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Is not the price too high ? 

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No, not at all.  This price is actually really cheap for what you're getting.  If you're unsure on the game, there are people streaming it right now.  It's really fun.


yeah the game looks very neat and polished cant wait to buy it when I get the money


Probably too low. Games shouldn't be priced under $20, it's a shame that game makers have to do that to comply with expectations set by a terrible culture created by mobile stores and constant discounts.


To be fair, that's less the effect of a race to the bottom and more the explosion of options in recent years, weighed against a game's complexity, potential spectrum of appeal, replayability, and the finite capacity of the public's bank accounts. After playing it, I can only liken it to TowerClimb; a similarly impressive low-priced roguelite pixel-based labor of love with an incomprehensibly high difficulty curve that, at present, is going to ultimately limit its potential audience.

I thought so too at first, but I literally play it every day before and after work. I love it! Totally worth it! Unlike my purchase of Blasphemous on the PS4, that game looks great but boring as hell.