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Мне понравился твой тост. Я пошутил. Не волнуйтесь ))

😳 (blushing emoji)

I will be following your career with great interest. 5/5

This is one of the games I have ever played. Very cool re-imagining of tic tac toe. 6/5 but im taking one point off because the toast was scary so 5/5

I gotta get me a man who will throw me toilet paper at 343m/s when im out. 5/5

I think this would be very cool as a turn based game. Also mad respect for just using HTML+CSS+JS. Basically epic. 5/5

Sick as hell it's like I wanna be the guy except I can actually beat it pwq 5/5

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I couldn't find door 21 after i got all the powerups. The powerups were very cool and once I got a handle on what was happening i was like a yeah this is sick. Thank u for making game. 5/5. Also you used godot which is a chad move if I ever saw one



Tbh it didn't feel like guilt tripping when I was writing it I was like "mudkip just wants to play one last game of pong with his child." But now that I've gone to sleep and woken up yeah I see it. The loop restarting was an artistic decision tho. Thanks for playing!

Thank u for gaming!

Thank you!!

Thank you!


Garfielf Blackjack is a project I did over the last couple of months to expand what I could do when making a game from scratch, with an emphasis on customization. You play blackjack against the dealer, Garfielf, in a never-ending game of chance where he has an advantage and all you can do is weep.

All of the images, sounds, and text are fully customizable and changeable so you can play blackjack against whoever you'd like and have them insult you in any way you please.

I tried the wine version on my computer and it did not work either. When I looked up your error message I found a couple of other people on itch with this issue and it seems like it has something to do with WebGL or having chromium or nodejs installed? Link 1  Link 2   Link 3  I hope this helps a bit, I'm not good enough with Linux to dissect this problem much further.

I was able to get it working on Manjaro 5.6.16-1 XFCE. The file is actually a tar archive which is meant to be extracted just like the gz (My default archive manager, Engrampa Archive Manager, was able to do it. There should be something that can extract tar archives available for any linux version). Once it was extracted I had to run "sudo ./nw" in the terminal to run it, as the desktop file didn't work for me, and the sh file depends on input from the desktop file. It appears that once sudo has been run one time, subsequent runs of the game do not need super user permissions, and can be modified to run the game by changing the 2nd line in the file to "./nw 2>>error.log" Once run, it works perfectly.