but rewarding!

fun demake, you can die in 2-1 from kicking a koopa shell behind the flag, after the level is beaten.

Loved the game, I have a few things to note regarding graphical weirdness.

It is possible for the expression bubbles to become placed in the wrong location if you start the interaction with plant lady and move.

It is possible for the expression bubble from the highest ghost to become frozen on the screen after interacting.

If you fall out of the ghost finding area, any ghosts you have found will respawn, this however seems to only re-trigger their dialogue if approached and not cause any issues with counting.

Hopefully this helps in any further patching. :)

Adorable little MetroidVania, loved every moment!

I agree on the assessment of coffee as scary

Probably lol, nevertheless, it will be done

I am determined to get my dental plan! My current strat is alternate rooftops(high chance of instakill w/sword) and arcade(make sure again occurs as often as possible), this yields me an average of 2000 per cycle, only 70k more until I see whatever dialogue was put for that lol.

also the ending is great lol

Excellent game, I doubt I'll ever finish the cows challenge level but nonetheless enjoying my time so far

Deeply discomforting experience, good work!