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AFAIK there's a difference between the TTS options you can run directly and the TTS options that are actually available to the system as a voice for other programs to hook into. Don't quote me on that though.

Either way it likely wouldn't work though, as one of the devs said this on the Discord a while back:

Yeah I couldn't figure out how to get that working with Construct 2/NWJS

Even if I could force it to speak using Javascript commands, I wouldn't be able to 'watch' it to see when the synthesizer is finished speaking, or pause and resume the speech, like I can on PC and Mac
It's something I'd like to revisit post-launch, but for now it's just gonna be captioned 'robot voice'

The item salesdude doesn't seem to actually be taking my materials when he sells me something, so I just bought a whooooole load of 'em in one go. Guessing that's not behaving as intended.

Nope. It does come with a "game key" which seems to be a string of randomly generated words (distinctly not a Steam key), but I have no idea what its intended function is.

So I finally got through what I can only assume is pretty much the entirety of Domino Dungeon, I have the red key, and suddenly the ceiling-mounted platforms that lead to the red door have vanished and I can't continue.

Is there somewhere to submit this? I can't believe how much time I just wasted on that level for it to bug out on me.