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Certain Mac users have had trouble with the Itch version of the game. Sorry about that.

For some it was just the executable permission bit was lost when the game was originally packaged, but we fixed that and reuploaded the game back on June 8th. 

For others it's an issue with some of the later versions of MacOS Gatekeeper. There's a semi-complicated way of setting  Gatekeeper to allow apps from anywhere to run, but that's arguably a security risk, and for a couple Mac users it didn't work. 

The one thing that has always worked for any Mac user with an problem has been downloading the game from a non-Itch source (i.e. Steam or GOG). Please email, preferably with the email account tied to your Itch account, and we'll send you a key for one of those right away if that interests you. 

Sorry again it didn't work right off the bat. 

It was pretty surprising, but that's what the external library we used to assist with controller support says: (In the chart near the bottom that says "SDL2 Gamepad Support"). It might be that other games are using more robust libraries for controller support. 

For now we are still looking into it, and we'll let you know if we find something out. Sorry again those controllers didn't work with the game right off the bat. 

Sorry about that. 

Both of the controllers you mentioned require SDL2 libraries to work. The 6 or so controllers we've tested with so far didn't require those, so while we're tweaking other things about the game in the coming two weeks, we'll grab a controller that also requires SDL2 to work and see if we can trouble shoot it. Assuming it's an SDL2 problem and we fix it, then the Saitek P480 should work on Windows but not Ubuntu, and the Dragonrise should probably work on Ubuntu but not Windows.  We'll reply to this comment again to let you know if we find anything out.

Where to submit bug reports and requests:

This is as good a place as any. 

Right clicking is unreliable while moving, and may depend on the direction the avatar is looking:

Thanks for letting us know. We'll look into it. 

Could you make the crowd rally to the player when you right click the player character?

That's a really good idea! We developed and playtested Tonight We Riot mostly using various controllers/gamepads (this may be the reason right clicking is unreliable). On a controller if you are aiming and hit the left trigger, the crowd goes in that direction, but if you are not aiming and you hit the left trigger, the crowd is recalled to rally around you. Our keyboard/mouse controls currently lack that feature to recall the crowd, although the crowd will automatically rally around you if enough time has passed or you wander too far from them. 

Help with translations:

We don't have any central way for the community to contribute to translations. I dug up the only French translation list I could find, and pasted it into a shareable/editable spreadsheet here:
This doesn't include every line in the game, but if there are a couple French translations that jumped out to you as especially bad while playing, it will probably be on the list, and you can suggest something better. 

No pressure if you don't have time to make any translation suggestions. And thank you so much for the suggestions you've already made! 

We somehow didn't think to suggest that. Thanks for posting what worked!

We've had  a few people have trouble with certain versions of the MacOS Gatekeeper program blocking the game. Sorry about that.

Launching the game through the Itch App seems to get around that issue.

Alternatively, you can email, preferably with the email address tied to your Itch account, and we can send you Steam or GOG keys (or Switch if you have one), and that also gets around the issue. 

Lastly, for at least one person, just setting the Gatekeeper to "allow apps from anywhere" worked. But for another person it didn't work, and that could be a security vulnerability, so we recommend those first two options. 

A lot of your questions could be answered by playing the game. Normally we just send a key to anyone we hear about for whom the price is a bit steep, but in two days Tonight We Riot will be a part of an Itch bundle supporting legal defense, bail, and mutual aid funds.  

So through that, Tonight We Riot and a couple hundred other games (some of which I can confirm are amazing works of art) will all be available for a $5 minimum donation to those organizations. If you'd still like a key, just let us know, but we highly recommend that amazing bundle for anyone who can swing the $5.

We've talked it over with the dev team, and they were enthusiastically in favor of donating Tonight We Riot to the bundle. 

So we are submitting Tonight We Riot ( 

Thanks for putting this together!

Good question. Unfortunately, the TLDR is that we won't be attempting to put the game on those platforms.

The general wisdom among game devs is that getting a game onto those platforms is only important if the game requires a high-end gaming rig, and Tonight We Riot does not, so we hadn't given it much thought.

Looking at it right now, the application process for Stadia doesn't look too bad, but if you are going to do it right on either platform you should optimize for touch/phone controls. My internet connection (I'm the programmer who would be working on porting the game onto these platforms) is so weak I don't think I'm equipped to test out those game streaming services, and I also have a couple new projects that would keep me from looking at it for at least a month. 

So, sorry it won't be available without a computer/Switch for the foreseeable future. 


In theory, all of the controllers listed here should be supported. We've only tested 5 or 6 from that list, but so far everything that was supposed to be compatible has been. We haven't tested a PS4 controller yet, but it is listed as compatible. 

In the first couple levels there will be some instruction on controls, and it might say A and B instead of X and O, but it should be easy enough to figure out.

The keyboard/mouse controls do require a mouse. A touchpad on a laptop would work to, although it wouldn't be very comfortable.

(1 edit)

There was one player who had a difficult time getting a recent version of MacOS's Gatekeeper to allow apps from anywhere. Since changing the setting was complicated, the solution in that case was just giving them a Steam or GOG key, which got around the security problem. 

If you email we'll see if we can solve the problem. Sorry it wasn't working from the start.

Edit: We just figured out how to email purchasers, so we've emailed you to offer some help. 

We just tested online coop with Parsec, and it immediately ran beautifully. The people testing were right next door to each other, so your results may vary, but if you want to play online co-op with anyone it's free and worth a shot.

[This is one of the programmers logged in]

There's at least the possibility of online co-op in an update down the road, but it would be months away. If we had known everyone would be isolated right now, we might have concentrated on that instead of being satisfied with couch co-op.  

The team would be fine with open sourcing the game eventually, but right now I'm convinced that it wouldn't be usable or helpful to anyone. It's a tangled mess of both C# and JS. There was a long stretch where I was the only programmer, and the code from that period is almost entirely undocumented, and the few comments I did put in are mostly vague reminders to myself peppered with curse words.  

I hope you enjoy the game! (If you still buy it after knowing what's under the hood.)

Thanks for your interest!

Thanks! It's a Unity game. If it looks nice, that's due to the pixel artist.

There are two big buttons in front of that wall, and the dialog pop-up instructs you how to lead your fellow workers right then. If you stand on one button and right click near the other, the workers will run over there and stand on it to trigger the wall. Or aim and hit left trigger if you are using some kind of gamepad. 

Sorry it took so long to notice your question.