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I don't think it's being regarded with pride so much as a simple matter of fact. Some people take more to building for optimization and potato machines, some don't. And given this has been built with GZDoom in mind from the ground up, that's likely how it'll stay.

At least GZDoom did finally add Vulkan and OpenGL ES renderers, which accommodates for some older machines. Sure, it'd be neat to get playable framerates out of this on something like an RK3566 chipset, but I'm not gonna hold my breath lol.

Could call it Metal Suit. Mecha Suit? Robot Suit.

For someone who's so vocally hung up on the ability to criticize, you've yet to offer any actual critique. Screeching in all-caps that this game "ripped off" Portal isn't critique. Signing off your post trying to preempt people replying to you also isn't critique, but it is a remarkably thin-skinned and transparent attempt to deflect critique of yourself.

Maybe you'd be better at critiquing if you tried ripping off some actual critics. It'd at least be a starting point, as opposed to whatever this embarrassing display is.

So after watching a couple videos I noticed the "proper fullscreen" button in the upper right, felt around for that blindly, and after clicking that everything works perfectly! Just a matter of finding it, lol

Hey, generally enjoying toying around with this so far but I'm having some pretty stubborn UI scaling issues. My desktop is standard 1080p and 1BD seems to run at that resolution, but... while also fighting with the taskbar, and its own title bar. The title bar obscures the very top of the interface -- I can still see and use the tempo/volume bars just fine, but all the buttons in the top-left related to save/load/play/erase/etc are hidden. I think this is due in part to the entire window being pushed upwards by aligning itself with the top of the taskbar, but then on top of that the cursor's boundaries inside 1BD seem... displaced.

When mousing up towards the title bar, the cursor disappears underneath it and can move up a ways before actually appearing on the title bar. The bottom-most part of the UI (starting right in the middle of the fourth drum sample) is inaccessible; the cursor just jumps from there to the taskbar. It's sort of like when menuing with your mouse in a virtual machine but the mouse isn't locked and the discrepancy in mouse sensitivity can make it jump outside of the VM before you've reached the edge of the window. Unfortunately this doesn't just mean I can't use the 5th drum sample, it also means I can't select any Accompaniments for any instruments because the "OK" button is in the deadzone that I can't click. For the most part the cursor is at least visually aligned with what I'm trying to click on within the interface, but when attempting to exit the program the hitboxes for the buttons in the "save changes?" dialog are displaced.

Maximizing/un-maximizing doesn't do anything, nor does alt-enter, sadly. I can paint notes, but can't get much actual use out of the program like this.

The .deb works fine for me in Mint

That is a bizarre couple of hoops to jump through, but for Linux Mint Engrampa did indeed work where 3 other archive managers had failed. Every time I run it I either get 2 or 4 errors depending on whether I run it with sudo, and editing to launch by itself didn't work. The audio is always intolerably stuttery no matter what I do, sounds like maybe a buffering issue?

Here's what it gives me on launch when I use sudo:

  • LaunchProcess: failed to execvp:
    /home/user/Games/Rex Another Island/linux64/nacl_helper [13745:13745:0712/] Bad NaCl helper startup ack (0 bytes) [13743:13766:0712/] Failed to open NaCl IRT file "/home/user/Games/Rex Another Island/linux64/nacl_irt_x86_64.nexe": -4

To make matters worse, the Windows release doesn't even seem to want to work via Wine.

Am I the only one who can't even open the Linux version? there seems to be a single file inside the downloaded .gz, which is identified as an archive of some sort but can't seem to be opened by any archive manager.

Go figure, of course I permitted the launcher itself but I hadn't even considered doing the same to the .bin files. That did it, thanks!

So I can't seem to get this working whatsoever on Linux Mint. Running normally, running with sudo, even running as root I get "./Pixel Vision 8: line 33: ./Pixel Vision 8.bin.x86_64: Permission denied", and it generates a busted "mcs" symlink. My only guess it it's attempting to use some permission that works in other distros but Mint has completely disabled for security purposes.

I swear I saw a demo of Catz running on a 90's Mac once where they could grab and throw your cursor around, and this is the first thing to remind me of that in probably 15 years. I wonder why desktop pets fell completely out of vogue.

To be fair, that's less the effect of a race to the bottom and more the explosion of options in recent years, weighed against a game's complexity, potential spectrum of appeal, replayability, and the finite capacity of the public's bank accounts. After playing it, I can only liken it to TowerClimb; a similarly impressive low-priced roguelite pixel-based labor of love with an incomprehensibly high difficulty curve that, at present, is going to ultimately limit its potential audience.

I'm pretty sure the text below the "Buy Now" button is autogenerated, if it doesn't mention "your purchase also comes with a Steam key" then you're out of luck.  Presently you can get the DRM-free and Steam key combo if you get it from the Humble Store, though.

Any idea why my payment is repeatedly refusing to go through for this? I'd have figured the PayPal handling was pretty much the same across itch, but I've successfully bought other games before and after my attempts to buy this and it's still not going through. The error isn't at all helpful, just "The payment could not be completed."

Alright cool. Thanks for the reply, I feel like the context on the why's and why not's of cross-service releases is generally hard to come by.

I feel obligated to ask, what's with the trend of early releases on Itch graduating to Steam exclusivity? No offense or anything, I just prefer having the standalone backup and it strikes me as odd when a standalone exists but ends up abandoned.

AFAIK there's a difference between the TTS options you can run directly and the TTS options that are actually available to the system as a voice for other programs to hook into. Don't quote me on that though.

Either way it likely wouldn't work though, as one of the devs said this on the Discord a while back:

Yeah I couldn't figure out how to get that working with Construct 2/NWJS

Even if I could force it to speak using Javascript commands, I wouldn't be able to 'watch' it to see when the synthesizer is finished speaking, or pause and resume the speech, like I can on PC and Mac
It's something I'd like to revisit post-launch, but for now it's just gonna be captioned 'robot voice'

The item salesdude doesn't seem to actually be taking my materials when he sells me something, so I just bought a whooooole load of 'em in one go. Guessing that's not behaving as intended.

Nope. It does come with a "game key" which seems to be a string of randomly generated words (distinctly not a Steam key), but I have no idea what its intended function is.

So I finally got through what I can only assume is pretty much the entirety of Domino Dungeon, I have the red key, and suddenly the ceiling-mounted platforms that lead to the red door have vanished and I can't continue.

Is there somewhere to submit this? I can't believe how much time I just wasted on that level for it to bug out on me.