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Rough as hell, but in general looks great, and I love you for it, it's not like Capcom is going to do shit with this IP anyway!

Ayy it's on Steam good on you can't wait for the finished product Im gonna try out the prologue.

I know your pain brother although instead of lawns it was trees and mostly for old people who wanted fresh fruit but are too old to get it themselves.

Allowance the?

Third this!

Now to control the urge to immediately buy this game and wait for my paycheck.

I will get it once I get my 4th paycheck currently I need to make sure I don't become homeless.

OK so I played the game for a couple of minutes and One: it runs  on WINE so Linux people can enjoy it. Two: It is nice I only played it for a few minutes and I can see myself doing a marathon of this game but, it would be nice if you looked into tweaking the game a bit so the frame rate is less choppy as that hurt the experience a bit I will try it on windows to see if this is a WINE issue or the game in general issue.

Shit I forgot to say that: I use Arch BTW! You need to keep the meme alive ya know.

Sure I play on Linux so if you need a tester I am more than happy to help out.

looks interesting

I need to know. Why MAC?

This game gave me an erection the second I have money to give I will donate.

For when it is released: The ability to buy it from GOG or Itch I don't like steam and please stay the hell away from EGS.

Pace needs to be increased I feel like this game could be better if it had faster combat.

Wow it looks good hopefully you continue it.

Use Lutris or use Solus or an Arch-based distro they have good package manager and make it easy to update stuff.

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Non-Itch games: The ability to put non-itch games in the library.

Windows versions: The ability to download and install windows version of Itch games on Linux.

WINE manager like Lutris: The ability to choose a specific version of WINE and to enable things like specific winetricks per game, D9/XVK and Esync.

Sorry about that also if you need a tester for Linux versions just ask. I use Arch BTW!

(Keeping the meme alive one comment at a time).

I did and it worked sorry for not replying sooner passed out afterwards due to too much god damn homework anyways can't wait to have the free time to play your game it looks fun.

invalid upload? can't download.

I like the first one more but at the same time I would love to see what the second one would look like.

Damn well that sucks no problem than I will figure something out.

Wow already looks better than Hades. I am not sure if that is a compliment or an insult.

Can I hope to see the game being sold here on Itch or at least on GOG, my reasons are is that I don't want to use Steam.

Any hope for GOG at least I don't like using Steam I hate their client and all the bullshit surrounding it.

Watched the trailer I like what I am seeing when I get the money you will receive it and if the game is good I will give you more moneys and share it with my friend.

Can you sell your game here too? I hate using Steam and would rather just get the game without the need of a client.

Borderlands defined by me:

1. Four classes with three skill tree branches that specify play style.

2. Procedural generated weapons with manufacturers specific quirks and parts.

3. Treasure hunt, loot and shoot + farming game-play style.

4. Linear story/or with no story just a general idea of a challenge or threat, quests, open maps with hub world and regenerating bosses and raid bosses.

If nobody is working on something like this can someone point me to a beginners guide to game development and contract game developers site so that I may store the idea and slowly work on it myself.

Got it.

That's awesome if you need inspiration for it highly recommend playing through Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank good games that have game-play that would mix well with this one.

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Still wish it was at least an 8 hour game with new game plus mechanics I really miss these types of games and you can't really play this for 100+ hours without  getting bored of it due to doing everything without any real change.

One of the reasons it might be doing this is the startup dialog it could be giving the controller the wrong signal and causing it to stop working had to use GloSC to play your game although I do just recommend switching engines.

Even better that means you guys might have a future in making games as long as you keep the right attitude also the game is hard to get working in Linux and windows there are some performance problems highly recommend switching to another engine maybe Godot or UE4 maybe custom if you got the manpower.

Holy Crap! It is amazing! Just done playing it don't why I took two hours Just kept repeating the levels till I was satisfied you guys need to make this into a game proper just make sure that if you do make a story to go through guidelines on writing to stop yourself from making a Mary Sue seen way too many female characters with potential get ruined by drowning them in feminist propaganda darn shame too. Also add in a manual lock on like dark souls or Kingdom Hearts 2 so you can focus more on combo's instead of camera positioning.

Holy crap this looks amazing.

holy shit if this is what you can do than you have potential my friend I am following your work from now on.