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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! There's nothing else you can do with AZP after you've fully unlocked Sam, Grace, and Valentin—you're done!

Definitely! The Steam page is already up, so you can even wishlist it there if you'd like!

Ah, okay, I see! What happens if you run the game without Steam—does it pick it up correctly in that case?

Can you tell me a little more about your controller and platform? It should support PlayStation button prompts, they're what I use myself when developing, so it sounds like you're hitting a bug somewhere.

I'm sorry about that! If you could send an email to with a little more detail I can look into this—is this loading a save file, or at game launch? If the latter, does it show anything on screen? And is this with or without DLC installed?

No worries, thanks anyway!

Thanks—that's very bizarre! Do you happen to have a save file from before you either started act 4 or the DLC? If so, that could be really helpful!

Anyway, thanks for the report, I appreciate it. I'll look into this!

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This is definitely a bug, I'm sorry to hear this! Did this happen in any of the other acts, or just the DLC and Act 4? And do you remember during which act you played the DLC?

Also, sorry to ask the obvious, but are you sure you don't have SFX muted on the options screen?

Thanks! And sorry you missed the autosaves—they have their own page, to the left of page 1 of save files.

Any achievements you've qualified for (you can see which ones in the "feats" menu) will trigger automatically in Steam after a short period of the time playing.

Sorry about the bug! Can you send more details about what the screen looks like now and during which act you played the DLC during to Thanks!

This already exists in all pre-boss dialogue! Gaius included.

I've looked into this, and it sounds like this is a known issue with the controller library I'm using, specifically only with macOS and XSX controllers. I'll try to have this addressed in the next update. Thanks for finding this bug!

Sorry about the trouble! Are you using the controller wirelessly or wired? And what happens if you use the Steam controller remapping?

I'm sorry, this is a known bug that was fixed in a previous update. You should be able to reload from an autosave file right before that fight, though—please let me know at if you still have any problems!

Please place the .bundle file in the same directory as either the app on Mac, or the .exe file on Windows. You can contact if you're still having trouble.

Sorry, I'm afraid not!

Fate doesn't cause damage to the player—it sounds like someone probably just got attacked during the animation. The Sword of Fate in fact does increasing amounts of healing to the party each time you use it, to a maximum of your current rank * 10.

Rank disparities do increasing amounts of damage based on the gap. A Rank III ability attacking a Rank II enemy will do 1.5x damage, but a Rank III ability will do 2x damage.

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Only the passive ability "[element] Added " gives you that element on every ability. Otherwise, your element is determined by which ability is active at the time. If you're ever unsure, you can check the status page in the menu, or look next to the character's name in battle to see which elemental affinities they currently have at that particular moment.

I'll look into this, but I think the controller library I use may not support either of those controllers wirelessly. If using a cable isn't an option, I've heard Steam's controller remapping is generally pretty successful, so that may also help.

If Gaius is doing over 90 damage to you, it sounds like you're trying to fight him with characters who are three ranks lower than him. My advice would be to focus on making sure all everyone's items are at least equivalent to Rank V before challenging him. Hope that helps!

Definitely supposed to be supported! Can you let me know more about the controller that isn't being detected?

It won't be available on Itch—I recommend buying it directly from Christa on her bandcamp here!

The only difference is that Destruction abilities tend to be more powerful—or more specialized —than Exploit!

Yeah, this should work just fine!

Definitely a bug. Can you send more information about your platform and system specs in an email to (If you're able to get a screen recording of the issue, that would be even more helpful.) Thanks!

No, Valentin is not a girl. They’re non-binary!

It's still in development, but we're very far along—it'll be out later this year!

All the progression in the game is equipment-based! So stats-wise she's just locked to whatever items are available at that point in the game. However, her battle abilities are well-rounded by design, as opposed to being specialized—she's the only character who doesn't have any unique abilities, but she's also the only character who can both build the stagger bar _and_ exploit it.