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That is a bizarre couple of hoops to jump through, but for Linux Mint Engrampa did indeed work where 3 other archive managers had failed. Every time I run it I either get 2 or 4 errors depending on whether I run it with sudo, and editing to launch by itself didn't work. The audio is always intolerably stuttery no matter what I do, sounds like maybe a buffering issue?

Here's what it gives me on launch when I use sudo:

  • LaunchProcess: failed to execvp:
    /home/user/Games/Rex Another Island/linux64/nacl_helper [13745:13745:0712/] Bad NaCl helper startup ack (0 bytes) [13743:13766:0712/] Failed to open NaCl IRT file "/home/user/Games/Rex Another Island/linux64/nacl_irt_x86_64.nexe": -4

To make matters worse, the Windows release doesn't even seem to want to work via Wine.

I tried the wine version on my computer and it did not work either. When I looked up your error message I found a couple of other people on itch with this issue and it seems like it has something to do with WebGL or having chromium or nodejs installed? Link 1  Link 2   Link 3  I hope this helps a bit, I'm not good enough with Linux to dissect this problem much further.